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Tropical cyclones The largest and most violent storms are known in various parts of the world as hurricanes, typhoons, tropical cyclones, tropical storms, and cyclones. Tropical cyclones consist of strong winds that can reach 190 mph, heavy rains, and storm surge that can raise the level of the ocean by as much as 20 feet, all of which can result in widespread coastal flooding and damage to buildings, houses, roads, and utilities, and significant loss of life. Tornadoes These violent rotating columns of air can cause catastrophic damage to buildings, houses, roads, and utilities when they reach the ground. Most tornadoes can have wind speeds from 40 to 110 mph and travel along the ground for a few miles. Some tornadoes can exceed 300 mph and travel for dozens of miles. Windstorms While generally less intense than hurricanes and tornadoes, windstorms can nonetheless cause widespread damage, including damage to buildings, roads, and utilities. Widespread electric power outages are common, as windstorms can uproot trees that can fall into overhead power lines. Lightning Atmospheric discharges of electricity that occur during thunderstorms, but also during dust storms and volcanic eruptions. Lightning can start fires and also damage buildings and power transmission systems, causing power outages. Ice storms Ice storms occur when rain falls through a layer of colder air, causing raindrops to freeze onto whatever surface they strike. They can cause widespread power outages when ice forms on power lines and the resulting weight causes those power lines to collapse. A notable example is the Great Ice Storm of 1998 in eastern Canada, which resulted in millions being without power for as long as two weeks, and in the virtual immobilization of the cities of Montreal and Ottawa.
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Rules for Calculating Derivatives
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// A custom version of strlen(). #include <iostream> using namespace std; int mystrlen(char *str); int main() { cout << "Length of Hello There is: "; cout << mystrlen("Hello There"); return 0; } // A custom version of strlen(). int mystrlen(char *str) { int i; for(i=0; str[i]; i++) ; // find the end of the string return i; }
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Figure 4-6
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The Asc function will return the ASCII value of a character value in the string input_ parameter provided.
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DC Ammeter
Operator Overloading
This program produces the following output because the integer exception will not be caught by the catch(double i) statement.
The C# Language
Answers: 1,2,3
timestamp is to be used, it is structured in the form yyyymmddThhmmssss, which includes hundredths of a second. The T separates the year, month, and day from the hour, minute, and seconds. When used, the timestamp itself is separated from the specific event description by a colon (:). Error Descriptor The error descriptor is returned in a transaction reply when the requested command could not be executed. The descriptor can also be included in a Notify command from MG to MGC. The error descriptor consists of an error code, optionally accompanied by a textual description of the error. The error codes are registered at the IANA. Table 6-6 lists the various MEGACO error codes and related descriptions. New error codes can be specified, in which case they must be registered with the IANA.
The Standard Template Library and the string Class
document. The publisher will say that the designer was letting her imagination run away with her, cut a few things out, and raise their offer a little. The developers will reluctantly admit that they don t really have to hire the London Symphony Orchestra to record the music, and lower their demands a little. The process will go back and forth until both sides have a budget and schedule they can live with, which will form part of their development contract. Whether they actually succeed in keeping to either one depends greatly on the quality of their project planning and management.
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