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One of the most confusing aspects of security is determining the users who may be logging into SQL Server and Analysis Services. By default, the users seen by both SQL Server and Analysis Services are users set up through the SI account. No matter what method is used in IIS, the servers run under an SI account and it is those SI accounts that appear as the calling user to the databases.
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exp( ), log( ), sqrt( ), pow10( )
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int look_up(char *name) { char tname[40]; int loc; loc = -1; do { loc = read_next_name(tname); if(kbhit()) break; } while(!strcmp(tname, name)); return loc; }
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The TCP header is 20 bytes long and contains two port fields, sequence
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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
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Given C# s modern, object-oriented architecture, there is not as much need for the preprocessor directives as there is in older languages. Nevertheless, they can be of value from time to time, especially for conditional compilation. Each directive is examined in turn.
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3. Classify each of the following as an intensive or extensive property of the wood samples: a. color; b. smell; c. grain pattern of the wood; d. mass; e. volume; and f. density.
in memory, at least not all at the same time. Part of the data that represents the photo must be spooled to the hard drive. That means part of the picture is in memory, where you can actively make changes, and the rest of the picture is on the hard drive. Before you can edit the hard drive part, it has to read from the drive into RAM, which is the biggest slowdown you face with a computer. If your software simply must continue to go to the hard drive, you want the drive to feed its information to RAM as quickly as possible.
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Cisco has supported VPN functionality on the security appliances since version 5 of the operating system. Originally the only VPN solution supported was IPSec, with PPTP and L2TP added later. When version 7 was rolled out, PPTP and L2TP support were discontinued; however, because of customer demand, L2TP support was added back starting in version 7.2. Another major add-on for VPNs in version 7 was SSL VPNs. Cisco s SSL VPN implementation is WebVPN and supports clientless, thin client, and network client connection methods. Currently only the ASAs support SSL VPNs. Implementing IPSec is discussed in these chapters: 15: Configuring IPSec Phase 1 policies and parameters 16: Configuring IPSec site-to-site connections 17: Configuring an IPSec remote access (Easy VPN) server 18: Configuring an ASA 5505 as a remote access client WebVPN is discussed in these chapters: 19: Implementing clientless mode with WebVPN 20: Implementing network mode with WebVPN
Use the no auto-summary command when you have discontiguous
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