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Figure 12.20 (A) Steel girders retro t. (B) Alternate use of cable restrainers for steel girders.
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4.4.1 Analytical Approach to Composite Bridge Decks
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Layers of the OSI Reference Model
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Then, to use stack to generate a stack that will store objects of type addr, use a declaration like this:
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Various physical parameters which represent theoretical concepts govern analytical results. There should be no ambiguity about their de nitions given below. 1. Redundant and non-redundant sections: As de ned by the theory of indeterminate structures, use of a two-girder system or through trusses will cause the least redundancy or least indeterminacy. The disadvantage is that the probability of failure is increased against environmental loads. The formation of plastic hinge in a single girder in an indeterminate system will only cause failure local to that girder. Other girders will be able to distribute moments thereby offering combined resistance and avoiding failure. Hence, the greater the number of girders, the higher the degree of redundancy. A minimum of four girders is permitted by most states. Similarly, a single span system will theoretically require only one plastic hinge to form at the location of maximum positive moment (midspan) for failure. A continuous girder system will require two or more plastic hinges to be formed at the locations of maximum positive and negative moments. Hence, there is a need to adopt redundant systems. 2. Composite and non-composite sections: Use of shear connectors makes it possible for composite action between the deck slab and the top ange of the girder. This provides a tremendous advantage in preventing global buckling of the top ange. During construction stages and until the full strength of concrete is achieved, the girder section will behave as non-composite and will be designed as such. 3. Compact and non-compact sections: To prevent local buckling, the top ange needs to be braced laterally by the composite slab. Flange shapes and sizes which meet long column effect and local buckling requirements of slenderness and lateral support are called compact sections. The advantages of compact sections are that they are capable of generating full plastic behavior leading to improved strength, with local buckling resistance capability compared to the non-compact sections. Non-compact sections can develop yield moment, but only partially develop a plastic response. Non-compact sections are generally safe but are uneconomical compared to compact sections. Hence, it is important to try and achieve a compact section while sizing a plate girder. One method of reducing local buckling in compression ange of a non-compact section is to provide transverse diaphragms. Long column effect still needs to be checked for global buckling for total compression ange length between bearings.
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Frame Relay
1. Sketch the graph of f (x) = 2x/[x 2 + 1], indicating all local maxima and minima together with concavity properties. 2. What is the right circular cylinder of greatest volume that can be inscribed upright in a sphere of radius 5 3. An air mattress (in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped) is being inflated in such a way that, at a given moment, its length is increasing by 2 inches per minute, its width is decreasing by 1 inch per minute, and its height is increasing by 0.5 inch per minute. At the moment its dimensions are = 90 , w = 50 , and h = 10 . How is its volume changing at that time 4. A certain body is thrown straight down at an initial velocity of 10 ft./sec. It strikes the ground in 3 seconds. What is its initial height 5. Because of viral infection, the shape of a certain cone-shaped cell is changing. The height is increasing at the rate of 2 microns per minute. For metabolic reasons, the volume remains constantly equal to 10 cubic microns. At the moment that the radius is 3 microns, what is the rate of change of the radius of the cell 6. A silo is to hold 5,000 cubic feet of grain. The silo will be cylindrical in shape and have a flat top. The floor of the silo will be the earth. What dimensions of the silo will use the least material for construction 7. Sketch the graph of the function g (x) = x cos x. Show maxim and minima. 8. A body is launched straight down at a velocity of 10 ft./sec. from height 500 feet. How long will it take this body to reach the ground x . Exhibit maxima, minima, 9. Sketch the graph of the function h(x) = 2 x 4 and concavity. 10. A punctured balloon, in the shape of a sphere, is losing air at the rate of 3 cu. in./sec. At the moment that the balloon has volume 25 cubic inches, how is the radius changing 11. A twenty-pound stone and a thirty-pound stone are each dropped from height 100 feet at the same moment. Which will strike the ground first
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