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13: Legal Considerations of Government Use of Biometrics
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The C# Language
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The named user model is recommended for environments where users are taking their machines off the network frequently. Roaming corporate laptops are a good example of the user who would benefit from a named user license. By default, with named user licensing, the agent checks out a license for 21 days. This lease period is configurable through the Password Manager Console. With this model, licenses are never checked back into the license server. When the lease expires, the license server checks in the license. When using named user, the Password Manager agent attempts to renew its lease every six hours. If the agent cannot contact the license server, it does not immediately go into a grace period. The agent continues to use the leased license until it expires. At license-expiration time, if the agent still cannot contact the license server, it enters the 30-day grace period. In this example, with a default lease of 21 days, the agent can run for 51 days before both the lease period and the grace period expire.
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PC Access allows you to assign 16 unique access codes. That is, you can give a different code with different restrictions to 16 different people (or groups of people). For example, you can assign unique codes to yourself, your spouse, and your children. With everyone having a unique access code, another layer of convenience and security is afforded. In the event someone gives their code away or there is some sort of breach, then everyone doesn t have to remember a new code. You can also set up accounts that are restricted as to when they are allowed to enter the premises. For example, if you have cleaning staff coming in
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Security, Monitoring, and Management
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Migrating to an application delivery model invokes a fear on the part of IT that often significantly supersedes that of end users. PC fix-it technicians, for example, will likely see an application delivery solution as a threat to their job security. Regional IT staff will also be wary because the need for remote office support personnel usually is reduced. The CIO must come up with a strategy that presents the project s advantages, including fewer user complaints, elimination of the majority of help desk calls, much more efficient troubleshooting, and more time for IT staff to learn new and challenging technologies to help the organization move forward. CAUTION: Do not oversell the enterprise application delivery solution. Set realistic expectations. Make sure users know the benefits, but also let them know about any problems or limitations they can expect to encounter, particularly in terms of performance and reliability, during the implementation period.
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