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Figure 5.1.20 Field productivity for sheet metal (duct) and piping compared to the actual field productivity. (Image courtesy of Southland Industries, San Jose, California.)
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The System tab contains system control objects, as shown in Figure 29-7. The components are briefly explained here: Timer Creates a nonvisual timer component. A nonvisual component is one that does not display anything when the application runs. This component can trigger events according to the system timer. Creates a rectangle area with boundaries for painting. Creates a VCR-style panel for handling multimedia files. Creates an Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) area. Creates an object where the application can connect to DDE servers. Creates an object that contains the data for the DDE client to send to the server. Creates a DDE server connection to a DDE client. Creates the DDE server data to send during a DDE connection.
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SIP Event Notification
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Table 5.10b Frequently used computer programs for substructures. Program I.D. RC-PIER Merlin-RCWall Sam ABLRFD LRFD Abutment and Retaining Wall Analysis and Design PAPIER Pier Design BXLRFD LRFD Box Culvert Design and Rating
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256 steps 20 steps
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Real-World Chemistry
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TABLE 20-1 Re ne Your Business Question Before Constructing a Query
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The GP2D05 and the GP2D15 are infrared proximity sensors that look physically identical to the GP2D02 and the GP2D12 sensors. The difference between these sensors is that the output signal changes when the object moves past a preset distance of 9.5 inches (or 24 cm). For any object that is between 4 inches and 9.5 inches (10 to 24 cm), the output signal is 0 volts, and any object that is past the 9.5-inch threshold will have a positive 5-volt output signal. The difference between the GP2D05 and the GP2D15 sensors is that the GP2D05 sensor requires an input trigger pulse to tell the sensor to make a measurement. The GP2D15 sensor continuously takes measurements.
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SME Branch 100BT
This career option was not included in the original document, so I have added it. The recommended courses are my own opinion and not that of the Education Committee. Ernest Audio engineers must have a thorough grasp of the basic principles of sound recording, mixing, and editing. They also require an understanding of the physics and psychology of sound perception. Unlike most game artists, some audio engineers also do programming to support the specific sound hardware in their target machines. Game Design: Practical Game Design
Partial rotation
The author of a DVD or Blu-ray disc can choose to restrict user operations such as fast forward, chapter search, and menu access. Almost every button on the remote control can be blocked at any point on the disc. This is not always a benefit to the viewer (when locked into the FBI warning or "coming attractions" at the beginning of a disc), but it is helpful in complicated discs to keep button-happy viewers from going to the wrong place at the wrong time.
The settings for controlling Freehand and B zier Tools to create the curves and lines you want to draw are set using a series of options in the Freehand/B zier Tool pane of the Options dialog, shown next. To access these options, choose Tools | Options (CTRL+J), expand the tree subdirectory under Toolbox, and then click Freehand/B zier Tool. The quick way to get to this box is to double-click the Freehand or B zier tool buttons after choosing them from the Line Tool group.
FEC (0100) FEC Element 1 FEC Element 2 Length
Figure 4-11 The business process management life cycle
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