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Data and Observations
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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The CRC word is calculated on all the payload bits of the preceding superframe. This is important, since an error in any of these bits will cause a change in the CRC calculated at the receiving end and the error will be detected upon comparison with the transmitted CRC word. The detection probability is very high: 99 percent for error rates less than 10 3. A detailed description of ESF can be found in ANSI T1.107. One important factor to remember about CRC-6 is that it does not indicate the number of errors in a superframe; only that one or more has occurred. Therefore it truly is a block error measurement; it is not possible to estimate bit error ratio (BER) unless one makes assumptions about the distribution of the errors. CRC-6 is, however, an excellent way of estimating error seconds and the corresponding percentage of error-free seconds and availability the basis of tariffed performance.
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A rate-limiting policy, commonly called a policing policy, can be configured to affect traffic as it enters (ingress) and/or leaves (egress) an interface. The parameters used to enforce the policy are similar to how CIR (committed information rate) and BC (committed burst rate) are used in frame relay, using the leaky bucket algorithm to handle small bursts of traffic. The following two sections will discuss how to configure a policing policy. Policing Configuration After you ve identified what traffic you want the card to process with a layer 3/4 class map, you can associate the rate-limiting policy to it with the following configuration:
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Although the preceding program is correct, there is still one potential trouble spot. Notice how CompareTo( ) is implemented by MyClass:
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Part II:
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Figure 16-2. The Terminal Server profile path Using Active Directory group policy
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Complete Transparency to End-user Traffic RPR can carry all services transparently, without any manipulation of end-user traffic. All end-user control traffic is also carried transparently, and all traffic management is done on a per-CoS basis, in a manner transparent to specific end-user traffic. Support for Ethernet-based E-Line & E-LAN Services for Business Users RPR supports the full range of Ethernet-based E-Line and E-LAN services and for metro networks it is an efficient solution for Ethernet-based traffic from business users. Resiliency and No Single Point-of-Failure The standard RPR MAC guarantees that all traffic provisioned over the shared packet ring, including point-to-point, broadcast and multicast traffic, is restored within less than 50 ms after a link or node failure. Unlike SONET/SDH five-nines availability can be guaranteed for all classes-of-service, including best-effort traffic. In addition services can be partially protected so that no user ever has to go unprotected or buy more protection bandwidth than is required.
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Description ANDs the bits of the invoking object with those specified by ba and returns a BitArray that contains the result. Returns the value of the bit at the index specified by idx. Performs a bitwise, logical NOT on the invoking collection and returns a BitArray that contains the result. ORs the bits of the invoking object with those specified by ba and returns a BitArray that contains the result. Sets the bit at the index specified by idx to v. Sets all bits to v. XORs the bits of the invoking object with those specified by ba and returns a BitArray that contains the result.
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One of the strategies that you, too, can implement that will help you to magnify your soul, your gifts, and your higher purpose is to create what I call a life board of directors. Think about it. Companies large and small spend a good deal of time and money courting just the right people and inviting those people to become mem-
type name MyClass was known in advance and used in a typeof statement to obtain a Type object upon which all of the reflection methods either directly or indirectly operated. Although this might be useful in a number of circumstances, the full power of reflection is found when the types available to a program are determined dynamically by analyzing the contents of other assemblies. As you know from 16, an assembly carries with it type information about the classes, structures, and so on, that it contains. The Reflection API allows you to load an assembly, discover information about it, and create instances of any of its publicly available types. Using this mechanism, a program can search its environment, utilizing functionality that might be available without having to explicitly define that functionality at compile time. This is an extremely potent, and exciting, concept. For example, you can imagine a program that acts as a type browser, displaying the types available on a system. Another application could be a design tool that lets you visually wire together a program that is composed of the various types supported by the system. Since all information about a type is discoverable, there is no inherent limitation to the ways reflection can be applied. To obtain information about an assembly, you will first create an Assembly object. The Assembly class does not define a public constructor. Instead, an Assembly object is obtained by calling one of its methods. The one we will use is LoadFrom( ), which loads an assembly given its filename. The form we will use is shown here: static Assembly LoadFrom(string lename) Here, filename specifies the filename of the assembly. Once you have obtained an Assembly object, you can discover the types that it defines by calling GetTypes( ) on it. Here is its general form: Type[ ] GetTypes( ) It returns an array of the types contained in the assembly. To demonstrate the discovery of types in an assembly, you will need two files. The first will contain a set of classes that will be discovered by the second. To begin, create a file called MyClasses.cs that contains the following:
_ _interface specifies a class that will act as an interface. In an interface, no function can include a body. Thus, all functions in an interface are implicitly pure virtual functions. An interface is essentially an abstract class in which no function has an implementation.
While the FBI was experimenting and pushing the understanding of automating fingerprint matching, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) installed an operational system before the FBI or anyone else. The Mounties imaged their entire fingerprint card file onto AMPEX videotapes, known as a Videofile, and indexed them by pattern type, name, and other parameters. The index data was on punched cards that could be machine sorted to reduce the search space, and then the tapes were loaded and the images of interest downloaded from the wideband analog tapes to video display stations. This semiautomated system was operational by 1973. By 1978, the RCMP had added a Rockwell minutiae extraction and matching system and operated the first digital AFIS integrated with their AMPEX video, image repository. By 1989 the cost of disks had reached the point, about $10/MB, at which the RCMP was able to move to disk image storage.
Miscellaneous Keywords
cos(x 2 ) sin x + x sin(x ) sin x cos x dx = 2 2 /2
from a need to know explicitly what the variable is. The numbers a and b are called the limits of integration---the number a is the lower limit and b is the upper limit. The function f is called the integrand. Before we can present a detailed example, we need to record some important information about sums: I. We need to calculate the sum S = 1 + 2 + + N = this goal, we write S= 1 + 2
Improving the Appearance
Collective nouns include committee, company, board, rm, jury, crowd, staff, group, family, audience, public, and team, among many others.
AAA helps you centralize your security checks and is broken into three areas: authentication (who), authorization (what), and accounting (when). Together, all three of these areas are referred to as AAA. Authentication is responsible for checking a user s identity to determine if she is allowed access to a networking device. A user must enter a username and password to validate. Once she has gained access to the networking device, authorization determines what the user can do what commands she can execute and what privilege levels she has access to. For example, you could allow a person Privilege EXEC access to a router, but not allow her access to Configuration mode. And last, you can keep a record of a user s actions, like what commands she executed and when she executed them, with the accounting function.
5.32 Digital Telephone Methods
The following functions are full-fledged functions in themselves, but they are also useful as alternatives to the IF function. They are the following:
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