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Package an Unattended Program Packager prompts for the application and associated command-line parameters. This is for applications that can be installed without a user interface. Package Selected Files Packager prompts for files and/or folders.
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HP-UX 6.30
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Suit yourself here. You re going to be working in this spot for several months. Why not do it in comfort and convenience
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8.5.1 Introduction
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Furthermore, the individual elements of a statement can also be put on separate lines. For example, the following is perfectly acceptable:
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9.4.3 Abrasive Wear and Corrosive Wear Abrasive wear occurs when two surfaces are in contact and one is considerably harder than the other. Free particles of the harder surface are produced that by interaction remove materials from the softer surfaces. This type of wear produces the removal of solid material by gouging by the much harder body. In general these harder particles are the result of the machinery action such as the cam and follower system. In addition, hard particles may be found outside the system, such as dust, grinding action, and special contaminants. One of the responsibilities of the lubrication system is the removal of these abrasive materials from the machine surfaces. Corrosive Wear. Corrosion occurs in normal environments, and the most common form is oxidation. Most metals react with oxygen in the atmosphere of air and water and form oxides. In cam-follower surface action, the wear occurs due to the sliding or rolling contact of the two bodies. As these oxides are loosely attached to the metal surface, rubbing serves to remove them. These loose particles remove themselves and contribute to the abrasive wear action. Proper lubrication can be utilized to keep corrosive wear to a minimum. Adequate lubrication will protect the vulnerable surface from the corroding environment and also react favorably and chemically with the surface. 9.4.4 Surface Fatigue Introduction. Surface fatigue is produced by rolling elements in repeated loaded contact. Fatigue is affected by many variables such as speed, load, material, temperature, geometry of surfaces, lubricant, and amount of sliding. Rolling-element fatigue can be of either surface or subsurface origin. General dislocation theory provides a tool for understanding the rolling-element fatigue process. During rolling action, the accumulation of dislocations will act as a stress raiser by concentrating the stress eld in a small local contact area. The result is to initiate a crack (called pitting) which in time will produce a crack network and subsequently a spall. Figure 9.8a shows the phenomenon of fatigue, producing mild pitting. Spalling is the loss of large pieces from the surface and occurs when the pits are joined and the metal surface is aked. In other words, pitting produces spalling with the action occurring rather suddenly after many cycles of operation. Surface fatigue exists with rolling-element bearings, gearing, and cams. Figure 9.8b shows severe pitting and spalling.
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Palms, Soles, Nails
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Cellular Network Life Cycle Testing 446 Cellular Networks
Related Functions
Non-Broadcast Multi-Access Environments
One last point: The dynamic_cast operator can also be used with template classes.
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