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Ethernet Evolution and Standards
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Here, object is the object whose type you will be obtaining. It may be of any type, including the built-in types and class types that you create. typeid returns a reference to an object of type type_info that describes the type of object. The type_info class defines the following public members: bool operator==(const type_info &ob); bool operator!=(const type_info &ob); bool before(const type_info &ob); const char *name( ); The overloaded == and != provide for the comparison of types. The before( ) function returns true if the invoking object is before ob in collation order. (This function is mostly for internal use. Its return value has nothing to do with inheritance or class hierarchies.) The name( ) function returns a pointer to the name of the type.
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When using HttpWebResponse, you have access to information other than the content of the specified resource. This information includes such things as the time the resource was last modified and the name of the server, and is available through various properties associated with the response. These properties, which include the six defined by WebResponse, are shown in Table 25-5. The following sections illustrate how to use representative samples.
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As usual, we think of the region under y = x 2 and above the x-axis as composed of vertical segments or strips. The segment at position x has height x 2 . Thus, in this instance, h = x 2 , r = x, and the volume of the cylinder is 2 x x 2 x. As a result, the requested volume is
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Understanding the Audit Cycle
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Analog Measurement Instrumentation Analog Measurement Instrumentation 569
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Attend Industry Events
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Console.Write("Enter future value: "); str = Console.ReadLine(); try { futVal = Decimal.Parse(str); } catch(FormatException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc.Message); return; } Console.Write("Enter interest rate (such as 0.085): "); str = Console.ReadLine(); try { intRate = Double.Parse(str); } catch(FormatException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc.Message); return; } Console.Write("Enter number of years: "); str = Console.ReadLine(); try { numYears = Double.Parse(str); } catch(FormatException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc.Message); return; } initInvest = futVal / (decimal) Math.Pow(intRate+1.0, numYears); Console.WriteLine("Initial investment required: {0:C}", initInvest); } }
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Processor 10 dB NF 10 dB SP (a) Preamplifier requirement
Characteristic RAM Flash Included interfaces Throughput Connections IPSec/L2TP connections SSL VPN connections VLANs
Ashley felt anxious about her upcoming data-feedback meeting with her coach, Jon. Although Ashley believed that the people who reported to her would make mostly positive comments about her management style, she also had concerns, thinking, You never know how people really feel! The feedback Jon gave Ashley was quite positive for the most part, although he did mention a few development areas for example, Ashley s ten-
Transmission Distance (Meters)
than cams that generate speci ed follower displacement functions, applications for wrapping cams exist in counterbalancing mechanisms, exercise equipment, and process machines. A wrapping cam mechanism consists of a planar disk in the shaped of a cam pro le. However, instead of a conventional follower, a belt or chain is wrapped around the pro le (Fig. 8.14). Although conventional cam-and-follower systems can be used for force generation, wrapping cams have the advantage of low hertzian contact stresses with no relative sliding. Sliding between the cam and the belt or chain is prohibited either by using sprocket-type teeth on the cam or by permanently attaching the chain or belt to a smooth cam. The cam does not generally rotate continuously but rather oscillates back and forth, typically through less than one revolution. The belt or chain reciprocates through less than one revolution. A weight can be used in conjunction with a wrapping cam to convert a constant force input to a precisely controlled, nonlinear output torque function, as shown in Fig. 8.14.
6 (a) Untagged frame destination_address 6 (b) VLANtagged frame destination_address 6 source_address 6 source_address 2 Type/ length 4 C-VLAN tag 2 Type/ length 46-1498 data 46-1498 data 4 FRC 4 bytes bytes
11.1.5 Common Examples of Innovative Concepts
What is the ratio of moles of NaOH to moles of acetic acid How many moles of acetic acid are in the vinegar sample
Group Matching Methods
Notice one other thing of interest in this program. The do-while loop shown here obtains the next character, skipping over any carriage-return and linefeed characters that might be in the input stream:
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