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Fatigue sensitive details and stress risers of all types may be removed. All fatigue sensitive details must be analyzed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Rivet holes and non-radius cuts cause stress increase. Lateral connection plates should not be welded to tension anges. Rivet holes should be made round by reaming to eliminate crack initiation sites. Riveted girders should not be retro tted for continuity due to their uncertain fatigue performance and dif cult splice detail requirements. To carry the new live loads when widening, new load paths may be created. The stiffness of the new members and how the older adjacent members are to be strengthened should be considered. Short term crack sealing and joint repair in steel. Webs are fracture critical members (FCM). Fracture of thin webs is a dangerous scenario and needs to be xed immediately. Steels used in main members should be ordered to the correct level of strength and toughness. For main members, the material should specify Charpy V Notch (CVN) requirements for the FCM zone and reference the direction of rolling. FCM tension members on the drawings should be marked with (T). Corrosion prevention: Maintenance painting of steel bridges is required.
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Use a Constraint to Establish a Relationship Between Two Type Parameters
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MyButton.Location = new Point(100, 200); } // Handler for StopButton. void StopButtonClick(object who, EventArgs e) { // If user answers Yes, terminate the program. DialogResult result = MessageBox.Show("Stop Program ", "Terminate", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo); if(result == DialogResult.Yes) Application.Exit(); } }
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Fiber and WDM
his chapter resumes the examination of classes and methods. It begins by explaining how to control access to the members of a class. It then discusses the passing and returning of objects, method overloading, the various forms of Main( ), recursion, and the use of the keyword static.
With Google Web Toolkit, developers can develop and debug web applications in the familiar Java programming language, and then deploy them as highly optimized JavaScript. In doing so, developers sidestep common AJAX headaches like browser compatibility and
Design Verification & Field Trials Essential
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