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1. Treatment for concrete cracking. Cracking usually results from alkali silica reaction, shrinkage, or settlement. The causes of cracking are similar to concrete spalling, with the addition of drying shrinkage and structural distress. 2. Treatment for concrete spalling. If the concrete is batched with aggregate that is not chemically inert with the cement, a pattern of map cracking and spalling can develop. Treatments for this condition are: To place a thicker cover over the reinforcing bars Complete replacement of the concrete. Another cause of concrete spalling is the combination of freezing temperatures and water penetration into cracks, voids, or porous stone aggregates of the concrete. This cycle of freezing and thawing causes spalls as the water freezes and expands below the surface of the concrete. Treatments for this condition are: Provide proper drainage to prevent ponding of water on the surface Patch or replace all cracks and spalls Provide a bonded concrete encasement or overlay. 3. Treatments for scaling of hardened concrete. Deep scaling: The probable causes of deep scaling are lack of entrained air or an improper water to cement ratio. Treatment options are to either place a bonded concrete encasement around the affected area or to replace the concrete entirely. Surface scaling: It is generally caused by improper construction techniques, such as watering the concrete during nishing. Regular sealing of the surface may inhibit the scaling. Otherwise, a bonded concrete encasement can be used or the concrete surface can be ground out and a new surface installed. Another possible option is to ignore the problem until the scaling becomes severe enough to warrant replacement. When concrete is placed against soil with high sulfate content, the chemical attack causes surface scaling that progresses to deep scaling. The treatment is placing a bonded concrete encasement or complete replacement. 4. When reinforcing steel in concrete corrodes, its volume increases. The expansion causes tensile stresses on the concrete surface which leads to a regular pattern of cracks and spalls over the entire surface.
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Console.WriteLine("Before exception is generated."); // Generate an index out-of-bounds exception. for(int i=0; i < 10; i++) { nums[i] = i; Console.WriteLine("nums[{0}]: {1}", i, nums[i]); } } }
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Let s look at another example to help clarify the six steps. For step 1, you are given the following address and subnet mask: (/26), which is a Class C address. Remember the shortcut from earlier: if the last octet is even, it s either a network or host address. Therefore, you know it s not a directed broadcast address. In the second step, you need to find the interesting octet in the subnet mask. This is the last octet. For a Class C network, this will always be the last octet. The value in this mask is 192, indicating that the first two high-order bits in the octet are part of the network component and the last six low-order bits are the host component. In step 3, you need to determine by what number the network addresses are increasing. To do this step, subtract the value in the subnet mask s interesting octet from 256: 256 192 = 64. Therefore, network addresses are incrementing by 64 numbers and each network contains 64 addresses: a network address, a directed broadcast address, and 62 host addresses. Remember that since the interesting octet is in the fourth octet, the network addresses are increasing by 64 in the interesting (fourth) octet. In step 4, write down the network numbers. In our example, this gives you four networks:,,, and In the interesting octet, 2 bits are used for networking and 6 bits for host addresses. With 2 bits of networking, this gives you four networks (22 = 4), and with 6 bits of host addresses and 64 addresses in a network, it s 26 = 64. The address in question,, is between two networks: and This means that you should have to perform steps 5 and 6 only on these two networks, and possibly the network before it. However, go ahead and complete steps 5 and 6 for all of the networks since this is good practice. Remember that the directed broadcast address for a network is one number less than the next network number and that the addresses between the network and directed broadcast addresses are host addresses. Table 7-10 shows the addressing for the Class C address. Our address,, is a host address based on this table, where its network number is and its directed broadcast is
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In Fig. 8.7b the displacement diagram divides into two parts, denoted by 1 and 2. We are given q1 + q2 = 160 degrees. Since the ratio of acceleration is 3 : 1, we see that q1 = 40 degrees q 2 = 120 degrees The time t1 = t2 = 40 1 1 = sec 45 180 160 120 1 1 = sec . 160 45 60
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Central Processing Unit
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reading, home security system monitoring, and the telephone services supply added income. Cable systems have to offer the local television broadcast stations and often employ several different methods to receive them, including direct off-air reception from a tower-mounted antenna system or an optical ber connection direct from the station or from a microwave link.
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Focus Features:
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Necessary Router Con guration
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10.6.1 Introduction
Why don t I need to use new for variables of the value types, such as int or float In C#, a variable of a value type contains its own value. Memory to hold this value is automatically provided when the program is run. Thus, there is no need to explicitly allocate this memory using new. Conversely, a reference variable stores a reference to an object. The memory to hold this object is allocated dynamically during execution. Not making the fundamental types, such as int or char, into reference types greatly improves the performance of your program. When using a reference type, there is a layer of indirection that adds overhead to each object access. This overhead is avoided by a value type. As a point of interest, it is permitted to use new with the value types, as shown here:
Each of these is briefly described in the following sections.
unsigned d; _dos_getdrive(&d); printf("drive is %c", d-1+'A');
Protocol Analysis Protocol Analysis
The electronic programmable converter was introduced when signalscrambling methods were developed. Signal scrambling of the premium pay channels was done at the cable system headend, and it was the job of the converter to unscramble the signals at the subscriber s TV set. The rst generation of this type of converter used a PROM chip with the decode logic permanently burned into this chip. Cable operators could order from suppliers the preprogrammed chips or could program their own using a PROM programmer, often referred to as a PROM burner. It did not take long for pirate chip operators to appear, allowing unauthorized use of a cable system s premium pay channels. This converter contained the descrambling circuits that would descramble channels authorized by the PROM chip. Again, channel selection was performed by the converter and translated to a low VHF channel, usually channel 3 or channel 4. This made the TV set s remote control useless. Because many subscribers wanted remote control, cable converters with remote controls became available. Now subscribers had two remote controls, and one was useless. The relationship between the consumer electronics industry and the cable system operator as well as the subscriber had not improved. 6.231 Signal-scrambling methodology was in the beginning quite simple and effective. Removing the horizontal synchronization pulse caused TV sets to lose synchronization, destroying the picture, yet the audio signal was not disturbed. In order to remove the horizontal synch pulse, the scrambling circuit had to nd it. This is actually quite easy at the circuit level and at each sync pulse interval a circuit shorted it out to ground level (0 v), thus removing its presence from the video signal. Actually, this was
All Delegate GenericParameter Parameter Assembly Enum Interface Property Class Event Method ReturnValue Constructor Field Module Struct
_ _pin is used to specify a pointer that fixes the location in memory of the object to which it points. Thus, an object that is pinned will not be moved in memory by the garbarge collector. As a result, garbage collection does not invalidate a pointer modified by _ _pin.
Cable system electronics have come a long way from where they started, from vacuum tubes to transistors and now to integrated circuits (ICs). Today s cable ampli ers have more gain, higher output operating levels, improved noise and distortion gures, and less power consumption. Equally important is the high construction quality that gives the industry a superior, more reliable device.
Some illustrative DOCSIS vendors/products are detailed here.
11.5.5 Use of Carbon Fiber (CFRP) Pre-impregnated and Steel Reinforced Polymer (SRP) Sheets
Box Office Airline/Hotel
Operating system: Physical records (PRs) on disk
Figure 18.9b Mobile repair flow diagram. This shows a typical flow of a faulty
Here s a simple example showing you how to set up a NetBIOS inspection policy:
A human-readable form of a computer s internal machine language. Each different kind of processor has its own assembly language 68000 assembly language, 8086 assembly language, and so on. Formerly the primary way in which computer games were written, assembly language is now only used for optimizing particularly speed-sensitive parts of the code. An assembly language file is converted by an assembler into an object file.
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