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Reciprocal of 5 is 0.2 Fractional part of 4.234 is 0.234 10 is even. 5 is odd.
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You Try It: Sketch the graph of the locus |x| = |y|. EXAMPLE 1.15
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class BlockingDemo { static BlockingCollection<char> bc; // Produce the characters A to Z. static void Producer() { for(char ch = 'A'; ch <= 'Z'; ch++) { bc.Add(ch); Console.WriteLine("Producing " + ch); } bc.CompleteAdding(); } // Consume characters until producer is done. static void Consumer() { char ch; while(!bc.IsCompleted) { if(bc.TryTake(out ch)) Console.WriteLine("Consuming " + ch); } } static void Main() { // Use a blocking collection that has a bound of 4. bc = new BlockingCollection<char>(4); // Create the producer and consumer tasks. Task Prod = new Task(Producer); Task Con = new Task(Consumer); // Start the tasks. Con.Start(); Prod.Start(); // Wait for both to finish. try { Task.WaitAll(Con, Prod); } catch(AggregateException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc); } finally { Con.Dispose();
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reflective practitioners, with the right tools, has the capability to achieve equally tremendous results. The following example of coordinating MEP systems using VDC tools helps illustrate the point. Coordination of MEP/FP Systems Using VDC Tools On modern day high-technology projects, MEP/FP systems account for about 40 to 60 percent of the total construction cost. The complexity of these systems has increased over the years. At the same time, the cost of materials has increased, and the availability of skilled labor to install these systems is steadily declining. Owners also are demanding that projects be delivered quicker and at lower cost. Project teams are constantly seeking newer and better methods to address these challenges. One of the biggest areas of improvement is the design and coordination of MEP/FP systems. On many construction projects, the coordination is still done using 2D drawings and light tables in what is called a sequential composite overlay process (SCOP).5 This method of coordination has proved to be inadequate and has led to many conflicts among systems, lack of confidence among subcontractors to prefabricate, rework in the field, and low productivity installing these systems in the field. Project teams are exploring the use of virtual design and construction (VDC)2 tools such as 3D/4D and collaborative project delivery approaches such as lean construction1 to reduce the inherent waste in the traditional process and bring greater efficiency and productivity to the projects. The authors have recently implemented VDC to manage the coordination of MEP/FP systems on two major health care projects in northern California. The results prove that there are tremendous benefits to applying VDC to coordinate the MEP/FP systems. On one of the projects, using the VDC tools combined with the Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS), for the coordination of the MEP/FP, the project team realized the six significant benefits listed in the Introduction above. What does it take to achieve these results Based on DPR s experience of implementing VDC tools, combined with LPDS, on the Camino Medical Group medical office building, it requires the creation of a collaborative work environment, where multidisciplinary teams of designers and contractors can apply the VDC tools for the MEP/FP coordination process. The questions that project teams need to address include these: 1. How can one create a business case or ROI for applying VDC to the MEP/FP coordination process 2. How can one set up a project organization to best utilize the VDC tools 3. What roles should each of the project team members play in the coordination process 4. How can one address issues such as sharing of models and drawings and other technical setup issues
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What s Wrong with Blu-ray Disc
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When print jobs must traverse a network where bandwidth is limited, such as a heavily used WAN link, it is advantageous to route the print job through the client device so that the ICA protocol compresses the print job. Also, by doing so, printer bandwidth can be controlled.
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C++ from the Ground Up
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There are two kinds of third-level projects: communications for which you are responsible for writing to someone else s speci cations with little or no direction, and communications for which the consequences of errors are severe. My boss sends me E-mails with at best a rough draft of a message, explains Heidi, executive assistant to a consumer products company s senior vice president. The projects range from an E-mail to all vice presidents about some policy change to a five-page proposal to another corporation s president presenting a global cobranding initiative. Sometimes he ll jot down a sentence or two, sometimes he ll write theoretically about what he wants to accomplish, and sometimes he ll do both at the same time. It s my job to take whatever he gives me and produce a nished document ready for his signature. We joke that my responsibility is to proof his work. But we both know that this is way beyond traditional proofreading. It s really writing, editing, and proo ng. Heidi s approach to creating finished documents is an example of the third level of proo ng. Her projects have the following attributes: external, and potentially part of the public record short to long usually complex usually formal medium to high risk, with signi cant consequences associated with errors or inaccuracies
into a clean test tube and add about 5 mL of sodium carbonate solution. Stopper and shake the test tube.
