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Operating Costs
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Weapons Systems for Your Robot
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to find severe defects as early as possible in the test process. Faults like completely nonfunctional integrated circuits and missing components ideally should be identified at the pretest stage, where they can be replaced most easily. A certain amount of calibration may take place at pretest, though usually most of this is done at final test due to the influence of external coverings on sensitive RF circuitry. Pretest usually is fully automated, with a manual rework loop to correct any identified faults. There are two basic strategies for pretest, illustrated in Figure 18.3. Mobiles generally are manufactured using either strategy, but base stations tend to be manufactured using strategy 2. Pretest Strategy 1. This is a top-down approach, which starts from the assumption that the circuit board is likely to be working. An integrated cellular test set is the ideal choice of test equipment for this strategy. An attempt is made to establish a call with the basic mobile circuit board and measurements are made with wide limits. The test development time with this approach is quick because much circuit board functionality is implied by the fact that it can operate well enough to establish a call. The type of measurements carried out on the transmitter module are carrier power, modulation quality, and (in digital TDMA systems) power versus time. The receiver sensitivity or bit error ratio in digital mobiles also may be checked. During testing the mobile is controlled using over-the-air signaling from the test set. Measurements are made either at the mobile antenna connector or accessory connector. What is looked for in pretest is functionality and adjustability. This technique has the advantage that it is reasonably easy to implement, and a large portion of the circuitry is exercised and tested in the process of establishing a call. Pretest Strategy 2. The second method of implementing pretest uses discrete test instruments such as spectrum analyzers, voltmeters, and signal generators.
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C++ from the Ground Up
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About the Disc
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If we have a system that wants to receive voice on port 45678 and can handle speech coded according to G.728 (payload type 15), Global System
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50 ohms to tap off a small portion of the IF signal into the log amp. As stated above, a directional coupler may also be used in this role. The log amp detects the peak RF, amplifies it, and then converts it to a log equivalent DC voltage output. The received signal strength indicator (RSSI) voltage is then placed into the buffer amp, and from there into the integrator, where the voltage is compared to VREF. If the log amp voltage is below VREF (a low input signal condition), then the integrator will output nearly 0 V to the attenuator. If, however, the voltage from the log amp is above VREF, then a large negative voltage (near the op-amp s maximum power supply voltage) will be placed at the bias inputs to the IF attenuators. Figure 8.22 shows input RF power versus DC output voltage of a typical log amp. If the attenuators, or a controlled bias VGA, required opposite voltages for gain control, then an inverting amplifier can be used, along with a positive supply voltage for the integrator. An AGC detector diode is more commonly employed to detect the signal out of the coupler at the IF stages (Fig. 8.23). An unbiased detector (such as a selfbiased or zero-biased, Schottky diode) can be used to convert the IF power to DC for the VGAs. C is chosen to have a low impedance to the RF in comparison to the diode (D1) impedance. R1, used in large-signal envelope detectors, presents a proper impedance match at the diode s relatively high input impedance for the 50-ohm coupler s output impedance, in addition to supplying a
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Secure Computing
How to Schmooze
Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
Automated hardware monitoring tools can be used to keep a continuous watch on the health of server hardware. In an environment with many servers, this capability can be centralized so that the health of many servers can be monitored using a single monitoring program. Hardware monitoring capabilities may vary among different makes of computer systems, but can include any or all of the following: CPU Monitoring will indicate whether the system s CPU is operating properly and whether its temperature is within normal range. Power supply Monitoring will show whether the power supply is operating properly, including input voltage, output voltage and current, cooling fans, and temperature. Internal components Monitoring will specify whether other internal components such as storage devices, memory, chipsets, controllers, adaptors, and cooling fans are operating properly and within normal temperature ranges. Centralized monitoring environments typically utilize the local area network for transmitting monitoring information from monitored systems to a monitoring console. Many monitoring consoles have the ability to send alert messages to the personnel who manage the systems being monitored. Often, reports can show monitoring statistics over time so that personnel can identify trends that could be indications of impending failure.
Writes an unsigned byte. Writes an array of bytes. Writes a short integer. Writes an unsigned short integer. Writes an integer. Writes an unsigned integer. Writes a long integer. Writes an unsigned long integer. Writes a float. Writes a double. Writes a decimal. Writes a character. Writes an array of characters. Writes a string using its internal representation, which includes a length specifier.
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