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Errored Second Ratio (ESR): The ratio of ES to total seconds of available time during a fixed measurement interval. Severely Errored Second Ratio (SESR): The ratio of SES to total available time. Background Block Error Ratio (BBER): The ratio of errored blocks to total blocks during a fixed measurement interval, excluding all blocks during SES and unavailable time.
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13: Generics
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While it is true that the majority of response time issues in a BI deployment can be blamed on the data warehouse and not specifically on BusinessObjects XI, failure to fix these problems directly affects the success of BusinessObjects XI. Users will blame the tool they see, not the technology behind the scenes. Further, while it is up to the DBA to ensure the database is well tuned with efficient indexes and summary tables, it is up to the universe designer to leverage them. Ensure universe objects frequently used in conditions do not contain advanced SQL commands that cause the index to be bypassed. Report authors must ensure standard reports use condition objects from indexed fields. When you can t improve the data source performance, then use other deployment methods to bypass the problem. Use the integrated scheduling capabilities in XI to cache and/or distribute reports. Based on the SWOT analysis in Table 4-2, implementing a MOLAP database may be a good approach for response time issues as well as complex calculations. Some companies have reported drastic performance improvements with a relatively new product, HyperRoll.
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DC-to-DC Converter
Fig. 6-15 A series RLC circuit.
As (the author hopes) this chapter has made clear, there are a number of scenarios where an IEEE 802.1 bridge-based solution performs most effectively:
The output is shown here:
1000BASE-SX The 1000BASE-SX version of Gigabit Ethernet defines the
public static string Format(string str, object v1, object v2, object v3) public static string Format(string str, params object[ ] v)
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