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ciscoasa(config)# mac-learn logical_if_name disable
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Although the preceding examples have used only constants as initializers, C# allows variables to be initialized dynamically, using any expression valid at the point at which the variable is declared. For example, here is a short program that computes the hypotenuse of a right triangle given the lengths of its two opposing sides.
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Danger zones are policed by motion detectors.
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Figure 6-3. A distributed network in which each regional worksite has its own resident file server
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Each data VC has a few parameters associated with it that affect its data rate and throughput. These values include the following: CIR (committed information rate), BC (committed burst rate), BE (excessive burst rate), and access rate. This section covers these four values and how the Frame Relay switch uses them to enforce the traffic contract for the VC. CIR is the average contracted rate of a VC measured over a period of time. This is the guaranteed rate that the carrier is giving to you, barring any major outages the carrier might experience in its network. Two burst rates allow you to go above the CIR limit temporarily, assuming the provider has enough bandwidth in its network to support this temporary burst. BC allows you to burst up to a higher average than CIR for a VC, but the time period of the burst is smaller than the time period over which CIR is measured. If you send information above the CIR, but below the BC value, the carrier will permit the frame into its network. The BE value indicates the maximum rate you are allowed to send into the carrier on a VC. Any frames that exceed this value are dropped. If you send traffic at a rate between BC and BE, the carrier switch marks the frames as discard eligible, using the 1-bit Discard Eligible (DE) field in the Frame Relay frame header. By marking this
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Brief statement of problem To be addressed with emphasis on key challenges and approaches biometric specifics and their assessment of complexity Outline of proposed solution References (2 or 3) To include biometric specifics To include benchmark sites (if required)
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When you publish a version 5 or 6 full-client report to the XI repository, Desktop Intelligence converts it to XI format. It is still a .rep file, but it can no longer be opened by an older version of BusinessObjects. Users will receive an error message that the file is corrupt. When you are still in the test phase, you do not want to render your existing full-client documents unusable to production users. Therefore, I recommend making a separate copy of any .rep documents that you may want to export to the XI repository.
To view the static and dynamic DNS entries in your router s resolution table, use this command:
primary(config)# failover link lanfail primary(config)# failover polltime msec 500 INFO: Failover unit holdtime is set to 2 seconds
For more detailed troubleshooting of LMI, you can use the debug frame-relay lmi command. This command shows the actual LMI messages being sent and received by your router.
Fig. 10-9
1. Using a balance or electronic scale, determine the
In this step, you need to do two things:
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