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Figure 1-3: Individual pixels are squares of solid color.
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A Service Provider wishes to offer an any-to-any connectivity between 10 and 100M to its business customers; typically, these customers each have multiple locations in a metro area and want their LANs to be interconnected at these locations, creating in essence a larger LAN across the metro. The Service Provider infrastructure is comprised of fiber connectivity to most but not all of the potential customer buildings. A Service Provider can simply offer this transparent LAN connectivity between multiple locations using an Ethernet over Bridging/Switching solution ( 13) in the metro, basically deployed in its POPs, as shown in Figure 16.3. It may also use an Ethernet over WDM solution ( 8) to optimize some of its fiber infrastructure, especially in densely served, high-growth areas. NOTES The Ethernet over WDM may, alternatively, be integrated into the switching solution (i.e., the switches themselves may have WDM blades or modules). The wavelength solution would also work well7 when the Service Provider can only lease a wavelength from another Service Provider (rather than dark fiber) to reach an off-net customer (i.e., a customer not physically connected to its network). An FSO ( 9) solution may also be employed to connect the off-net customers as well.
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// Display a file from a given starting point. #include <iostream>
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Understanding how poisoned routes and hold-down timers work can become complex. Let s take a look at an example to see how these two mechanisms work hand-in-hand to solve large routing loop problems. Use the network shown in Figure 15-9. In this example, assume the routers are running RIPv1. In this example, RouterA s E0 interface fails, causing it to lose its connection to Since RIPv1 doesn t use triggered updates, the routing protocol must wait for its periodic timer to expire before broadcasting its routing information to
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public int GetNext() { prev = val; val += 2; return val; } public void Reset() { val = start; prev = start - 2; } public void SetStart(int x) { start = x; val = start; prev = val - 2; } // A method not specified by ISeries. public int GetPrevious() { return prev; } } datamatrix generator
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Creating Clone Objects
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Many things can trigger failover on an appliance: loss of power, one or more interfaces failing, a card failing, a software problem like memory exhaustion, or someone forcing failover with the failover active command on the standby unit. Based on the amount of time it takes to detect a problem, cutover to the standby unit might not be immediate. Table 23-1 shows the cutover times for ASAs, and Table 23-2 for PIXs.
If you re doing independent game development, be sure to check out the Independent Game Festival ( The IGF is an annual contest to highlight the best independently developed games in the world. The top scorers get their works put on display in front of hundreds of professionals at the Game Developers Conference, and there s a cash prize as well for the best overall game. It costs little to enter and it s an excellent way to get yourself noticed at the very least, your contest submission will be read by a jury of professional game developers who may be willing to give you advice and commentary.
Whenever the agent starts up, it checks out a start-up license, which delivers generic operating parameters to the agent.
Table 8-1. CME s Business-Continuity Definitions (continued)
Layer 7 - Application Layer 6 - Presentation Layer 5 - Session Layer 4 - Transport Layer 3 - Network Layer 2 - Data Link Layer 1 - Physical TCP or UDP IP Data Link Layer 1 - Physical Applications and Services
once (for example, the wrong PDU was sent, incorrect contents were found, or the right PDU was sent too late).
Example: Cos(90) returns .45.
Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
EventsDescriptor] SignalsDescriptor] ObservedEventsDescriptor] EventBufferDescriptor] StatisticsDescriptor]
// Put some characters into queue. for(i=0; i < 10; i++) iQ.Put((char) ('A' + i)); // Show the queue. Console.Write("Contents of fixed-size queue: "); for(i=0; i < 10; i++) { ch = iQ.Get(); Console.Write(ch); } Console.WriteLine(); // Assign iQ a reference to a dynamic queue. iQ = q2; // Put some characters into dynamic queue. for(i=0; i < 10; i++) iQ.Put((char) ('Z' - i)); // Show the queue. Console.Write("Contents of dynamic queue: "); for(i=0; i < 10; i++) { ch = iQ.Get(); Console.Write(ch); } Console.WriteLine(); // Assign iQ a reference to a circular queue. iQ = q3; // Put some characters into circular queue. for(i=0; i < 10; i++) iQ.Put((char) ('A' + i)); // Show the queue. Console.Write("Contents of circular queue: "); for(i=0; i < 10; i++) { ch = iQ.Get(); Console.Write(ch); } Console.WriteLine(); // Put more characters into circular queue. for(i=10; i < 20; i++) iQ.Put((char) ('A' + i));
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