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However, looking closely at Figure 2.10 reveals something interesting. Even though the second signal is misshapen to the point of displacing the transition points, the sequence of ones and zeros is still reconstructed correctly, since each transition is within the interval timing window. In other words, there is no data loss, and there is no error. The timing information is distorted, but it can be fixed. This is the key to understanding the difference between correctable and uncorrectable jitter. In the digital domain, jitter is almost always inconsequential. Minor phase errors are easily corrected by resynchronizing the data. Of course, large amounts of jitter can cause data errors, but most systems specify jitter tolerances at levels far below the error threshold.19 Jitter is an interface phenomenon it only becomes a problem when moving from the analog to the digital world or from the digital world to the analog world. For example, jitter in the sampling clock of an analog-to-digital converter causes uneven spacing of the samples, which results in a distorted measurement of the waveform (Figure 2.11). On the other end of the chain, jitter in a digital-to-analog converter causes voltage levels to be generated at
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For example, if you customized ID fields to include a description and forced query filters to use the ID fields for query performance reasons, the use of keys (as explained in 9) may be a preferred approach when the ID fields are not meaningful to the end users. Keys initially were leveraged only by Desktop Intelligence, but in XI Release 2, Web Intelligence also now takes advantage of them. As of Service Pack 1, however, use of these keys was problematic so do reevaluate before using. Similarly, to create a cascaded list of values in earlier versions of Designer, you had to modify multiple lists of values. New in XI Release 2 is the ability to define the cascade in one place. With these changes, reconsider your design practices.
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The primary interface options available for CD and DVD recorders include: SCSI: the original, predominant choice for connecting a disc recorder to a computer, SCSI is still a very popular option, particularly for professional applications. Several variations of SCSI have evolved in recent years, offering higher performance and improved behavior when servicing multiple devices. Adaptec and other companies continue to extend SCSI capabilities and introduce new host adapters into the market. Universal Serial Bus (USB): designed as a low-cost, trouble-free means of interconnecting devices such as digital cameras and storage devices to computers, many new computers include one or two USB ports as standard equipment. USB uses serial data transfer techniques, but achieves transfer rates close to 100 times faster than a standard computer serial port. USB-compatible devices can be hot-swapped, which means they can be attached or removed without shutting down the computer. Parallel Port: the chief advantage of the parallel port interface is that almost every computer has one (with the exception of Macintosh computers). Performance for the modern bi-directional parallel port (compliant with the IE-1284 standard) is adequate for operations such as CD recording, as long as other system operations are kept in balance. Enhancements to the parallel port standard, such as EPP or ECP, raise performance capabilities and may be required for some recorder connections. While not the most robust transfer method available, the parallel port is still convenient, particularly when connecting recorders to laptop computers that may not have other available interfaces. ATAPI IDE: for internal disc recorder installations, ATAPI IDE requires very little circuitry to implement and, because of this, it represents a very inexpensive interface method. Most modern computer systems can support awless communication with recorders using this interface and setup is generally very easy. This interface option, however, is not as robust as SCSI for demanding applications in the industrial or professional sector. You are also limited to internal installations when you rely on this interface; there are no external ATAPI IDE units on the market because of the physical requirements of this I/O interface.
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Polygon Tool Hold CTRL and click-drag
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Figure 7-17 (a) Ribose. (b) Deoxyribose.
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VoIP and SS7
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Restoring from Backup Using Active Directory as Central Store
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Cone of acceptance
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There are three modes of information transfer: Native Disk file Buffered Memory
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When you decide to make changes to your network, including the addition or deletion of devices, you should always do some preparation work before you make the changes. Making changes can cause things to not function correctly, or not function at all, so you should always prepare beforehand. The following two sections cover the basics of handling changes.
Status FSR (6,6)
Examples: Floor(3.999) returns 3. Floor(5.1) returns 5.
The output from the program is shown here:
VID Translation
Network management requires tools that are used to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain data networks. This permits an IT organization to ensure the continuous operation of its data network so that it has sufficient capacity and capability to support applications and services vital to the organization s ongoing business operations. The tools that are used to fulfill this mission include: Network management systems These are software applications that collect network management messages that are sent from network devices and systems. These messages alert the management system that certain conditions exist on the device, some of which may require intervention. Some network management systems also contain the means for network administrators and engineers to diagnose and correct conditions that require attention. Network management agents Agents are small software modules that reside on managed network devices and other systems. These agents monitor
Part II:
Well, this is probably true if you are talking about a four-ton van carrying 36 batteries. The reality is that EVs can go as fast as you want just choose the electric vehicle model (or design or build one) with the speed capability you want. One example of how fast they can accelerate was when I was driving a TH!NK City (really small City EV) in New York City, as shown in the introduction. I was at a traffic light next to a Ford cab (how appropriate since Ford owned TH!NK at the time). The cabbie wanted to see how fast it could go so I said, I know it can beat you. (Please note that all of this was done well within the legal speed limits on the road in Manhattan!) He said, You re crazy! So the light turned green and I hit the accelerator. The look on the cabbie s face was worth a million dollars. He was more than surprised at the torque and acceleration. People on the street were screaming, Go, go, go. I blew him away. We met up at the next traffic light and he said, Where can I get one Enough said. Current technology EVs use nickel batteries, such as the Toyota RAV4 or even today s hybrid electric cars such as the Prius or the Honda Civic hybrid. Other conversion companies are starting to use lithium-ion batteries; however, most still use lead acid. The speed of an electric vehicle is directly related to its weight, body/chassis characteristics such as air and rolling resistance, electric motor size (capacity), and battery voltage. The more voltage, the more batteries you have, the faster any given electric motor will be able to push the vehicle but adding batteries adds also to the vehicle weight. All of these factors mean you can control how much speed you get out of your EV, and you re certainly not limited in any way. If speed is important, then optimize the electric vehicle you choose for it. It s as simple as that.
Rescue Underexposed Images
The Methods De ned by BitArray
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