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7. Enter the user name and password to be passed through to the data source as discussed earlier in Two Approaches to Login Parameters. If you wish to pass through individual database credentials for each user, check the appropriate box. 8. Depending on the database type, select the name of the database and the name of the database server. Then click Next. 9. When prompted to test your connection, always select Perform A Test. This will tell you if you have incorrectly entered a login parameter. Click Next. 10. Confirm or modify the Advanced Parameters and click Next. 11. Confirm or modify any Custom Parameters and click Finish. 12. When you are returned to the list of connections, click Finish to close the Connection Wizard.
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IPv6, MP-BGP4, and EIGRP for IPv6.
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Media Exchange
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Creating a Custom Date and Time Format
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Rewrite Sentences to Avoid Misusing Their
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Costs: Although we would like to have sales personnel focus all their time on selling activities and let others do the customer service work, the cost to hire others to perform such nonselling tasks may not be plausible. Therefore, the salesperson may find that other customer-related tasks will displace selling time. Customer expectations: An unhappy customer is not inclined to make additional purchases from a salesperson. Therefore, the salesperson must shift from selling activities to customer service responsibilities in order to improve the customer s current satisfaction before returning to pure selling efforts. Product or service configuration: Sometimes the product or service configuration precludes exclusive focus on selling. For example, in some services, the seller is expected to also deliver the solution as in the case of custom training or consulting.
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BusinessObjects 6.5
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TABLE 25-6
Requirements for preparing widening plans are shown in Figure 7.1. An example of deck slab design based on the LRFD method is included in this chapter. Guidelines for girder selection based on optimum considerations are also summarized in this chapter. After selecting the girder type, the steps required for preliminary or advanced design described in s 5 and 6 should be followed. Although familiarity with hand calculations is required, the designer should be familiar with the listed approved computer software and its supporting manual, which will outline the applicable methods of analysis and design, in keeping with AASHTO requirements. The current design method is the LRFD method, while the one used for original design is likely to be ASD or LFD. The truck live load intensity and de ection criteria would be different. Comprehensive load combinations and applications of AASHTO LRFD methods described in s 5 and 6 are as important for widening as they are for replacement bridges. 1. In order to match the existing deck thickness and reinforcement area, live load capacity for new design may be different due to differences between old and new regulations. Following are some general guidelines: The transverse reinforcement in the new deck should be spaced to match the existing spacing. Different bar sizes may be used if necessary. 2. The new girders in the widened portion must match the existing span lengths. 3. Avoid mixing concrete and steel beams in the same span. The use of beams of the same type as those used in the existing structure is preferred. 4. If the existing beams are cast-in-place concrete, detail the widened deck supported on precast prestressed beams.
HDLC-like adaptation
Real-World Chemistry
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Connected to a Computer This is probably the most common way to connect a printer to the network. The printer is connected either via a parallel cable (it s a really wide plug with a couple dozen connectors in it) or a universal serial bus (USB) cable. You ll see parallel connectors used on older printers, while newer printers will offer both (and sometimes only USB connections).
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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