appearance if needed. While a connector line joins two objects, the connecting shape is controlled by a Threshold option found on the Connector Tools page of the Options dialog, as shown here:
What defines a major disaster and what are the critical points at which a businesscontinuity plan will be enacted (Note that the CME Corporation data center has internal data redundancy, including redundant network core components, bandwidth, servers, HVAC, and power. Therefore, the businesscontinuity plan calls for a data center failover only in the event of a major disaster in which the determination that more than eight hours of localized downtime will occur. This may be a guess or a well-known fact, depending on the type of disaster and available information.)
Then subtract v1v2 from both sides to get Eq. (12-4) in terms of velocity, acceleration, and distance (instead of velocity acceleration and time).
What had been the bastion of the big iron providers (mainframe and mid-range computers) quickly eroded in the early 1980s to a desktop PC-based architecture. Surely, legacy systems, such as the departmental computers, became servers, and the mainframe for the entire organization remained as the mainframe (or became a major server) because of the investments and the nature of the data stored. One cannot just walk in and trash what has been in-place for years. Instead, the integration of the computer and the telephony world requires a slower process that includes a methodology to preserve the legacy data. Over the years, much time and effort has been spent in trying to develop interfaces that would tie the computer and the telephone network together. As technology has changed, many new interfaces and applications can be created through the integration of these two techniques. Consequently, a whole new industry has emerged. The ability to link computer systems and voice systems together offers some new possibilities on how we approach the office. When one thinks of the automatic call distribution (ACD) systems with the capability to link the automatic number identification (ANI) and a database to provide screen-popping capabilities, it becomes an exciting opportunity. Figure 6-1 is a representation of the computer-to-telephony integration (CTI) capability using a screen-popping service. In this case, as a call comes into the building, it is initially delivered to an ACD. At this point, the ACD captures the ANI of the calling party. When the called party s number is packaged into a small data packet, it is then sent to the computer as a structured query language (SQL) inquiry into a computer database. Assuming the database already exists for the established client, the SQL opens the client file and responds to the query. In this particular case, the telephone number of the calling party is being used to create the query from the database. Once the database entry is recognized based on telephone number, a computer screen will pop to the agent s desk. This occurs at the same time the telephone call is being delivered to the agent s desk. Now the agent taking a telephone call does not have to ask the caller for all of the associated and applicable information, such as:
FIGURE 11.21. Geared system with damping.
The SmartAccess feature of Advanced Access Control delivers advanced policy-based control of Presentation Server applications and individual features, such as print and save.
Before considering solar and wind power, the liveaboard boater should consider the less expensive alternative form of energy conservation. Put yourself to the following test. Your already leaky boat becomes more leaky. Which solution rst comes to your mind If it is to install a second or larger bilge pump, then forget conservation, solar, and wind, and get yourself to a slip where you can tap into shore power. If xing the leak seems more logical to you, however, then read on. If we have learned anything in the past 20 years, it is that, with modest investment and attention to detail, we can save a lot of expensive energy in our homes and of ces. The same is true of boats. If your boat is typical, this chapter can show you how to reduce the drain on your batteries by half with virtually no effect on your lifestyle. By cutting consumption in half, you will also reduce the required sizes and costs of the solar and wind systems you may be considering adding to your boat. In fact, you may reduce your consumption to the point where you never need run your engine again just to charge your batteries! The old saying A penny saved is a penny earned has its analog in energy conservation: A kilowatt saved is a kilowatt made. If we can save energy without dimishing lifestyle, then it is fair to compare the cost of saving a kilowatt-hour to the cost of producing a kilowatt-hour in order to see which is the better deal.
Figure 6-2
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