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Undoes or redoes the last action.
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Noise 1, 2, 3 and 4 Plus trunk noise Trunk amp and BRGR Noise 4
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class StaticError { public int Denom = 3; // a normal instance variable public static int Val = 1024; // a static variable /* Error! Can't directly access a non-static variable from within a static method. */ public static int ValDivDenom() { return Val/Denom; // won't compile! } }
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1. Considering the cost of the batteries alone, the optimum depth of discharge is approximately 50%. 2. Due to a lower purchase cost, the golf cart battery is the most economical battery.
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It is important to understand that a computer language defines the nature of a program and not the way that the program will be executed. There are two general methods by which a program can be executed: it can be compiled or it can be interpreted. While programs written in any computer language can be compiled or interpreted, some languages are designed more for one form of execution than the other. For example, Java was designed to be interpreted and C was designed to be compiled. However, in the case of C, it is important to understand that it was specifically optimized as a compiled language. Although C interpreters have been written and are available in some environments (especially as debugging aids or experimental platforms), C was developed with compilation in mind. Since C++ Builder is a compiler, you will be compiling and not interpreting programs. Since the difference between a compiler and an interpreter may not be clear to all readers, the following brief description will clarify matters. In its simplest form, an interpreter reads the source code of your program one line at a time, performing the specific instructions contained in that line. This is the way that earlier versions of BASIC worked. In languages such as Java, a program s source code is first converted into an intermediary form that is then interpreted. In either case, a run-time interpreter is still required to be present to execute the program. A compiler reads the entire program and converts it into object code, which is a translation of the program s source code into a form that the computer can execute directly. Object code is also referred to as binary code or machine code. Once the program is compiled, a line of source code is no longer meaningful in the execution of your program. In general, an interpreted program runs slower than a compiled program. Remember, a compiler converts a program s source code into object code that a computer can execute directly. Therefore, compilation is a one-time cost, while interpretation incurs an overhead each time a program is run.
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In this section we will preview the remaining chapters in this book. Although chapters were written to be as independent from one another as possible, readers new to this field should read chapters in the sequence presented. With that said, let s take our minitour of those chapters.
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The cell loss ratio. the ratio of lost cells to the sum of the total number of lost and successfully delivered cells. Cell insertion rate the number of cells inserted into an ATM network within a specific period of time. Severely errored cell ratio. the ratio of severely errored cells (more than one-bit of an error in the header) to the number of successfully delivered cells. Cell transfer capacity: the maximum number of successfully delivered cells over a specified ATM connection during a period of time (one second). Cell transfer delay: the average delay and the arithmetic delay of a specified number of cell delays. The cell delay variation (CDV) is the difference between a specific cell delay and the average. This variation causes the most problems, especially with real-time voice and video. Priority control: networks must adequately service buffers in the network nodes under all kinds of conditions. When congestion occurs (too many cells in the network), a priority mechanism can be used in the following ways: o To remedy the situation. Some cells can be discarded under congestion circumstances. o For congestion control. Networks must prevent congested conditions from spreading throughout the network. In this case, no sender should be allowed to overwhelm any receiver, as the network will accommodate by discarding cells. o As a Generic Cell Rate Algorithm (GCRA). The GCRA is an example of a generic term. It refers to a virtual scheduling algorithm or a continuously leaky bucket and expresses a complex series of formulas. In most network implementations, it is widely known that the double leaky bucket algorithm is what we call the GCRA. Using the leaky bucket as a means of describing the GCRA is a good way to figure out exactly of what is happening. The GCRA functions like a bucket with a hole in the bottom. The bucket leaks at a steady rate, no matter when water is poured into the bucket. The bucket may be initially empty, partially full, or full to the brim. As water pours in, it may splash or completely overflow the bucket if poured in from a much larger container. Water emerges from the hole in the bucket at precisely the same rate at all times. (Of course, everyone knows there are no real buckets in computers and networks, although the term bit-bucket is constantly used.) o As a counter or buffer. The simplest leaky bucket implementation is a counter. The counter has a minimum value (usually 0) and a maximum value. With the empty bucket, it holds up to 100 cells. All of a sudden, 150 cells are delivered to the network. This means that the bucket will overflow or the 50 cells will be discarded because the buffer can only hold 100. At the bottom, the cells enter the network at a ratio of 1 over the sustained cell rate (SCR). Cells will exit at a steady rate.
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Errors in the Windows Event Viewer can give a lot of valuable information about potential printing issues. You may see service events about Print Spooler or Citrix Print
Velocity and acceleration problems are excellent test problems. Be sure you know that gven position as a h c t i o n of time x = f ( t ), the velocity is the first derivative, and the acceleration is the second derivative. Given x = 4 + 6t - 5t know how to frnd velocity ( v = 6 - l o t ) and acceleration ( a = -10) and be able to evaluate velocity and acceleration at any time. The velocity is the first derivative of position, v = h / d t . The acceleration is the first derivative of the velocity, a = dv/dt . Both derivatives come from the same function. The velocity is the first derivative and the acceleration the second derivative. It is common to write v as a first derivative and a as a second derivative:
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