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Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
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// Here is one Counter namespace. namespace Counter { // A simple countdown counter. class CountDown { int val; public CountDown(int n) { val = n; } public void Reset(int n) { val = n; } public int Count() { if(val > 0) return val--; else return 0; } } } // Here is another Counter namespace. namespace Counter { // A simple count-up counter. class CountUp { int val; int target; public int Target { get{ return target; } } public CountUp(int n) { target = n; val = 0; } public void Reset(int n) { target = n; val = 0; } public int Count() { if(val < target) return val++; else return target; } } } class NSDemo5 { static void Main() { CountDown cd = new CountDown(10);
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Recommended for wide rivers with high ood velocity. River encroachment and other permit requirements apply.
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This program first allocates room for strings entered by the user and then frees them:
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When dealing with IP addresses in ACL statements, you can use wildcard masks to match on a range of addresses instead of manually entering every IP address that you want to match on. Wildcard masks were briefly discussed in 20. This section goes into more depth about wildcard masks and how they are used in ACLs. First, a wildcard mask is not a subnet mask. Like an IP address or a subnet mask, a wildcard mask is composed of 32 bits. Table 22-3 compares the bit values in a subnet mask and a wildcard mask. With a wildcard mask, a 0 in a bit position means that the corresponding bit position in the address of the ACL statement must match the same bit position in the IP address in the examined packet. A 1 in a bit position means that the corresponding bit position in the address of the ACL statement does not have to match the bit position in the IP address in the examined packet. In other words, the wildcard mask and the address in the ACL statement work in tandem. The wildcard mask tells the router which addressing bits in the address of the ACL statement must match the bits in the packet to which it is being compared.
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5.6.11 Compact Sections
NREL Home Page
The C# Language
The Join Shape settings determine how you would like the join lines drawn. This is purely personal preference and does not affect your universe design. The Arrow join shape is the least helpful, as it does not provide any information about the cardinality of the join. Use either Arity or 1,n. Arity will give you a crow s foot for a many relationship, and 1,n will display numbers. The Best Side check box merely has the line drawn from the side of the table that will make your entity-relationship diagram appear less busy and easier to read. Table 8-1 summarizes other graphics options.
VLAN Trunk Protocol
When the rst wave of personal computers were introduced in the early 1980 s, many users relied on oppy diskettes for launching applications and storing data. Some of the rst (highly expensive) hard drives for personal use offered storage capacities starting at around 5MB and sometimes reaching as high as 20MB, if you could afford the luxury. Given this framework, it s hard to believe that less than two decades later, the 650MB of data storage offered by the CD-ROM would be considered inadequate. The quest for even higher levels of storage lead to the design of the Digital Versatile Disc, or DVD in common parlance. DVD formats range from 4.38GB to 15.90GB in the latest standards, but future variations may reach even higher capacities as new technologies are explored. Rather than expanding the disc surface by increasing the diameter, DVD uses multiple internal layers to encode additional data on two or more surfaces. The format has gone through considerable ux as computer industry leaders and motion picture industry of cials sparred off over the nature of copy protection methods that would be incorporated into the discs and a multitude of other design issues. In the early 1990 s, several manufacturers were working on ways to increase the capacity of the standard CD-ROM. Nimbus Technology and Engineering devised a technique for producing a double-density CD and introduced it in 1993. This particular format was tailored to the delivery of MPEG-1 video content, providing a storage capacity of up to 2 hours of compressed video. It provided a valuable proof-of-concept that the compact disc could be a useful delivery medium for video content, particularly in the highly lucrative consumer marketplace where VHS reigned supreme. Digital video promised signi cantly improved moving pictures and sound, as well as potential cost savings in production and manufacturing of the discs on which content would be distributed. Hollywood representatives entered into discussions with computer makers and consumer electronics companies to forge a set of guidelines for this new medium. The advisory committee that was assembled to de ne the goals of this project had a number of recommendations. First and foremost, the capacity of this proposed high-density disc had to accommodate at least a full 133-minute movie on a single side. The resolution of the video was targeted to the CCIR-601 broadcast standard, a high-resolution form of video in comparison with VHS. Copy protection had to be integrated into the medium to alleviate fears of easy-to-copy digital content being pirated
#include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> using namespace std; class timer{ int seconds; public: // seconds specified as a string timer(char *t) { seconds = atoi(t); } // seconds specified as integer timer(int t) { seconds = t; } // time specified in minutes and seconds timer(int min, int sec) { seconds = min*60 + sec; } void run(); } ;
Broadband Communications and Asynchronous Transfer Mode 230 Wide Area Networks
The heavier lines of Figure 9-7 denote the high-current connections. When you put the motor, controller, battery, and charger together in your vehicle, you need contactor(s),
Build Your Own Combat Robot
Fig. 8.3
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