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Trunk and Extremities
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RPR Bridging MPLS
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pronoun, a possessive pronoun, an adverb, or a clause:
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To run a macro, choose Tools | Macros | Run Macro to bring up the CorelDRAW X4 Visual Basic for Applications dialog. From the Macros In drop-down list, choose the VBA Project that contains the macro you want to run. Any macros stored in the VBA Project file you chose are displayed in the Macro Name field. If the macro was created entirely in the VB Editor and not recorded, this macro will be displayed at the top of the list. Recorded macros you ve created will appear later in the list, and the name of the macro will appear as RecordedMacros.MacroNameYouGaveYourMacro. Select the macro you want to run from the Macro Name list, and then click on the Run button. If the macro was created by programming, it might pop up a dialog or interface for you to set options for what the macro will do, or for where in the document the macro will perform its task. If no interface is provided, the macro will probably perform its actions in the active document. Some macros may only work if there is an active selection in the document at the time you run the macro, so if nothing appears to have happened (an extrude, a move, a color change, for example), try selecting an object and then run the macro again. CorelDRAW comes with very useful CalendarWizard.gms and FileConverter.gms project files that are VBA macro-based mini-applications. You really owe it to yourself to open a new file and run these macros; the Calendar Wizard alone can shave hours off designing a custom calendar for business or the home. However, it s not difficult to make your own macro; you know best what your own automation needs are. Don t be intimidated by lines of seemingly incomprehensible code: recording a macro is the easiest way to create a macro, and it s the topic of the following sections.
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You can obtain a formatted value by calling one of the Format( ) methods defined by String. They are shown in Table 22-5. Format( ) works much like WriteLine( ), except that it returns a formatted string rather than outputting it to the console.
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Referred to as S0 S1 S2
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DVD video
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FIgure 10-19 The DNA double helix can bend and curve its axis into a helical shape. This helix of a helix is called a superhelix.
A 19-year-old developed white color around a pre-existing nevus. 1. Globules identify a melanocytic lesion. 2. Irregular globules, irregular dark blotches, and regression characterize this regressive melanoma. 3. A peripheral white patch and irregular pigment network characterize this reverse dermatofibroma. 4. A symmetrical white halo around the central pigmentation characterizes this halo nevus. 5. Asymmetrical pigmentation that extends outside of a white halo could represent a recurrent melanoma.
Let s explore one of the many creative ways to create and use the group of rectangles the Graph Paper Tool builds for you.
1. 2.
All supporting browsers (except one) appear to calculate ex as one-half em. This is arguably a reasonable approximation, but it is technically incorrect. The exception is MacIE5, which actually goes to some effort to determine the x-height of a given font. 6.3 Color Units
It is both permissible and common for classes that implement interfaces to define additional members of their own. For example, the following version of ByTwos adds the method GetPrevious( ), which returns the previous value:
Terminal Gatekeeper Terminal
creates a const variable called i that has the value 10. Although a const field is similar to a readonly field, the two are not the same. A const field cannot be set within a constructor, but a readonly field can. The volatile modifier tells the compiler that a field s value may be changed by two or more concurrently executing threads. In this situation, one thread may not know when the field has been changed by another thread. This is important because the C# compiler will automatically perform certain optimizations that work only when a field is accessed by a single thread of execution. To prevent these optimizations from being applied to a shared field, declare it volatile. This tells the compiler that it must obtain the value of this field each time it is accessed.
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