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To provide access to all the content on a disc, the DVD-Video format includes on-screen menus. Menus are used to select from among multiple programs, choose scenes (chapters) within a program, choose audio tracks and subtitles, navigate through multilevel or interactive programs, and more. Playback can stop at any point for interaction with the viewer, or selectable hot spots can be visibly or invisibly placed over live video. For example, a DVD may have a main menu from which you can choose to watch the movie, view a trailer, watch a "making of" featurette, or peruse production stills. Another menu may also be available from which you can choose to hear the regular soundtrack, foreign language sound track, or director's commentary. Selecting a "bonus features" option from the main menu may bring up another menu with options such as cast and crew bios, script pages, storyboards, and outtakes. Menus were a new and unfamiliar feature to many people when DVD was introduced.4 A decade later, when Blu-ray rolled out, DVD menus had become comfortably familiar yet, in some ways, frustratingly primitive. (See 10, Interactivity, for more on limitations of modal menus.) There was an expectation that Blu-ray would take menus out of the stone age, which it did. Blu-ray menus can popup over the video at any time, allowing the viewer to make selections in the middle of a program without interrupting the program flow. Blu-ray also implements multipage menus so that submenus appear quickly and without interruption in the
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Attempting to understand optical disc compatibility could wring tears from a granite plinth. It does not help that compatibility has many facets and meanings that become increasingly complex as formats have been developed for CD, DVD, HD DVD, BD, and beyond. There is backward compatibility, such as Blu-ray players being able to play DVDs and CDs. There is forward compatibility (or usually lack of), such as DVD players not being able to play Blu-ray discs, or Blu-ray players perhaps being able to play future multi-layer discs or 3D movies. There is sideways compatibility being able to play related formats, such as, DVD players that play DivX files or Blu-ray players that play AVCHD recordings from disc or memory card. And, there is also compatibility within a format or format family, which is always expected but does not always work, such as CD players that cannot play CD-Rs or Blu-ray players that cannot play some BD-RE discs. The Blu-ray specifications focus more on the discs, file systems, and application formats than on the players. There are profiles, performance minimums, and certain functional requirements but, beyond that, player makers are free to implement the specifications as they see fit. Unfortunately, failures of compatibility occur at various levels across the range of optical disc technology at the physical level, the logical level (file system and application), and the implementation level (see Table 7.2). Compatibility problems are also discussed in 9, including problems outside of the player, such as HDMI snags. Table 7.2 Examples of Compatibility Problems
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The IComparer<T> interface is the generic version of IComparer described earlier. The main difference between the two is that IComparer<T> is type-safe, declaring the generic version of Compare( ) shown here: int Compare(T x, T y) This method compares x with y and returns greater than zero if x is greater than y, zero if the two objects are the same, and less than zero if x is less that y.
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to yellow, and so on using either a direct or rotational direction. In Figure 22-4 you can see an original drawing, created by using PowerTRACE on a photograph. At bottom, a deep blue was defined as the From color and light yellow as the To color, which created a highly posterized finished illustration, very reminiscent of the style of many Russian Revolution posters so much so that the text above the illustration says (more or less) The People s Music! To get the text to be legible against what is now a collection of color gradients, the Invert lens effect was used on the text; Invert is covered shortly in this chapter. Mapping options consist of three palette-mapping choices:
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Although law enforcement agencies have only started to collect data on identity theft cases, other sources of information show that it is a growing problem. In 1999, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission opened a hotline for identity theft reports. In its first month, the FTC hotline received an average of 445 calls per week. By December 2001, the hotline was receiving an average of 3,000 calls per week. According to the Social Security Administration, 81 percent of all reported incidents of social security number misuse involve identity theft. The Visa and MasterCard payment card associations estimate that card-related identity theft losses rose from $79.9 million in 1996 to $114.3 million in 2000.2 The crux of the problem for most cases of identity theft is that typical consumer financial transactions use relatively limited amounts of personal data for authentication. If the consumer is physically present during the transaction, the merchant will probably rely on a single identity card, such as a driver s license, to help verify the person s identity.
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// Overload | for short-circuit evaluation. public static ThreeD operator |(ThreeD op1, ThreeD op2) { if( ((op1.x != 0) || (op1.y != 0) || (op1.z != 0)) | ((op2.x != 0) || (op2.y != 0) || (op2.z != 0)) ) return new ThreeD(1, 1, 1); else return new ThreeD(0, 0, 0); } // Overload & for short-circuit evaluation. public static ThreeD operator &(ThreeD op1, ThreeD op2) { if( ((op1.x != 0) && (op1.y != 0) && (op1.z != 0)) & ((op2.x != 0) && (op2.y != 0) && (op2.z != 0)) ) return new ThreeD(1, 1, 1); else return new ThreeD(0, 0, 0); }
Frame-based Interfaces for ATM
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Lyle Burresci s 1977 Plymouth Arrow (Figure 4-10) was the basis for Mike Brown s conversion manual. It also uses a 96-volt system (six batteries in front, ten in the rear) and shows how good chassis selection, construction techniques, and battery boxes can transform a potential safety hazard. Figure 4-11 is from Joe Porcelli and Dave Kimmins of Operation Z. It shows their Nissan 280Z rear battery compartment. We ll talk and show you more of their conversion in 10.
Changes in Your Network
average values for the year based on the beginning and ending amounts. However, the first year is always tricky: What are the beginning amounts when there is no prior year For Surplus funds and the Necessary to finance plugs, we can simply take the average of a starting 0 and the final number. Thus, the formula you see is written AVERAGE(0,B2)*5% for the first year s interest income calculations for surplus funds. Admittedly, this is the long way of writing B2/2*5% (half of the value in B2 multiplied by 5%), and it has been done this way to give a consistent form to the formula in the first and second years. The second year s formula uses the AVERAGE construction in a more expected way by taking the values from the first- and second-year columns. The first column in a model is usually a historical year and there should not be any plugs, so the formulas we are considering here may be moot. For the debt numbers, however, there is an additional consideration. Even in the first year, because there is a cash sweep, we do have a prior amount and an ending amount. The amount before the sweep can be assumed to be for the beginning of the year (equivalent to the ending number of a prior year). The amount after the sweep is then the amount for the end of the year. The formula for the debt lines, for example, debt 1, reflects this: AVERAGE(B22, B11)*10%. Again, if the first year is historical, this may be a moot point. For historical years, you would have a combined interest expense number
Rollback Planning Sometimes an organization will migrate an application from an old environment to a new one, and shortly afterwards will discover a serious problem in the new environment that requires a return to the old environment. Rollback planning is a safety net that provides a last-resort path away from a situation where the organization cannot continue using the new environment. A rollback is a serious undertaking and would be considered only when there is a problem in the new environment that is so serious that it cannot be easily remedied. Still, rollback planning is recommended in environments where the availability and integrity of an application is critical to the organization.
Internal Network Security Appliance
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