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Fundamental Technology Assumptions
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When a person s personality and ego take over and are separated from the person s soul, the soul begins to starve. In my workshops I often refer to Dr. Thomas Moore s book, Care of the Soul, and what he calls a loss of soul in our world a malady that when neglected manifests itself in despair, depression, hopelessness, and feelings of emptiness. I believe it is this loss of soul that triggers so much unhappiness and doubt in people s lives. When I am asked to illustrate this, I point to a distinct detachment between both entities, the space between that conveys the gap we must work to close if we are to discover True North (see Figure 8-2). And by the same token, when a person s soul is separated from his or her truest self, that person will be incapable of reaching his or her highest potential, true call-
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// Demonstrate a destructor. using System; class Destruct { public int x; public Destruct(int i) { x = i; } // Called when object is recycled. ~Destruct() { Console.WriteLine("Destructing " + x); } // Generates an object that is immediately destroyed. public void Generator(int i) { Destruct o = new Destruct(i); } } class DestructDemo { static void Main() { int count; Destruct ob = new Destruct(0); /* Now, generate a large number of objects. At some point, garbage collection will occur. Note: You might need to increase the number of objects generated in order to force garbage collection. */ for(count=1; count < 100000; count++)
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Y axis rotation cursor
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FIGURE 5.13. Rational B-splines (k = 5) constructed with the weight sequence of [1, 1, 1, 1.5, 1, 1] in Example 5.
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The output is shown here:
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Performing scour analysis and use of effective countermeasures, such as deep foundations and river training, may be required in addition to conventional shielding. Design of countermeasures will be based on HEC-23 procedures. Scour countermeasure options include river training measures, dredging, driving sheet piles around the piers and abutments, and lling the gaps with riprap. Alternate measures such as grout bags, cable-tied blocks, and AJAX type blocks will be considered, based on tidal ow conditions.
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Perhaps the most important use of typeid occurs when it is applied through a pointer of a polymorphic base class. (Recall that a polymorphic class is one that contains a virtual function.) In this case, it will automatically return the type of the actual object being pointed to, which may be a base class object or an object derived from that base. (Remember, a base class pointer can point to objects of the base class or of any class derived from that base.) Thus, by using typeid, you can determine at
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/ n2);
Here, T is the type passed to Gen, and V is the type that is specific to Gen2. V is used to declare an object called ob2 and as a return type for the method GetObj2( ). In Main( ), a Gen2 object is created in which type parameter T is string, and type parameter V is int. The program displays the following, expected, result:
You can use the text cursor to select text a character at a time, whole words, or even whole paragraphs, just by dragging to highlight. You can also use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT ARROW keys on your keyboard to quickly navigate the cursor insertion point around large amounts of text.
Low Intermediate High
How the Game Industry Functions
count = 0xFF; // 255 in decimal incr = 0x1a; // 26 in decimal
Interactive Storytelling: All courses Game Programming: Basic programming techniques Visual Design: Visual design fundamentals Audio Design: Audio design fundamentals Game Production: Collaborative development Process management Optional: Business of Gaming: All courses Optional: Games and Society All courses
his chapter explores what is considered by many to be the most important feature added to C++ in recent years: the Standard Template Library. The inclusion of the Standard Template Library, or STL, was one of the major efforts that took place during the standardization of C++. The STL provides general-purpose, templatized classes and functions that implement many popular and commonly used algorithms and data structures. For example, it includes support for vectors, lists, queues, and stacks. It also defines various functions that access them. Because the STL is constructed from template classes, the algorithms and data structures can be applied to nearly any type of data.
Data Link Layer
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