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6 Developing Data Models for Business Databases 177
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Nested Loops
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Fully supported
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Depending on how the cables are bundled together either encased in a PVC jacket or in a spiral wrap the cost for 500 feet of all-in-one cable is US$528.95 or US$488.95, respectively.
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Sometimes it is useful to know how many times a function has been executed during a program run. While it is certainly possible to use a global variable for this purpose, a better way is to have the function in question keep track of this information itself, as is done by the count( ) function. In this example, if count( ) is called with a value of 0 then the counter variable c is incremented. (Presumably in a real application, the function would also perform some other useful processing.) If count( ) is called with any other value, it returns the number of times it has been called. Counting the number of times a function is called can be useful during the development of a program so that those functions called most frequently can receive the most attention. Another good example of a function that would require a static local variable is a number series generator that produces a new number based on the last one. It is possible for you to declare a global variable for this value. However, each time the function is used in a program, you would have to remember to declare that global variable and make sure that it did not conflict with any other global variables already declared a major drawback. Also, using a global variable would make this function difficult to place in a function library. The better solution is to declare the variable that holds the generated number to be static, as in this program fragment:
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count = count + 1;
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Contents 8.6.1 8.6.2 8.6.3 8.6.4 Denormalization 280 Record Formatting 282 Parallel Processing 283 Other Ways to Improve Performance 284
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IP address is unique as far as other session participants are concerned, which might not be the case if it is a local address, such as an IP address on a LAN behind a proxy.
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Reporting and Analysis
Each terminal will set up a direct UDP connection to the gatekeeper this is the first connection listed in Figure 14-5. The source port of the terminal is a random port above 1023, and the destination port is 1719. When this connection is established, the terminal will then register its information with the gatekeeper. The terminals will use this connection to perform address translation (resolving aliases to IP addresses). In this situation, the source terminal only needs to know the alias of the destination terminal in order to build a connection to it. Each terminal will then open a TCP connection to the gatekeeper (not the destination terminal) where the source terminal source port number is greater than 1023 and the destination port number is 1720. This connection is used for call setup and signaling the gatekeeper will act as a go-between (this is defined in standard H.225). On this connection each terminal/gateway pair will negotiate the port numbers for the H.245 control connection. The gatekeeper will then build this TCP connection back to the terminal. Remember that the source and destination port numbers for this are random numbers above 1023 for the H.245 control connection. Once these connections have been established between the two respective H.323 terminals and the gatekeeper, the terminals can now request connections to be set up. These UDP multimedia connections, unlike the last two TCP connections, will not be built to the gatekeeper, but instead will be built directly between the terminals themselves. This port information is negotiated on the TCP connections via the gatekeeper, and then the UDP connections are created from the calling party (source terminal) to the called party (destination terminal).
Only even numbers are printed, because an odd one will cause the loop to iterate early, bypassing the cout statement. In while and do-while loops, a continue statement will cause control to go directly to the conditional expression and then continue the looping process. In the case of the for, the increment part of the loop is performed, next the conditional expression is executed, and then the loop continues.
Try This section into it.
+H N 3
Communications System Design
Seismic dampers are increasingly being utilized to dissipate energy from an earthquake. The seismic dampers can be positioned within a seismic isolation system to limit the isolation system displacement. The isolation system consists of sliding isolation bearings in combination with a controllable uid damper and limits the response of the isolation system and the superstructure for earthquake ground motions. The ef ciency of various dissipation mechanisms to protect structures from pulse-type and near-source ground motions needs to be studied. The response of structures with low to moderate isolation periods is substantially affected by the high frequency uctuations that override the long duration pulse. The concept of seismic isolation is bene cial even for motions that contain a long duration pulse. A semi-active electromagnetic friction damper for response control of structures: The smart damper used is a magneto-rheological (MR) damper. It is shown that the smart MR dampers can reduce displacements and forces in the piers further than the passive dampers. While these displacement reductions can be achieved by increasing the passive damping further, it can only be done at the expense of greater forces in the piers. One example is the isolation of the south side span and damping of the main cables of the Golden Gate Bridge.
12. View the translation table on the 2600-1 router. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eRouters icon and choose 2600-1. Examine the translation table: show ip nat translation. You should have two sets of translations for ICMP for ICMP, each echo is treated as a separate connection since the IOS is using the sequence numbers in the ICMP payload to differentiate the connections. Now you should be more comfortable with configuring dynamic address translation on a router.
It is now time to learn how to create, compile, and run a C# program. Since this is a hands-on guide to C# programming, being able to successfully complete these tasks is a necessary first step. Here is the program we will use:
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