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FIGURE 14.41. Cam-modulated mechanism epicyclic gears and moving cams, type 1.
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Elastic analysis for dead load, live load, and other applicable loads forms the starting point of the factored design method. Using different factors for each type of load, elastic moments, shear forces, and reactions are either exaggerated or modi ed to simulate ultimate load effects. Analysis in all cases must comply with the laws of equilibrium and stability. Well-known laws of equilibrium may be stated as: Sum of vertical forces, Sum of horizontal forces, Sum of moments, V H M 0 0 0 (4.1a) (4.1b) (4.1c)
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OSS Local side E-2-E Ethernet services OAM (Y.17EthOAM) EDD/ UNI CPE Access link OAM (802.3ah) Transport NMS (OTN framework) CORBA, TL1 Provider edge node EDD/ UNI CPE Remote side
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The Pick Tool is used for two things: to choose an object or several Pick Tool objects, and, of equal importance, to create a change in the selected object(s). Most of the time, object selection is done using a single-click with this tool, shown at right: Clicking an object once selects it. While an object is selected, selection handles appear the eight black markers surrounding the object, as shown in Figure 8-1. Additionally, depending on the type of object, you ll see nodes at various areas around the object, which indicate breaks in the path (when a vector object is selected) or the edge of an object (when a bitmap is selected). A small X marker appears at the centermost point of the object, indicating its center origin. This origin can be moved and it s quite useful for defining a center of rotation for an object, and will be discussed later in this chapter. Occasionally you or a coworker will create a shape with an outline stroke that s very narrow and, as a result, the object has no fill. If you re having trouble selecting the darned
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Network Topologies
ZEV Mandate revised in 2008. Again, reduced incentives for ZEVs. More incentives for less fuel cell vehicles, hybrids and plug-in hybrids.
18. Show the result of a natural join that combines the Customer and OrderTbl tables followed by a restrict operation to retain only the Colorado customers (CustState = "CO"). 19. Show the result of a summarize operation on Customer. The grouping column is CustState and the aggregate calculation is COUNT. COUNT shows the number of rows with the same value for the grouping column. 20. Show the result of a summarize operation on Customer. The grouping column is CustState and the aggregate calculations are the minimum and maximum CustBal values. 21. What tables are required to show the CustLastName, EmpLastName, and OrdNo columns in the result table 22. Extend your relationship diagram from problem 4 by adding two tables (OrdLine and Product). Partial CREATE TABLE statements for the primary keys and referential integrity constraints are shown below:
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business functional requirements Formal statements that describe required business functions that a system must support. business impact analysis (BIA) A study that is used to identify the impact that different disaster scenarios will have on ongoing business operations. business realization The result of strategic planning, process development, and systems development, which all contribute towards a launch of business operations to reach a set of business objectives. business recovery plan The activities required to recover and resume critical business processes and activities. See also response document. call tree A method for ensuring the timely notification of key personnel, such as after a disaster. campus area network (CAN) The interconnection of LANs for an organization that has buildings in close proximity. capability maturity model A model that is used to measure the relative maturity of an organization or of its processes. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) the aggregation of other maturity models. A maturity model that represents
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