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// Using break with nested loops. using System; class BreakNested { static void Main() { for(int i=0; i<3; i++) { Console.WriteLine("Outer loop count: " + i); Console.Write(" Inner loop count: "); int t = 0; while(t < 100) { if(t == 10) break; // terminate loop if t is 10 Console.Write(t + " "); t++; } Console.WriteLine(); } Console.WriteLine("Loops complete."); } }
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a named association among entity types. A relationship represents a two-way or bidirectional association among enti ties. Most relationships involve two distinct entity types.
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Figure 9-2. Starting a Meeting Component Interaction
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ul, ol {page-break-inside: avoid;} table {page-break-inside: avoid;} p {page-break-inside: auto;}
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asin( ), acos( ), atan2( ), atan( ), tan( ), sin( ), sinh( ), cosh( ), tanh( )
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New Folder Locations
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Traffic and the AIP-SSM Card
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Homogeneous global pattern Bluish-white color (white stars) Dark blue homogeneous color (yellow stars) Acrosyringia (boxes) Hemorrhagic crusts (white arrows)
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It will have historical and forecast numbers for modeling an industrial type of company or business. Forecast numbers can be entered as hard-coded numbers (e.g., sales will be 1053 this year and 1106 next year, etc.) or as assumptions (e.g., sales growth next year will be 5 percent, etc.). The income statement, balance sheet, and a cash flow statement follow GAAP. The balance sheet balances: the total assets must equal the total liabilities and net worth. This balancing is done through the use of plug numbers (see 7). With the accounting interrelationships correctly in place, the cash flow numbers will also foot (see 11), i.e., the changes in cash flow must equal the change in the cash on the balance sheet.
It becomes clear that these objectives must be traded off: information should be collected often enough, but not too often. Such a system must be carefully designed and justified to optimize among them. Two other objectives, although not essential, are highly desirable:
bulleted list composition. The illustration here is an All-Star Recipe, so a bullet shaped like a star is appropriate. Microsoft s Wingdings font is installed with every copy of Windows, and it features some nice symbols. Choose Wingdings from the Font drop-down list in this example, and then click the Symbol drop-down button and locate a good star shape.
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File Menu Items
Figure 13.3 DVD and BD Disc Shipments
For example, this opens a read-only file:
Although there is an implicit conversion from long to double, there is no implicit conversion from double to long since this is not a widening conversion. Thus, the following version of the preceding program is invalid:
two applications o f the identification dependency rule. Each application o f the identifica tion dependency rule adds a component to the primary key o f the Enrollment table. You can also apply the rules to convert self-referencing relationships. For example, y o u can apply the 1-M and M - N relationship rules to convert the self-referencing relationships in Figure 6.19. Using the 1-M relationship rule, the Supervises relationship converts to a foreign key in the Faculty table, as shown in Figure 6.20. U s i n g the M - N relationship rule, the Prereq_To relationship converts to the PrereqJTo table with a combined primary key o f the course number o f the prerequisite course and the course number o f the dependent course. You also can apply conversion rules to more complex identification dependencies as depicted in Figure 6 . 2 1 . The first part o f the conversion is identical to the conversion o f Figure 6.18. Application o f the 1-M rule makes the combination o f StdSSN and OfferNo foreign keys in the Attendance table (Figure 6.22). Note that the foreign keys in Attendance refer to Enrollment, not to Student and Offering. Finally, one application o f the identifica tion dependency rule makes the combination o f StdSSN, OfferNo, and AttDate the primary key o f the Attendance table. table The conversion in Figure 6.22 depicts a situation in which the transformation o f a weak to a strong entity may apply (Section 6.2.3). In the conversion, the Attendance tity will eliminate the combined foreign key in the Attendance table. contains a combined foreign key (OfferNo, StdSSN). Changing Enrollment into a strong en
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Multithreaded Programming, Part One
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