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In the early stages of ATM network deployment, it is possible for test equipment to incorporate elements of both, such as dispatched (standalone) portable testers that can be distributed around the network at several points and remote-controlled from a central site. This gives the advantage of extending the same test techniques from dispatched through to distributed testing. This can add significant value where remote synchronization capability is added to allow integrated tests to occur across multiple points in the network, with centralized correlation of measurements at these multiple points, and through the entire protocol stack of the service.
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FIGURE 6.16 M-N Relationship with an Attribute
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In general, to access a member of a namespace from outside its namespace, precede the member s name with the name of the namespace followed by the scope resolution operator. Here is a program that demonstrates the use of the CounterNamespace.
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Referring back to the Test Fashion universe you created in 7, the universe has three basic joins: From SHOP_FACTS to CALENDAR_YEAR_LOOKUP From SHOP_FACTS to ARTICLE_LOOKUP From SHOP_FACTS to OUTLET_LOOKUP The arity or three-lined crow s foot indicates that the relationship between SHOP_FACTS and ARTICLE_LOOKUP is one to many. For every one article in ARTICLE_LOOKUP, there may be one or many sales transactions in SHOP_FACTS (for example, blazers can sell one or more times). View List Mode gives an overview of all join statements, as you can see here:
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Filter Design
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Ethernet Private Line (E-Line) service delivery Ethernet access to Ethernet or IP services Dedicated EoS networks
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performance and upkeep of client software. Web software has greatly simplified software development from the perspective of the user interface (UI); while the developer has a little less control over what and how data will be displayed on a user workstation, the trade-off in not having to maintain client-side software is seen as acceptable. From a development methodology perspective, web application development can be performed within virtually all of the development frameworks including waterfall, agile, RAD, DOSD, and OO (all discussed in this chapter). Primarily it s the technology that differentiates web-based application development from its alternatives. Two important standards have been developed that facilitate communications between web-based applications; they are SOAP and WSDL. SOAP, or simple object access protocol, is an XML-based API specification that facilitates real-time communications between applications using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Functionally, SOAP operates similarly to RPC (remote procedure call), wherein one application transmits a query to another application, and the other application responds with a query result. SOAP messages are based in the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) standard. WSDL, or web services description language, is another service that serves as specification repository for the SOAP services available in a particular environment. This permits an application to discover what services are available on an application server.
time will come when you ll want to set aside the B zier Pen Tool and the Fountain fill your layout for a brochure, for example, is all done, and now you want to add a photograph of your product front page and center. The good news is that CorelDRAW can import just about any bitmap file from your camera, a scan of a photo, a painting you created in PHOTO-PAINT, an image you snagged of your client s website you name it, and you can crop, rotate, and perform enhancements on it right within CorelDRAW. This chapter takes you through the structure of pixel-based images (AKA bitmaps ): how you can get them to print well, what you can and cannot do with them, special properties, and the difference between this type of graphic and the one you re more accustomed to, vector artwork. Then you ll work with some photographed and created bitmap images to learn how to do some basic and some fairly advanced image editing and enhancing. Putting a photo into a CorelDRAW document isn t very rewarding unless it s a really good photo, and you feel confident it will print well. This chapter delivers the goods on the whats, whys, and whens for bitmap importing, finessing, and integration to make your documents come alive and communicate.
process. There is hardly a comparable opportunity in the construction planning process as far as becoming intimately familiar with the characteristics of the project; modeling the project exposes many issues that may otherwise remain undetected until much later in the planning or construction process. Generally it will be in the project team s best interest to let the structural engineer model the structure, the plumber make the plumbing model, and so on. This will lead to the best form of collaboration among the team members when all these models are combined in a viewer so that the whole team can see the results of all their work in the context of everyone s contribution to the project. The remaining option for acquiring a model is to outsource it to a modeler who is not on the project team. While this is better than not having a model at all, it is clearly difficult for the project team to benefit from the understanding of the project of someone outside the team. It is useful for the project team to have access to an outsourced model, but it will require a significant amount of time to analyze it enough to recognize the issues that would have been found by the modeler if he or she were aware of the team s concerns. The main challenge for a project team is internal communication and collaboration; adding outside modelers will only increase the difficulty for the team to successfully collaborate. If there is no other alternative, then it will be useful to try to include the modeler as a remote team member and to establish a personal level of commitment to the team s goals and processes on the modeler s behalf. A long-term team membership will also encourage a more responsible approach to the model s accuracy, details, and relevance. The modeler will often be the best person to address various project issues and therefore needs to be actively involved with many of the project planning activities.
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