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Careful traffic engineering is being performed on cable systems so that data speeds are maximized as customers are added. Just as office LANs are routinely subdivided to provide faster service for each individual user, so too can cable data networks be custom tailored within each fiber node to meet customer demand. Multiple 6-MHz channels can be allocated to expand capacity as well. Some manufacturers have designed modems that provide asymmetrical capabilities, using less bandwidth for outgoing signals from the subscriber. Cable systems in some locations may not have completed system upgrades, so manufacturers have built migration strategies into such modems to allow for eventual transmission of broadband return signals when the systems are ready to provide such service and customers demand it. A representative sample of the way data speeds are provided on cable modems is shown in Table 14-2 . Table 14-2: Representative asymmetrical data cable modem speeds Sample Cable Modem Speeds General Instrument Hybrid/Intel LANcity Motorola Zenith Upstream 1.5 Mbps 96 kbps 10 Mbps 768 kbps 4 Mbps Downstream 30 Mbps 30 Mbps 10 Mbps 30 Mbps 4 Mbps
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Figure-eight pattern of optical cable
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Case Studies
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Figure 1.6 A scenic countryside concrete bridge with a waterfall.
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The show running-config command will display your configured
Max. ve M(LL I) 5.69 kip-ft/ft (impact included) Factored ve moment Mu (1.25 0.56 1.5 0.158 1.75 5.69) 10.89 kip-ft/ft (1.25 0.56 1.5 0.158 1.75 4.81) Factored ve moment Mu 9.35 kip-ft/ft C. Assume bar diameter and spacing, compute Mn and compare with Mu, Ensure that Mn Mu or calculate as Mu / /fy jd Resistance factors: Strength 0.9; Serviceability 1.0 (refer to Sec. 6.2.3) D. For ve moment, assume 5/8 in diameter bars at 9 in centers at bottom (approximate solutions are given in design manuals): d 8.5 1.0 0.625/2 7.19 in As /4 (0.625)2 (12 in/9 in) 0.41 inch2 a As fy /0.85 fc b As 60/ (0.85 4.0 12) 1.47 As Mn Mu As fy (d a/2) Mu results in a non-linear equation for As 0.9 As 60 (7.19 1.47/2 As) 7.19 54 As 0.735 54 (As)2 (As)2 9.782 (As) 3.293 0; 10.89 130.68 12
Setting Print Options
As you may recall, the % (modulus) operator has higher precedence than the plus operator. This means that the % operation is first performed on the 1 and that result is added to 9, which (of course) does not equal 0. To fix the trouble, there must be parentheses around a in the macro definition of EVEN, as shown in this corrected version of the program:
ICollection<T> defines the following methods. Notice it defines a few more methods than does its non-generic counterpart.
Table 26-2: Summary of values for PCM in Mu-Law and A-Law formats Coded Numerical Value + 32 0 0 -32 -64 -96 -126 -127 Bit Number 11011111 11111111 01111111 01011111 00111111 00011111 00000001 00000000 10100000 10000000 00000000 00100000 01000000 01100000 01111110 01111111 Comments 1 for positive values, and it is a 0 for negative values. Note that 0 has two different values. Bits 2 8 are inverted between A-Law PCM and Mu-Law PCM. In A-Law all even bits are inverted prior to transmission.
From the diagram, you can see that the main site hosts a pair of virtualized servers running on XenServer and hosting XenApp farms. Users are balanced between each XenServer to even the load. In the event of a hardware failure on the XenServer, the users can balance over to the other XenServer. Remote users are able to access their resources in one of two ways: through HA pairs of Access Gateway Advanced Editions behind Platinum Edition NetScalers running the Global Server Load Balancing option or through Platinum Edition NetScalers running the Global Server Load Balancing and Access Gateway Enterprise options. In the event of a failure at the main site, users working remotely will automatically be balanced over to the DR site. Users that normally report to the main office now become remote users and can use any computing device to access their applications and information, from anywhere, over any connection wireless to Web.
Dubbing it the seamless user experience, Hollywood studios gravitated toward the convenience of being able to watch a movie and, without interrupting the film (without even a glitch in the audio or video), use thematic popup menus that provide access to special features, audio and subtitle selections, and alternate scenes or camera angles, as well as, to launch highly interactive applications that may appear to be part of the film itself, such as, a video game. Imagine, for example, putting a mystery film into a Blu-ray Disc player. Instead of going directly to a menu, playback launches directly to the feature film (with requisite logos and warning cards). During the opening credits, a stylized menu appears in the lower third of the screen, offering the option of watching just the film or of receiving periodic, interactive prompts about additional bonus features on the disc. You select the latter option and the movie continues to play effortlessly. Soon, a prompt appears to let you know that a director s commentary starts in ten seconds. Would you like to hear it As the counter ticks down the seconds, you activate the option and the director appears in the lower left corner of the screen superimposed over the movie. When the timer hits zero, the director says hello, introduces himself, and proceeds to tell you about how he made the film, sharing interesting points and highlighting portions of the screen as the movie plays. Later in the film, an option appears for selecting a game in which you have to identify who dunnit. You launch the feature and find yourself in control of an interactive magnifying glass that you can move around
The C# Language
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