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int i; int j; public: void get_ij() { cout << "Enter two numbers: "; cin >> i >> j; } void put_ij() { cout << i << " " << j << "\n"; } } ; // In Y, i and j of X become protected members. class Y : public X { int k; public: int get_k() { return k; } void make_k() { k = i*j; } } ; /* Z has access to i and j of X, but not to k of Y, since it is private. */ class Z : public Y { public: void f(); } ; // i and j are accessible here void Z::f() { i = 2; // ok j = 3; // ok } int main() { Y var; Z var2; var.get_ij(); var.put_ij(); var.make_k(); cout << var.get_k(); cout << "\n";
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You can access the header information associated with an HTTP response through the Headers property defined by HttpWebResponse. It is shown here: public WebHeaderCollection Headers{ get; } An HTTP header consists of pairs of names and values represented as strings. Each name/ value pair is stored in a WebHeaderCollection. This specialized collection stores key/value pairs and can be used like any other collection. (See 24.) A string array of the names can be obtained from the AllKeys property. You can obtain the values associated with a name by calling the GetValues( ) method. It returns an array of strings that contains the values associated with the header passed as an argument. GetValues( ) is overloaded to accept a numeric index or the name of the header.
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The C# Language
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Section II: Topics in Gynecology
Figure 3.21 In order to multiplex separate digital channels together, they need to be synchronized to
1. Photograph large dogs against a plain
Standard definition DVD uses three audio data reduction systems Dolby Digital (AC3) coding, MPEG audio coding, and DTS (Coherent Acoustics) coding. Blu-ray Disc uses two of those Dolby Digital (AC-3), and DTS and adds several audio codecs to the collection Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD High Resolution, and DTS-HD Master Audio.17 All use mathematical models of human hearing based on sensitivity thresh16How can masking work backward in time The signal presented by the ear to the brain is a composite built
As the feasibility committee members discuss the scope and organizational ramifications of building an application delivery platform, they are likely to become more aware of the enormous savings and compelling benefits it will provide. In order for the project to move forward, they need to convey this information to management. Most corporate decision makers will require an in-depth financial analysis of the specific impacts of migrating to a Citrix platform. They will primarily be interested in the estimated cost of the project and the return on the required investment. A reasonable timeframe over which to calculate these figures usually ranges from three to five years.
Before moving on, there is one more concept that needs to be presented. In LINQ, queries have two different modes of execution: immediate and deferred. In general, a query defines a set of rules that are not actually executed until a foreach statement executes. This is called deferred execution. However, if you use one of the extension methods that produce a non-sequence result, then the query must be executed to obtain that result. For example, consider the Count( ) method. In order for Count( ) to return the number of elements in the sequence, the query must be executed, and this is done automatically when Count( ) is called. In this case, immediate execution takes place, with the query being executed automatically in order to obtain the result. Therefore, even though you don t explicitly use the query in a foreach loop, the query is still executed. Here is a simple example. It obtains the number of positive elements in the sequence.
Planning Recommendations
In the Full Edit or Quick Fix workspace, open the image you want to print. Choose File | Print to open the Print Preview dialog box, as shown in the following illustration.
Figure 3 - 3 Physical sector layout
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