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There are a number of places to create and store this intelligence. Often, the decision of where to build the intelligence is based on one person s knowledge of how to do it; it s assumed there is only one alternative. For example, a universe designer may naturally assume that the universe should contain all the intelligence. Power users may want user objects and report variables to contain all the intelligence. Depending on how much disk space and time a DBA has, the DBA may want the intelligence to be in the table design so that it is tool-independent. This is where a good Program Manager or Project Manager will work with the different stakeholders and determine the best place for intelligence, considering a company s resources, time, and flexibility. Guidelines should become best practices and part of a quality assurance process. Companies can build intelligence into OLAP databases, the data warehouse, the universe, or user objects and reports. If you are using BusinessObjects XI directly against a transaction system, your alternatives may be limited to the universe and reports. Figure 14-1 shows these different places and where the intelligence gets processed. In 11, you built an object called Current Year To Date Sales as part of the universe. Stepping through Figure 14-1, you could have used an OLAP database such as Microsoft Analysis Services to include the time period awareness in the sales column (place 1). The processing for this type of object is done on the OLAP server. The intelligence also could be a physical column in an aggregate fact table. The information is preprocessed by the RDBMS, so when a user runs a query, it is a simple fetch (place 2). If the object exists in either the universe or a user object, the RDBMS again does the work but does it upon query execution. The user may wait longer for the query to be processed, but the work is still done by the RDBMS. Larger-scale BI implementations will always strive to do more processing on the server, rather than on the mid-tier BI application server or, worse, on the user s desktop. If a power user creates a report variable to calculate Current Year To Date Sales, then the RDBMS sends the detail rows to calculate that variable to either the Enterprise server in a Web Intelligence environment or the user s desktop if it is Desktop Intelligence. In a thinclient environment, the BusinessObjects Enterprise server must calculate the variable and present the results to the user in HTML format (place 3). With Desktop Intelligence, all the detail rows travel the network to the desktop PC that then calculates the report variable (place 4).
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3.4.1 Comparative Study of Failures
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Protective Sleeve Fiber optic Buffer tube straps cable buffer tubes Individual optic fibers Single splices tray
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When selecting a radio system, make sure it will allow you to change the transmitting frequencies. Because it s likely that at least one other person at a competition will be using the same frequency that you want to use, you will want to be able to change the frequency of your R/C equipment to avoid frequency conflicts. When this happens at a match, everyone loses control of their robots. This is also why you display the frequency number flags on your transmitter s antenna so that everyone else will know what frequency you are currently using. At some matches, organizers control the frequencies that can be used and will issue the appropriate frequency crystals prior to each match. Other organizations, such as BattleBots, will impound your transmitter when you show up. Your transmitter will be returned to you prior to a match, during the 15-minute testing session and safety inspections, and after the event is over. Impounding transmitters is an extreme, but effective, method for preventing radio frequency interference. Prior to competing, you should have at least two different sets of crystals so that you can change them to avoid frequency conflicts during the competition especially if you are competing in multiple-robot rumbles.
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To see the DNS host table of resolved hostnames, use the show dns-hosts command:
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Part III:
3. MAG (maximum available gain) is calculated by: MAG Gtu pTOTAL
CHAPTER 6 Transcendental Functions
Determine the appropriate classless addressing scheme VLSM using VLSM and summarization to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment Describe the technological requirements for running IPv6 (including protocols, dual stack, tunneling, etc.) Describe IPv6 addresses Identify and correct common problems associated with IP addressing and host configurations IPv6
Remember the IPSec protocols (ISAKMP, IKE, DH, AH, and
Part II:
Often, the terms goals and objectives are used synonymously in documentation and planning. Both are used to describe a desired end state, or what an organization intends to achieve; however, strategies are the actions an organization intends to take to realize its goals and ultimately its vision. One of the most popular terms in the IS world and control and process frameworks is objective. Keep in mind that an objective is what the enterprise is trying to achieve. It is always set within a context. For example, the COBIT framework describes several IT processes and related objectives. In addition, the framework describes specific control objectives.
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