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chemical corrosion inhibitor additive is designed to protect structural steel reinforcement by preventing oxidation after full or partial depth repairs of bridges. The corrosion inhibitor additive allows its products to chemically counteract the corrosion process that takes place at the interface between the iron and the concrete. ASTM has developed ASTM G109 corrosion inhibitor speci cations. 6. Joints, bearings, and devices (JBD): A DOT study investigating joint failures listed lack of designer s awareness as a key concern. Topics of critical importance are theory and design of common types of JBD, reliability-based design, installation and maintenance, fatigue and corrosion, modeling, and nite element analysis. Increased awareness of JBDs can enhance the probability that critical components will perform their functions with intended structural control.
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Unlike the for and the while loops, in which the condition is tested at the top of the loop, the do-while loop checks its condition at the bottom of the loop. This means that a do-while loop will always execute at least once. The general form of the do-while loop is do { statements; } while(expression); Although the braces are not necessary when only one statement is present, they are often used to improve readability of the do-while construct, thus preventing confusion with the while. The do-while loop executes as long as the conditional expression is true. The following program loops until the number 100 is entered.
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I ve concluded that writing a book is a bit like having a baby (although clearly not in the same league). It takes a few years before you forget just how hard it was enough that you rashly sign up for another one. And, as with a child, you hope that it comes out all right and that people like it when you let it loose on the world. Luckily, I had a team of similarly rash co-authors who made it all possible. I am indebted to Chuck, Chris, and Mike for their knowledge, their hard work, and their good natures. Special thanks again to Samantha Cheng for keeping everything together and everyone on track. I d like to acknowledge my colleagues at Sonic Solutions, who considerately support my literary endeavors. I wrote the original DVD Demystified in 1997 because I was captivated by DVD, an extraordinary new technology that I wanted to tell everyone about. I knew almost nothing when I started, so I began asking questions of anyone I could find who knew more than I did. Literally hundreds of people, far too many to list, contributed to the collection of know-how that I synthesized and disseminated over the years. I m gratified that, three editions later, DVD Demystified is still useful as a guide and reference for those who are just crossing the threshold of DVD as well as those who are venturing deeper into the maze of twisty passages. I hope this new book is also useful for anyone eager to learn more about Blu-ray Disc technology. Once again I am obliged to many people who have taken time to explain many things. The art of optical media, interactivity, and digital video and audio progressed immensely in the decade after DVD debuted. Descriptions of Bluray often come out sounding like a portrayal of a medieval ruler: rich, powerful, renowned, inscrutable, versatile, acclaimed, byzantine, stimulating, dominating. But Blu-ray genuinely is a world-changing innovation it will reign for decades as the flag-bearer of highest quality home entertainment. If this book benefits anyone who wants to take advantage of this important medium then my time writing it will have been well spent. As always, my deep thanks to Steve Chapman at McGraw-Hill for putting up with far more than anyone should ever have to. And to my congenial colleague, Andy Parsons, who always manages to start things off with an astute and thoughtful foreword. I express my gratitude and my apologies to my wife and children, who allowed me to hole up for days on end when deadlines loomed, and came, and passed, and were finally met. And thanks to Fleischman and Arthur, who, as always, have been solidly supportive.
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Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Alkaline Lithium Ion
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font font-size font-size affects the size of an element s text.
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of the locations answered, then the proxy could issue a CANCEL to the other locations so that they do not continue ringing when it is known that the called user has answered elsewhere. In order to handle such forking, a proxy must be stateful. Figure 5-13 gives an example of a forked request. For the sake of clarity, the Subject: and message body header fields have been omitted. In this scenario, Boss (at home) calls Collins (at work). However, Collins happens to be logged in to two different work stations: and When the proxy receives the INVITE, it immediately returns a 100 (trying) response. The proxy then forwards the INVITE request to the two locations in parallel. Not only does the proxy add a Via: header to each outgoing INVITE, but it ensures that the branch parameter is different in each of the outgoing INVITE requests, which enables the proxy to distinguish between the responses to those requests. Collins answers the incoming call at Therefore, a 200 OK response is returned from Upon receiving the response, the proxy immediately issues a CANCEL to so that any resources allocated by that machine may be released. Note that the CANCEL contains only a single Via: header, that of the server. Since a CANCEL request is always sent hop by hop, a Via: header identifying the caller is not included in the CANCEL request. The response from is then relayed back to the originator of the INVITE request. The remainder of the call (ACK, BYE, and so on) will proceed as normal. Meanwhile, however, still owes the proxy server two responses: one for the initial INVITE and one for the CANCEL. Upon receipt of the CANCEL request, responds to the INVITE with the status code 487 (request cancelled). It will also respond to the CANCEL request with 200 OK. These two responses are not shown in Figure 5-13.
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