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both SaaS and Software plus Services. We use it as an example of Software plus Services because you need a web browser to use it, but by the same token, you need a browser to use SaaS. As we said: gray area.
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Exposed conductors must be protected by conduit, self-draining loom, tape, raceway, or equivalent means. Loom materials must be self-extinguishing. Except for battery cables up to 36 inches in length and outboard engine cables, conductors must be either supported continuously or secured every 18 inches maximum with clamps or straps. Nonmetallic clamps are allowed except over an engine, shaft, machinery, or passageway, where clamp failure could result in danger. Clamp materials must also be resistant to oil, gasoline, and water. Metal clamps must have smooth, rounded edges, and the cable must be protected from the metal by tape or other wrapping to protect the conductors. Conductors should be clamped close to their connections to remove strain from the connections.
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Our experience working with Microsoft has demonstrated that the partner channel is very important to them, says Gus Harsfai, CEO and president of Ceryx Inc. An 18-year veteran of the hosted services space, Ceryx is excited to leverage Microsoft s innovation and brand to reach new customers and deliver greater value. Microsoft partners can leverage Microsoft-hosted solutions to speed the deployment of Exchange and Office SharePoint in customer organizations, freeing them to focus on migration, customization, integration, and other services. For Evolve Partners Inc., a leading provider of information technology solutions and services based in Anaheim, California, the focus of their business is delivering managed services to customers, so the announcement of Microsoft Online Services ties closely to their own services strategy. Supporting both on-premise and hosted solutions, Evolve Partners understands the efficiencies and added value that hosted solutions can provide. Nine out of ten times we spend one to two weeks just prepping a customer s existing software to support a traditional on-premise solution, said Tim Acker, Evolve Partners president and COO. With hosted services, we re able to get up and running immediately, and that shows value to the customer. Evolve Partners also sees the flexibility that Microsoft Online Services provides as having helped them generate add-on revenue by reaching new customers or expand their existing customer base. We ve seen customers want an offsite, rent-as-you-go type option, shared Acker. So we see this actually accelerating a number of opportunities in our pipeline. Because Microsoft manages the deployment and maintenance of Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, partners can leverage that time and cost savings to have deeper conversations with customers about their business needs and fill the role of trusted advisor. For this very reason, Courtesy Computers, a managed network services provider in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, outsources its hosting business so it can focus on the various needs of its customers, and leverage these conversations with customers as an opportunity to deliver greater value and generate more revenue. Hosted solutions provide an affordable way for small businesses to get up and running and are a great foot in the door for partners to support them, said Tim Woodcock, president and CEO of Courtesy Computers. The potential for add-on services, additional training, and a high level of support provides us with great business opportunities whether it is right now or down the road. Microsoft Online Services helps partners to deliver greater value to customers and grow their own businesses profitably. With the release of Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, Microsoft will be closer to the hosting community than it s ever been, says Ceryx s Harsfai. We see this as an opportunity to continue delivering tailored solutions, but to a broader market segment, faster and at a lower cost.
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In practice, it is useful to have a compact notation for the antiderivative. What we do, instead of saying that the antiderivative of f (x) is F (x) + C, is to write f (x) dx = F (x) + C. So, for example, cos x dx = sin x + C and x 3 + x dx = and e 2x dx = e 2x + C. 2 x2 x4 + +C 4 2
One last point: dynamic is supported by the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR), which was added by .NET 4.0.
In accessing the sample Oracle sales history owned by SH, the preceding SQL would create the following partial output:
Introduction The increasing bandwidth capacity available in modern optical fiber transmission lines has led to the development of standards for a synchronous digital transport network. The ITU-T countries have defined two standards: SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) for North America, and SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy). Both standards are based on similar frame structures, the only major difference being the primary base rate used to build up their synchronous hierarchy. If you are unfamiliar with SDH/SONET signals, it is recommended that you examine 13 before continuing with this chapter. The main service required of today s network operating companies is the ability to provide a faster response to the provisioning of new customer circuits and services. Ultimately their goal is to provide their customers with online control of circuit bandwidth and services. To meet these requirements, network operating companies must improve their ability to manage the bandwidth available in their networks, and they must do this cost-effectively. Consequently, the predominant network requirement has become telecommunications networking, supported by a more advanced approach to network management and maintenance based on computer systems. Designed for cost-effective, flexible telecommunications networking, the synchronous standards are based on the principles of direct synchronous multiplexing. In essence, this means that individual tributary signals may be multiplexed directly into a higher-rate SDH signal without intermediate stages of multiplexing. Synchronous Network Elements (NEs) then can be interconnected directly, with obvious cost and equipment savings over the existing network. The synchronous signal structure provides built-in signal capacity for advanced network management and maintenance capabilities required to effectively manage and maintain network flexibility. Approximately 5 percent of the SDH signal structure
Here, obj (which is of type T) is assigned the value null. This assignment is valid only for reference types. As a general rule, you cannot assign null to a value type. (The exception to this rule is the nullable type, which is a special structure type that encapsulates a value type and allows the value null. See 20 for details.) Therefore, without the constraint, the
ENTER. The shadow edges are now more defined. Increase this value to a setting of 35,
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