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The call to WriteLine( ) will be compiled only if EXPERIMENTAL has not been defined.
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BusinessObjects XI uses the concept of folders to help you organize universes and to simplify access control. Earlier versions of BusinessObjects referred to these as domains. Domains, however, were separate physical databases, whereas folders are still within one CMS repository and file system. If you imported a previous repository into XI, these folders were created automatically according to the domain names you used in version 6.x. Folders, like domains, can be used to separate test and production universes. Another way of separating test and production development is to have completely separate Enterprise implementation and server environments. The latter approach is clearly more resource intensive but better separates development, test, and production environments. The addition of an Import wizard and BIAR files further facilitates packaging of development content and moving to a production server. These two approaches are discussed more in 15. Folders are created within Designer during the universe export process. However, it s preferable to plan your folder structure beforehand. To create a new universe folder, follow these steps: 1. Select File | Export from the pull-down menu. 2. From the Export Universe dialog, select Browse. 3. Position your cursor at the appropriate level in the list and click the button Insert A New Folder. Note in the screen at right, ASK2 is the root or top level in the universe folder. 4. When prompted, enter the name of the new folder. 5. Click OK to close the folder dialog box. 6. Click Cancel to close the Export Universe dialog box.
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Query Formulation with SQL
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The intensity of competition in delivering Carrier Ethernet will also mean that Service Providers will choose the most optimal solution for delivery and hence will invariably move toward a native Ethernet solution with minimal overhead. With MPLS already fairly well established in Service Provider networks (in the Metro core), there is not a significant incentive to move to a Bridging solution in their core/WAN. However, where it is not present, a Bridging solution will be a viable and an economically attractive candidate, especially as new standards such as PBT and PBB are ratified. It is also very much a likely scenario that Bridging and MPLS will co-exist in Service Provider networks.
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What to Count
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The Standard C++ Library
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Trunk and Extremities
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Part B: Heat of Solution for Ammonium Chloride
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Here is an example of name hiding:
The goto is C# s unconditional jump statement. When encountered, program flow jumps to the location specified by the goto. The statement fell out of favor with programmers many years ago because it encouraged the creation of spaghetti code. However, the goto is still occasionally and sometimes effectively used. This book will not make a judgment regarding its validity as a form of program control. It should be stated, however, that there are no programming situations that require the use of the goto statement it is not necessary for making the language complete. Rather, goto is a convenience that, if used wisely, can be a benefit in certain programming situations. As such, the goto is not used in this book outside of this section. The chief concern most programmers have about the goto is its tendency to clutter a program and render it nearly unreadable. However, there are times when the use of the goto can clarify program flow rather than confuse it. The goto requires a label for operation. A label is a valid C# identifier followed by a colon. The label must be in the same method as the goto that uses it and within scope. For example, a loop from 1 to 100 could be written using a goto and a label, as shown here:
Let s look closely at this program. MyThread defines a class that will be used to create a second thread of execution. Inside its Run( ) method, a loop is established that counts from 0 to 9. Notice the call to Sleep( ), which is a static method defined by Thread. The Sleep( ) method causes the thread from which it is called to suspend execution for the specified period of milliseconds. The form used by the program is shown here: public static void Sleep(int millisecondsTimeout) The number of milliseconds to suspend is specified in millisecondsTimeout. If millisecondsTimeout is zero, the calling thread is suspended only to allow a waiting thread to execute. Inside Main( ), a new Thread object is created by the following sequence of statements:
Live load moment: Refer to AASHTO LRFD Speci cations 2004, Section A4, Table A4-1; Strength I (LL Max. 1.75; Impact factor IMP 33 percent; S 8.0 ft)
Figure 26-10: A DS-2 M frame The first bit in each block is an overhead bit. A DS-2 frame has 24 overhead bits. The remaining 48 bits in each block are DS-1 information bits. Carrying this out then there is: 48 DS1 bits/block 6 blocks/subframe 4 subframes/ DS-2 frame = 1,152 DS-1 information bits The four subframes do not represent each of the separate DS-1 signals; instead a bit interleaving of the four DS-1 signals forms the DS-2 frame. The overhead bits precede the data bits in each of the blocks. The data bits are interleaved, where 0i designates the time slot devoted to DS-1 input i. After 48 information bits, 12 from each of the DS-1s, a new DS-2 overhead bit is inserted. The total number of DS-1 bits transmitted per second in a DS-2 frame is therefore: DS-1 rate 4 DS-1 signals/DS2 = information bits 1,544 Mbps 4 DS-1 signals = 6.176 Mbps
implementation A step in the software development life cycle where new or updated software is placed into the production environment and started. incident management The IT function that analyzes service outages, service slowdowns, security incidents, and software bugs, and seeks to resolve them to restore normal service. The steps in a security incident plan are: Planning Detection Initiation Evaluation Eradication Recovery Remediation Closure Post-incident Review See also IT service management. incident prevention Proactive steps taken to reduce the probability and/or impact of security incidents. independence The characteristic of an auditor and his or her relationship to a party being audited. An auditor should be independent of the auditee; this permits the auditor to be objective. index An entity in a relational database management system (rDBMS) that facilitates rapid searching for specific rows in a table based on one of the fields other than the primary key. See also relational database management system, table, row, field, primary key. inert gas A fire suppression system that floods a room with an inert gas, displacing oxygen from the room and extinguishing the fire. information classification The process of assigning a sensitivity classification to an information asset. information leakage The tendency for sensitive information to leak out of an organization s databases through various means, most of which are perpetrated by the organization s personnel.
Figure 6.12 Speaker Positioning for 7.1 Channel Configuration
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