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Delivery Options for Corporate Video
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Because home game consoles use a television as their video output device, they have to be manufactured in different ways for different parts of the world. The television standard used in the United States and Japan is called NTSC, which stands for National Television Standards Committee, the American organization that originally defined it. It displays 525 horizontal lines approximately 30 times a second to make up an image. The standard used in most of the rest of the world is called PAL (for Phase Alternation Lines), and it displays 625 lines 25 times a second. The shape of the screen is the same in either case, so PAL television looks better because it shows finer detail in computer terms, its pixels are smaller. However, it flickers more. Also, PAL comes in several variants that aren t fully compatible, and France and many former French possessions use yet another standard called SECAM, a further complication. The other big technical issue is language. English and other western languages can be stored with one byte per character, but many Asian languages require two. If a western company wants to publish its games in Asia, its programmers have to prepare for this in advance. It s also important not to build any text directly into the graphics, because there s no way to change it afterward. And, of course, any voiceover narration must be supplied in different versions for different languages.
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the drawing window. The following section covers the Property Bar options specific to the fill type when the Interactive Fill Tool is selected.
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2. Analyzing Information Which properties tend to increase as you move down through a
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Using I/O
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Faculty Reviewers
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The foregoing chapters address the issues related to Internet Protocol (IP) networks in general and the mechanisms for transporting digitally encoded voice across those networks. 2, Transport Voice by Using IP, in particular, describes how voice is carried in Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) packets between session participants. What is not addressed, however, is the setup and teardown of those voice sessions. Thus far, we have assumed that session participants know of each other s existence and that media sessions are somehow created such that they can exchange voice using RTP packets. So how are those sessions created and ended How does one party indicate to another a desire to set up a call, and how does the second party indicate a willingness to accept the call The answer is signaling. In traditional telephony networks, specific signaling protocols are invoked before and during a call in order to communicate a desire to set up a call, to monitor call progress, and to gracefully bring a call to an end. Perhaps the best example is the ISDN User Part (ISUP), a component of the Signaling System 7 (SS7) signaling suite. In Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, signaling protocols are necessary for exactly the same reasons. The very first VoIP systems used proprietary signaling protocols. The immediate drawback was that two users could communicate only if they both used systems from the same vendor. This lack of interoperability between systems from different vendors was a major inconvenience and impeded the early adoption of VoIP. In response to this problem, the International Telecommunications Union Telecommunications Standardization Sector (ITU-T) recommendation H.323 was developed, which serves as a standardized signaling protocol for VoIP. H.323 is the most widely deployed standard in VoIP networks today and is the focus of this chapter. The first version of H.323 was released in 1996 and bore the title Visual Telephone Systems and Equipment for Local Area Networks Which Provide a Non-Guaranteed Quality of Service (quite a mouthful). Its scope was multimedia communications over local area networks (LANs). As such, many found the first version of H.323 to be lacking the functions needed for supporting VoIP in a broader environment. Consequently, the ITU-T produced version 2 of H.323, which was released in 1998. This bears the friendlier title, Packet-based Multimedia Communications Systems, and has seen greater acceptance and deployment. Since the publication of H.323 version 2, additional enhancements have been specified, which have led to additional revisions of the specification. The most recent version is H.323 version 4. Wherever we make reference to H.323 in this chapter, we are implying version 4 (unless otherwise stated).
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Production Essentials
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can be subjected to damaging interference under comparatively low noise conditions, since the signal s SNR must be increased for each increase in the number of states in order to maintain the BER. For this reason satellite communication, which is subject to a high-noise environment, will normally use the simpler modulation schemes, such as BPSK or QPSK. However, lownoise terrestrial radio links can use 32, 64, 128, and 256 QAM to send data at much higher rates than possible with the older digital systems within the confined bandwidth restraints of most wireless information channels. Because of the noiselike nature of all digitally modulated signals, viewing such signals in the frequency domain will usually not tell us much about the complexity of the modulation such as whether it is QPSK, QAM-16, or QAM256 but only the signal s amplitude, frequency, flatness, spectral regrowth, etc. In fact, a digital signal, when transmitting, will normally appear the same
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Take the first integral as S1 and the second integral as S2.
You can acquire electric motors in two ways: you can purchase them from a motor manufacturer or retail store, or you can salvage them from other pieces of equipment. Many robot builders use salvaged motors because they usually cost less than 20 percent of the original cost of buying a brand new motor. Appendix B in this book lists sources for obtaining robot motors. Robotics companies are starting to sell motors that are specifically designed for combat robots. For example the 3.9-horsepower Magmotor sold by http:// has become the standard motor used in several champion BattleBots. Figure 4-6 shows a photograph of the motor. Because electric motors are so common, they can be found easily. Some of the best places to get good electric motors are from electric bicycles, electric scooters and mopeds, electric children s cars where the kids ride and drive, electric model cars and planes, trolling motors, windshield wiper motors, power window motors, power door locks, and even powered automobile seat motors can be used. Some people have even used automotive and motorcycle starter motors and electric winches from the front of a pickup truck or from a boat trailer. Probably the two best places to get electric motors are from electric wheelchairs and high-powered cordless drill/drivers. The advantages to the electric wheelchair motors are that they already come with a high-quality gearbox, and the output shaft has a good set of support bearings. Depending on which type of motor you get, you could directly attach the wheels of the robot to the output shaft of these motors. Several companies sell refurbished wheelchair motors. One of the best places to get these motors is from National Power Chair (http:// www. Figure 4-7 shows a wheelchair motor.
10:00am 3:00pm 4:00pm 4:30pm 7:00pm 8:00pm 8:30pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 11:30PM GOLF Golf Murphy's Irish Open, Third Round (L) NBC-WLWT Golf U.S. Senior Open, Third Round (L) (CC) ABC-WCPO PGA FedEx St. Jude Classic, Third Round (L) GOLF Golf ShopRite LPGA Classic, Second Round(L) GOLF Scorecard Report GOLF Haskins Award GOLF Golf ShopRite LPGA Classic, Second Round (R) GOLF Scorecard Report GOLF Haskins Award GOLF Golf Murphy's Irish Open, Third Round(R)
Every type and every iteration of DR plan testing needs to be documented. It s not enough to say, We did the test on September 10, 2009, and it worked. First of all, no test goes perfectly there are always opportunities for improvement identified. But the
When a pointer refers to an array, the pointer can be indexed as if it were an array. This syntax provides an alternative to pointer arithmetic that can be more convenient in some situations. Here is an example:
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Section I: Useful Facts for the Wards
The first step in verifying the correctness of a product implementation is to ensure that it performs in accordance with the specification upon which it was built. This process is called conformance testing. In practice, the role of conformance testing is to increase confidence that a product conforms to its specification, and to reduce risk of malfunctioning when the product is put into place (for example, into an ATM network). Conformance testing is a well-established testing methodology based on the multipart ISO 9646 international standard. Figure 6.1 depicts the major steps involved. The process starts with a specification. For each characteristic in the specification, a Test Purpose is written. An example of a Test Purpose from the ATM specification is as follows: Verify that the IUT supports point-to-point VC [Virtual Channel] connectivity, where the IUT is the Implementation Under Test. Next, each Test Purpose is turned into an Abstract Test Case (ATC). An ATC explains (with all necessary details) what is sent to the IUT, what is expected from the
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