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6: TCP/IP and the Internet Layer
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Return loss is the difference expressed in dB between the incident and re ected waves along a transmission line.
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ciscoasa(config)# tunnel-group-map enable {ou | peer-ip | rules}
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table[3, 5] = 10;
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XYZ hosts their corporate license server in the Fort Lauderdale data center. All their Access Suite products at both sites connect to this license server. The license server name is LICSERVER.XYZ.COM. With the licensing grace period, all the Access Suite products have full functionality for 30 days. (See Figure 19-25.) For license server redundancy, XYZ created a cold backup of the license server at the Redmond site. This cold backup is created by cloning the original license server to another server. This server is offline at the Redmond site. In the event of a Fort Lauderdale site
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As mentioned, all cells are surrounded by a lipid membrane, which keeps the insides in and the outsides out. The cell membrane is also called the plasma membrane. In addition to lipids, cell membranes contain a variety of molecules embedded in, or connected to, the lipid bilayer. These include proteins, carbohydrates, glycoproteins (proteins with carbohydrate attached), and glycolipids (lipids with carbohydrate attached). These molecules are often classified in terms of how deep they are within the membrane. If such a molecule is embedded deep into the membrane, we call it integral, for example, integral membrane protein. Those that are just on the surface (but are still fundamentally part of the membrane) are called peripheral. If a molecule is embedded all the way through the membrane, sticking out on both sides, it is called transmembrane. Figure 8-4 illustrates these, and some other, features of cell membranes.
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Blu-ray Disc is almost certainly the last mainstream packaged media format. There were good reasons to raise the bar above DVD, the most important one being high-definition video. Few consumers need anything beyond 1080p high-definition. Digital cinema resolutions, such as, 2k (2048 1152) and 4k (4096 2304), are unlikely to make their way into average homes. Stereovision (3D TV) is gaining momentum, but can be accommodated easily in Blu-ray with minor format updates. In August 2008, Taka Miyama, Sony s product strategy manager for home video marketing in Europe, said, Blu-ray is the final format for the optical disc. We don t have a shorter laser. The most promising successor technology to blue-laser optical media is holographic storage, which came on the market in 2007 with commercial products.2 Holographic systems read and write millions of bits simultaneously in a few milliseconds by arranging them in pages stored on 12 cm (5-inch) discs in holographic interference patterns. At introduction, holographic disc capacity was 300 Gbytes, but plans were in place for capacities up to 1.6 trillion bytes (about 32 times the capacity of a dual-layer BD), with data transfer rates over one gigabit per second (more than twice as fast as a 12x BD drive). However, there simply is not a demand for that kind of capacity and data rate in a consumer pre-recorded media format. Computer applications can always use more storage capacity, but without an entertainment format to drive adoption, future computer storage solutions will fragment, as in the days of Syquest, Bernoulli, Zip, Jaz, and MO drives. Holographic storage may flourish, but only in niche markets. The primary competitor to holographic storage is actually an enhanced version of Blu-ray.
An Active Directory Services uninstall is straightforward: check the box for Uninstall the package when the computer is removed out of the scope of the group policy.
CD-recordable module from one of the major CD software developers, so these add-on modules are usually very reliable and bug-free. DVD premastering applications have built on the successes of CD recording development, but the range of programs and the complexity of the recording process have made this technology less accessible than CD recording. Steep entry prices for professional-caliber applications have also created a barrier for those interested in becoming involved in title development. Some of the commonly used programs are discussed at the end of this chapter. All in all, this chapter surveys the different types of recorder applications and itemizes the important features to look for when purchasing this type of software. I ve also tried to provide an arm-chair view of common activities that are encountered when you are running these programs. This will, hopefully, provide a sense of how the typical interface is designed and the types of decisions that you need to make when preparing to create a disc. While the ever-changing nature of this marketplace makes it impossible to provide exhaustive coverage of the software packages available, you should get some valuable insights as to the types of programs that are available and what you need to know to use these programs. The CD-ROM included with the book features trial versions of a number of disc recorder applications; you can explore the interfaces of these programs and try burning some discs from your own computer. If you don t yet have a CD or DVD recorder, many of these applications let you create an image le on disk for later transfer to a replication facility. You can also simply save a le to later burn a disc when you do have the necessary equipment.
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causes, and tools required to address problems of ISDN maintenance, or what to do if the network stops running. Problem 1. No longer able to place calls for no apparent reason Potential Causes Software upgrades at telco switch causes interoperability problems a. Incompatible services a. indicators b. Other configuration changes Different implementation of ISDN with different manufacturers or different countries Explosive growth of ISDN, many new vendors of CPE equipment Various Tools Required a. Monitor will full decodes b. Analysis of different vendor b. and country specific ISDN b. standards a. Monitor with full decodes b. Place calls (substitute) Monitor with full decodes
The #line directive sets the line number and filename for the file that contains the #line directive. The number and the name are used when errors or warnings are output during compilation. The general form for #line is #line number lename where number is any positive integer, which becomes the new line number, and the optional filename is any valid file identifier, which becomes the new filename. #line is primarily used for debugging and special applications. #line allows two options. The first is default, which returns the line numbering to its original condition. It is used like this:
0.81 sec
Adapter teams configured for transmit load balancing provide the benefit of network fault tolerance because, if the primary adapter that supports both transmit and receive fails, another adapter then supports this functionality.
with the Profile 1.0 players that were first released to the market. Other features are only possible with Profile 2, which is optional for players. However, it is worth noting these features, as they are truly innovative and very interesting in certain applications.
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