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In the past, a rating factor was based on the LFD method as follows: RF (C DA1) / A2 (L I) C Capacity of member D Dead weight effects L Live load effects I Impact factor A1 Factor for dead load A2 Factor for live load. RF for LFD is expanded as the general LRFR equation given below (refer to AASHTO Manual for Condition Evaluation and Load and Resistance Factor Rating of Highway Bridges, October 2003): Rating factor RF [C ( DC) DC ( DW) DW ( P ) P] / ( L )/ (LL IM) 1
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WLAN Security
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Getting to Know Your X10 Controller Software
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A cam rotating at 120 rpm has the positive acceleration part of its rise of 3/8 in. in 40 degrees of cam rotation. A simple polynomial curve having n = 2.4 is used. Find the velocity and acceleration values at the end of 30 degrees of cam rotation.
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Part I:
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White Book accepts most of the data types discussed previously in fact, its appeal is that it uni es many of the other standards. The one omission is Yellow Book Mode 1, and this creates a problem when attempting to record true multi-session-compatible discs (as described in Orange Book on page 73). White Book handles Red Book audio, CD-ROM XA, or and CD-I formats. It is commonly used for PhotoCD storage, since it includes support for partially recorded discs. This allows photo processors to con-
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1 Commission Rate nd 2 Commission Rate
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Laboratory Manual
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What are the symptoms of overflow incontinence Describe the pathophysiology of overflow incontinence Continual dribbling associated with incomplete bladder emptying There is underactivity of the detrusor muscle resulting in failure of full bladder emptying. This leaves a large postvoid residual which leads to leakage with increased intraabdominal pressure. It can also be caused by bladder outlet obstruction, usually in women with significant pelvic organ prolapse Neurogenic bladder (e.g., from diabetes, vitamin B12 deficiency, Parkinson s disease); prior bladder surgery; chronic, long-standing overdistention
used to denote analog component signals. Technically, these terms are not interchangeable, although tech talk frequently crosses the term boundaries.
Section II: Topics in Gynecology
Ob(99.57, "overloading");
Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other, and
Not all biometric applications necessarily check to see if the match is of a living person. The reason has to do with both cost and performance. Not many vendors sought to incur the extra costs of including additional sensors and software to test for liveness. Their initial motivation was to establish market share via good data acquisition matching of the primary biometric. The extra liveness testing also takes time and can slow down overall throughput. Thus, a word of caution is in order: never assume that a biometric device tests for liveness; do your homework. Matching is susceptible to various user and environmental and biological factors (see Table 2-1) and their impact varies based on the particular device. For example, weather, light, or heat may affect certain biometric systems and increase the crossover rate. Other factors such as aging, facial hair, and eyeglasses can also affect the quality of matching for certain systems. In addition, user training and education are a clear factor in the success of the deployment and subsequent matching of users.
Backlighting is a great effect when you can find it. There are only so many sunsets and sunrises every day. Elements doesn t let you put backlighting into all photos. But for a subject in which it works, the effect is as amazing as the program s Fill Flash effect. And simpler. Select Enhance | Adjust Lighting | Adjust Backlighting . As you see in Figure 4-20, there is only one slider. Moving it right darkens the sides of the pears facing the camera. But notice that the highlights along the top rims of the pears don t go dark. They mimic the way the pears would pick up real backlighting.
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