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Games and Society
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Production Errors
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Blu-ray and Beyond
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Access-Link Connections
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3. Iterative planning: Today s right-of-way, utilities relocation, environmental protection ordinances, and construction codes are complex. As many as 15 agencies representing rightof-way, local government, citizen review committees, re department, health department, police, utilities, zoning, land use, highway, historical preservation, environmental protection, etc. are likely to be involved.
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Faulty architecture Mistakes in a network s architecture (for example, incorrect placement of a firewall that exposes too many systems) or errors in implementation can leave systems open to attack. Faulty judgment Mistakes and decisions that are based on incomplete knowledge can lead to configuration or architecture errors that introduce vulnerabilities. The most common threats associated with malware include: Spam Junk e-mail often contains malware, or entices users to connect to web sites that contain malware. Spam also includes e-mail messages that advertise both legitimate goods and services as well as fakes; prescription medication is a good example of the phony merchandise that many people buy in the hopes of saving money. Phishing Some spam impersonates real government and private institutions, pretending to communicate urgent news to customers, who need to act quickly. A common ploy is an e-mail message from a bank telling customers that their bank accounts will be locked unless they respond by logging in to an imposter site. People who fall for these schemes inadvertently provide login credentials to thieves, who use them to transfer funds out of their victims accounts. Many similar schemes exist that attempt to steal money or other valuables from victims. Denial of service Some malware deliberately causes computers to malfunction. Plus, malware that is designed to rapidly spread from computer to computer over networks will cause high volumes of network traffic that make the networks, as well as computers, unusable. Stolen information Some malware is designed to intercept keystrokes and displayed information and relay that data back to a central location. The information of greatest interest is credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and user ID-and-password combinations for high-value sites such as online banking.
Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
ISDN Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL)
1. Follow View | Options. 2. Click the Web Server tab, shown in Figure 15-13.
S-cloud 2
Suppose you start up a small independent grocery store, and during the first year, the rent on the building costs you $100,000. The second year, the landlord raises it to $200,000. The third year, it goes up to $300,000, and so on, rising by $100,000 every year. You could raise prices, but beyond a certain point, the customers wouldn t pay. To cover the rising rent, you d have to work harder, stay open longer, and sell a lot more groceries. Something similar has happened to game development in the last 20 years. It now costs 20 times as much, or more, to develop a videogame than it did two decades ago. Publishers can t cover that by raising the price of games 20 times; the players won t pay it. Instead, the publishers have to work harder and sell more games. Rising development costs may mean more jobs for developers, but it s hard on the publishers who pay those costs. This, in turn, affects how they work and what kinds of games they choose to produce.
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
The near distance can be calculated from: N1 = H1/tangent 20 = 2.75 (H1 H0) For example, a 40-foot-high antenna cannot see surface objects closer than 110 feet. Reducing the antenna height to 20 feet reduces the blind zone radius to 55 feet. Note that it is the difference in height between the antenna and the target that determines the blind zone. A 40-foot-high antenna can see a 20-foot-high target, such as another boat, at a distance of 55 feet. The cable between the radar antenna assembly and the display unit typically contains a dozen conductors. Use only the type of cable supplied with the unit. Assuming you are skilled at soldering multi-pin connectors, you can shorten the supplied cable by any degree. A longer cable can generally be ordered as well. A third option is to purchase an extension cable with matching connectors. The extension cable is very useful in the case of mast-mounted antennas in sailboats. Provided the original cable and the extension cables join at the mast step, stepping and unstepping the mast requires only connecting and disconnecting the cable. In any case, never locate cable connectors in the bilge, where they may be subject to corrosion.
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