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Radius at depth x equals 100 _ x 2
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As explained, containers are the STL objects that actually store data. The containers defined by the STL are shown in Table 21-1. Also shown are the headers necessary to use each container. The string class, which manages character strings, is also a container, but it is discussed later in this chapter.
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send a ready signal to the source, which must receive it before more information can be sent. This causes a delay in the transfer of information. Because of these two inefficiencies with ready/not ready signals, they are not commonly used to implement flow control. Sometimes this process is referred to as stop/start, where you stop transmitting for a period and then start retransmitting.
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enter a name in the Presets box.
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delegate void MyEventHandler();
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TABLE 24-19 The Methods De ned by Stack<T>
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y2 = 1 is the graph of a function.
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follows the try statement that throws the exception. The general form of try and catch are shown here. try { // try block } catch (type1 arg) { // catch block } catch (type2 arg) { // catch block } catch (type3 arg) { // catch block } . . . catch (typeN arg) { // catch block } The try block must contain that portion of your program that you want to monitor for errors. This can be as short as a few statements within one function or as all-encompassing as enclosing the main( ) function code within a try block (which effectively causes the entire program to be monitored). When an exception is thrown, it is caught by its corresponding catch statement, which processes the exception. There can be more than one catch statement associated with a try. Which catch statement is used is determined by the type of the exception. That is, if the data type specified by a catch matches that of the exception, then that catch statement is executed (and all others are bypassed). When an exception is caught, arg will receive its value. Any type of data may be caught, including classes that you create. If no exception is thrown (that is, no error occurs within the try block), then no catch statement is executed. The general form of the throw statement is shown here. throw exception; throw must be executed either from within the try block, proper, or from any function called (directly or indirectly) from within the try block. exception is the value thrown. If you throw an exception for which there is no applicable catch statement, an abnormal program termination may occur. Throwing an unhandled exception causes the terminate( ) function to be invoked. By default, terminate( ) calls abort( ) to stop your program. However, you may specify your own handlers if you like, using set_terminate( ).
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The average power is Pav = (4)(40) cos(90 ) = 0 2
Part III:
Timing jitter causes a horizontal displacement of the eye diagram and so reduces the eye width. One of the best definitions of timing jitter has been provided by the ITUT (International Telecommunication Union-Telecom Standards Committee). Timing jitter is the short-term variation of the significant instants of a digital signal from their ideal positions in time. The significant instant might be the rising or falling edge of a pulse. The effect of jitter can be seen in the diagram in Figure 26.2. At certain points in time, the pulse is significantly offset from its correct position. If this offset be-
Utilities and Security
// Get a collection of the keys (names). ICollection<string> c = dict.Keys; // Use the keys to obtain the values (salaries). foreach(string str in c) Console.WriteLine("{0}, Salary: {1:C}", str, dict[str]); } }
Legend: S subscriber A Unidirectional coaxial amplifier
There is another aspect of C that you must understand, because it is also important to C++: C is a structured language. The most distinguishing feature of a structured language is that it uses blocks. A block is a set of statements that are logically connected. For example, imagine an IF statement that, if successful, will execute five discrete statements. If these statements can be grouped together and referenced as an indivisible unit, then they form a block. A structured language supports the concept of subroutines with local variables. A local variable is simply a variable that is known only to the subroutine in which it is defined. A structured language also supports several loop constructs, such as while, do-while, and for. The use of the goto statement, however, is either prohibited or discouraged, and is not the common form of program control in the same way that it is in traditional BASIC or FORTRAN. A structured language allows you to indent statements and does not require a strict field concept (as did early versions of FORTRAN). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, C is a language that stays out of the way. The underlying philosophy of C is that the programmer, not the language, is in charge. Therefore, C will let you do virtually anything that you want, even if what you tell it to do is unorthodox, highly unusual, or suspicious. C gives you nearly complete control over the machine. Of course, with this power comes considerable responsibility, which you, the programmer, must shoulder.
The prototype for strdup( ) is found in <string.h>. The strdup( ) function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The strdup( ) function allocates enough memory, via a call to malloc( ), to hold a duplicate of the string pointed to by str and then copies that string into the allocated region and returns a pointer to it.
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