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ciscoasa(config)# clear configure command
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Figure 10.25 Transmitter speech compression in the audio section.
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This won t change any time soon, unfortunately. The higher costs go, the more closely publishers have to watch the bottom line. If you ve got a truly outrageous idea for a game, you aren t very likely to get funding for it from a big mainstream publisher especially if it requires a large development budget. Unfortunately, this risk aversion also means that some publishers develop a copycat mentality: they see some other publisher s hit game and try to duplicate it, usually by borrowing its formula and changing a few things. It seldom works. Often what made the other game a hit in the first place isn t one particular quality, but the synergy of the whole. This doesn t stop a few of the less scrupulous, or more desperate, publishers from trying it, however. There isn t really anything you can do about publisher conservatism except to be aware of it. If you re considering working for a publisher, look closely at their products. If they all seem to be clones of the same idea, you know they won t give you a lot of freedom to exercise your own creativity.
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A virtual method is a method that is declared as virtual in a base class. The defining characteristic of a virtual method is that it can be redefined in one or more derived classes. Thus, each derived class can have its own version of a virtual method. Virtual methods are interesting because of what happens when one is called through a base class reference. In this situation, C# determines which version of the method to call based upon the type of the object referred to by the reference and this determination is made at runtime. Thus, when different objects are referred to, different versions of the virtual method are executed. In other words, it is the type of the object being referred to (not the type of the reference) that determines which version of the virtual method will be executed. Therefore, if a base class contains a virtual method and classes are derived from that base class, then when different types of objects are referred to through a base class reference, different versions of the virtual method are executed. You declare a method as virtual inside a base class by preceding its declaration with the keyword virtual. When a virtual method is redefined by a derived class, the override modifier is used. Thus, the process of redefining a virtual method inside a derived class is called method overriding. When overriding a method, the name, return type, and signature of the overriding method must be the same as the virtual method that is being overridden. Also, a virtual method cannot be specified as static or abstract (discussed later in this chapter). Method overriding forms the basis for one of C# s most powerful concepts: dynamic method dispatch. Dynamic method dispatch is the mechanism by which a call to an overridden method is resolved at runtime, rather than compile time. Dynamic method dispatch is important because this is how C# implements runtime polymorphism. Here is an example that illustrates virtual methods and overriding:
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Writing Console Output
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Still Struggling
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OSPF Troubleshooting
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XenApp Platinum includes Citrix Password Manager for single sign-on. With automated application logons, password policy control, and self-service password reset, you can enhance the security of all password-protected Windows and web applications delivered by XenApp. Citrix Password Manager is discussed in depth in 10.
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This assignment is invalid because radius is of type int. Thus, it cannot be assigned a floatingpoint value. The only difference between an implicitly typed variable and a normal explicitly typed variable is how the type is determined. Once that type has been determined, the variable has a type, and this type is fixed throughout the lifetime of the variable. Thus, the type of radius cannot be changed during the execution of the program. Implicitly typed variables were added to C# to handle some special-case situations, the most important of which relate to LINQ (language-integrated query), which is described later in this book. For the majority of variables, you should use explicitly typed variables because they make your code easier to read and easier to understand. Implicitly typed variables should be used only when necessary. They are not intended to replace normal variable declarations in general. In essence, use, but don t abuse, this new C# feature. One last point: Only one implicitly typed variable can be declared at any one time. Therefore, the following declaration
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Down-lead coaxial cable
Part II:
To allow traffic between interfaces with the same security level, use the following command:
J. Christian Gerdes, Ph.D.
Write with Con dence
ower Transmission Basics
Files and folders copied through DirectCD
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