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The internal process perspective focuses on internal business processes. Not only are internal management processes examined, but so are customer management processes, such as maintaining an open and ongoing dialog with existing customers. Processes such as research and development, quality control, and regulatory compliance are also covered here. Finally, the learning and growth perspective covers the development of the people in the organization and the informational infrastructure. This may include training of employees, satisfaction surveys, and the development of technology to support people in their work. Note that training and internal systems might be designed to provide better customer service, but even systems that provide less tangible benefits may still be part of the overall strategy. Part of the reason for the different perspectives is the belief that while financial information is often a lagging indicator, the other perspectives can be current or leading indicators. Customer surveys are especially important to some companies in helping to determine product changes and future directions. Sliding customer satisfaction in the same quarter as strong sales may foretell weaker future sales, so identifying these issues early can lead to proactive solutions to address issues. In addition, high employee turnover might indicate problems with aspects of the corporate culture that can be addressed before the loss of experienced workers begins to affect product quality. What makes a true Balanced Scorecard is the use of the four perspectives and the KPIs in each perspective representing the metrics that are driving the business. Since Kaplan and Norton published their original Balanced Scorecard article, variations on the Balanced Scorecard theme have appeared, and the general term of scorecards has grown to encompass nearly anything with KPIs. These general, or business, scorecards may have KPIs from only a single perspective or may include many perspectives, which may or may not be related to the four perspectives identified by Kaplan and Norton.
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Large Numbers of Carrier-class Services Need to be Supported
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Fiberglass 6 or 9 dB whip (VHF)
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This function reads words from the input stream pointed to by fp. The terminating character is returned to the stream for later use. For example, given input of count/10, the first call to read_word( ) returns count and puts the / back on the input stream.
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Use Object Initializers with Properties
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Query 1
More Data Types and Operators
A key thing to consider is assessing the maturity of the cloud service and what is acceptable to you from a service delivery standpoint. Since you and your organization will be affected by any outages, it s important to get a service level agreement (SLA) in place, but also to check on past performance. That is, what is their percent uptime guarantee. For example, Amazon has a 99.5 percent uptime guarantee less than four and a half hours of downtime per year.
The observation that the VLANs of IEEE Std 802.1Q-1995, widely deployed in the enterprise space, are equivalent to provider services. The recognition by IEEE 802.1 of economic considerations namely, the assumption by 802.1 that the bridge will become obsolete the instant any other packet technology with equivalent functionality can undercut its price. The obvious fact (obvious, at least, to the bridging community) that since the behavior of bridges define Ethernet service, they have a significant role to play in providing such services to customers.
In this chapter, you first created users and addressed user authentication. Through the use of folders and groups, you then managed access to reports within the folders and, ultimately, the universe and connections to allow users to refresh the reports or create new ones. This is the last phase of authorization or the right-most section displayed in Figure 13-1. BusinessObjects XI offers more granular security at both the column and row levels.
Backup software is employed to schedule backup jobs emails alerts to the backup administrator when jobs are not successful. The backup administrator follows up on issues and records them in the issues tracking system. Backup tapes are numbered and numbers are kept in the tape log. The location of backup tapes is tracked in the tape log. Backup tapes are kept physically secure behind locked doors with limited access. When transferred to storage, they are locked in metal boxes. Tapes are stored securely off-site.
Find the Static Total for the Assets Side
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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