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Multiplexing is the ability of a single host to have multiple concurrent sessions open to one or many other hosts. A session occurs when the source opens a connection by sending one or more PDUs and typically, but not always, receives a reply from the destination. A session can be reliable or unreliable and may or may not involve flow control. To handle multiplexing, a transport layer protocol must be able to distinguish between each session to each destination host. Some protocols assign a number to the session, called a session number, to identify the session uniquely. TCP/ IP uses a more complicated process that accomplishes basically the same thing.
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The :: operator has this general form. namespace-alias::identi er Here, namespace-alias is the name of a namespace alias and identifier is the name of a member of that namespace. To understand why the namespace alias qualifier is needed, consider the following program. It creates two namespaces, Counter and AnotherCounter, and both declare a class called CountDown. Furthermore, both namespaces are brought into view by using statements. Finally, in Main( ), an attempt is made to instantiate an object of type CountDown.
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There are a number of styles of printer bubblejet, color, and laser that offer different functionality. You were probably able to get a bubblejet printer for a buck when you bought your computer. However, the glory of a home LAN is that you needn t save the cover of the Fourth Quarter Earnings Report onto a floppy and run upstairs and print it out on Jimmy s color printer while he s running downstairs to print out his term paper on your laser printer. If you are networked and the printers are appropriately set up, you can print your stuff on Jimmy s printer, he can print his paper on yours, and you can meet halfway on the stairwell to exchange the pages.
Preconfigured Projects for the IDE
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// Use WebClient to download information into a file. using System; using System.Net; using System.IO;
Electromagnetic Immunity
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
With the exceptions of cinema, computer displays, and HDTVs, we are in a universe of NTSC and PAL television systems. Even with cinema, though, that may be the initial display, only to be rapidly followed by conversion to video for alternate market exploitation. Thus, no matter the acquisition, television boundaries will be encountered by virtually every production. The explosion in frame rate flexibility of video acquisition cameras has been generated by the desire to match film acquisition settings, so that a video camera can achieve the cine-look of film. That is a highly subjective goal. One person s cine- is another person s (fill in your own word here) . At the upper reaches of the technology, that is to say the more expensive end of the spectrum, the cine-look attained by a video camera is indistinguishable from a film source. And there are tools that can be used that will enhance footage from a lower-end camera that may render the final product compatible with a satisfactory film-like look. But, when using video tools in place of film, extreme care must be exercised in all aspects of image preparation lighting, set design, cast choices, costumes, makeup, time of day and phase of the moon. It must be understood that video tools have limitations in extreme conditions that may preclude their use. If the image acquired by the source is less than desired, no amount of manipulation after the get can save the picture. But what exactly is frame rate Is it a component of acquisition or of display, or both You re probably not gonna love us for this one...it is both, and more. Frame rate in acquisition establishes the speed with which action is transcribed to media, capturing moments in time either as two fields or as a frame. Frame rate in display establishes the frequency with which frames are presented for viewing. Frame rate is expressed in the number of frames per second, or, by the number of frames in Hertz. What s Hertz Hertz is a unit of frequency equivalent to cycles per second. Alternating current of 60 cycles per second can be called 60 Hertz. Hertz is abbreviated Hz .
Extending the Power of Platinum Feature Pack 1
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