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The Import Data dialog box allows users to add a PivotTable, both a PivotTable and PivotChart, or just create the connection, and choose where to display the data.
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Before exception is generated. nums[0]: 0 nums[1]: 1 nums[2]: 2 nums[3]: 3 Index out-of-bounds! After catch block.
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Presentation Server Console Fails to Launch
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Area of Rectangle = w(hj ) h square feet Depth of Water hj feet Density of Liquid = pounds per cubic foot. h.
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reflects off their retinas and produces a red glow in the eyes. You can easily correct this problem in Photoshop Elements and return the person s eyes to normal.
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Working with Symbol Libraries
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signature concurrence. Senior management needs to approve both program design and all costs including payout and administrative costs. An approval package should contain the following information: New fiscal year sales objectives and goals Assessment of current program Major revisions with comparison of the new plan to the old plan A spreadsheet of all plans with target total compensation, mix, leverage, performance measures, weighting of performance measures, payment periods, and key crediting rules
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Part I:
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Related Functions
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Substituting Eq. 14.5 in Eq. (14.3) gives the follower velocity, and differentiating to nd the acceleration we have, r = Ew (sin e - cos e tan t ) E cos 2 e y = Ew 2 cos e + sin e tan t . M cos3 t (14.6) (14.7)
On vaginal examination, the presenting fetal vertex is noted to be soft without any identifiable sutures or fontaneles. What is the term for this fetal finding (which often occurs in prolonged labors with slow cervical dilation)
Audio work requires good ears. This doesn t just mean the ability to hear quiet or distant sounds, but the ability to mix sounds together and make them sound right. A great deal of audio engineering consists of matching different sounds to achieve a correct overall experience. You must design the game s effects so they correspond with what the player is seeing. Two pro linemen colliding sound different from a wide receiver colliding with a cornerback, and so on. A sound engineer has to imagine an event or scene in his head (if it isn t yet visible in the game), then create the right combination of sounds to bring life to that scene.
Assistant Professor Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology New York University School of Medicine New York, New York Adolescent Development, Maternal-Fetal Physiology, Prenatal Care
Technology tests refer to a family of end-to-end system-level tests or tests of complete software products and devices. These tests are interested in establishing the operating characteristics of the technology and are designed to compare or rate one or more systems under controlled conditions against a similar set of inputs. The FERET tests done by the government are an excellent example of both algorithm and technology testing. Initiated under the ARL in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 1996,1 and then continued again in 2000.2 The 1996 FERET tests were algorithm tests, which sought to identify, understand, and compare the most promising software techniques. The subsequent Face Recognition Vendor Tests in 2000 (FRVT 2000) were technology tests. (For more information, go to default.htm.) FRVT 2000 performed an expansive series of technology tests to understand how well the software capabilities (algorithms) have matured into workable products that can be integrated into working systems. Taken together, these tests provide valuable information to characterize the state of the art and the operational range for commercial face recognition. The success of the FERET tests has lead to a recently announced third series of tests: Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2002. (For more information, go to http:// Under the continued leadership of Dr. Jonathan Phillips (and others), FRVT2002 has involvement or sponsorship from 16 organizations, including defense agencies, federal government, and international partners. Vender participation includes 14 vendors. By comparison, the tests conducted in 2000 were funded by three Department of Defense organizations and had participation from five vendors. Legal considerations and good business practices are key ingredients for fair and impartial technology testing. All vendors and participants should be clearly informed of stated objectives in advance of testing. Ideally, the test data set should not be known or be available to the test participants before testing. Information on test data typically is a categorical description and an interface specification. And information made available to one participant must be made equally available to everyone. This precludes the possibility (or the perception) that prior knowledge of test data was used to skew results. Test participants should also be fully informed of the intended distribution of any final report, and they should be provided a fair opportunity to review and comment on the
No parameters One parameter: 2 Two parameters: 4 6 Result of ob.OvlDemo(4, 6): 10 Two double parameters: 1.1 2.32 Result of ob.OvlDemo(1.1, 2.32): 3.42
Areas of Network Management As the primary enabler for network management, SNMP specifies how the network s vital signs will be carried from the extremities to a centralized network management console. At the console, a variety of software will process the data and present it to network staff. Based on the information, network staff must intervene with decisionmaking and action. They carry out tasks for the same areas of concern that were specified as crucial in the mainframe-based, data center environment. Figure 32.7 summarizes the major areas of network management.
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