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The configuration revision number The name of the VTP domain
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Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
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Freewheeling or overrunning clutches are employed when torque must be transmitted in one direction only or where the driven member is to be permitted to overrun the driver. They can be considered simple and inexpensive substitutes for a differential drive and also be used in multiple-speed drives where they automatically disengage the lower-speed unit when the higher-speed unit is engaged. When one of the members of the overrunning clutch is xed, the other member can rotate in only one direction and the clutch becomes backstopping. The most common designs utilize the cam wedging principle. Figure 14.16a shows a commercially available sprag clutch, which has an inner and outer race like a ball bearing. It utilizes hardened, specially shaped wedge cam bodies called sprags to lock or free the movement. A similar result is obtained with balls or rollers in wedge-shaped chambers (having designed wedge angles of inclination) in one of the races called a roller clutch. Figure 14.16b is an application of the clutch principle in the rear wheel of a bicycle when the wheel speed exceeds that of the drive. The construction consists of a shell-shaped outer member and an inner member with wedge-shaped pockets, or at cam pro les, around its periphery; the coupling between the two members is provided by the locking action of the rollers. Generally, instantaneous wedging action at any position without backlash or slip is required. The wedge-shaped pocket may have the disadvantage of high manufacturing costs. For proper locking action, the condition for self-locking, a 2f, must be satis ed; see Fig. 14.16c. Here a = the angle between tangents to the cam contour and to the roller surface at the point of contact. And f = tan-1m (m = coef cient of friction). To check the strength of the roller the crushing for
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Gamasutra Jobs Page GameJOBS.com games-match (US) games-match (UK) Mary-Margaret.com www.gamasutra.com/jobsearch www.gamejobs.com www.games-match.com www.games-match.co.uk www.mary-margaret.com
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Notice that the structure definition is exactly the same as it is in C++. However, look closely at the declaration of the structure variable svar. Its declaration also starts with the keyword struct. In C, after you have defined a structure, you must still use the keyword struct in conjunction with the structure s tag (in this case, C_struct) to specify a complete data type.
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If multiple services are being delivered over a UNI, then the sum of the CIRs associated with individual services must be less than or equal to the UNI speed.
Printers will be connected to your LAN in one of two ways as the printers in Figure 4-3) show. They can either be connected to the network through another computer, or they can be stand-alone devices.
Directory Functions
As a point of interest, although not needed, you can use new when initializing an array. For example, this is a proper, but redundant, way to initialize nums in the foregoing program:
Figure 27-5: SONET link architecture
The introduction of high definition television and widescreen displays has taken the subject of aspect ratios to an entirely new level. Yet, we are still, and will be for some time, dealing with standard definition televisions. This section describes the various cinematic and television system approaches to presentation on standard definition displays. The following sections address the issues of widescreen displays and their aspect ratio. The standard television picture is a specific rectangular shape a third again wider than it is high. This aspect ratio is designated as 4:3, or 4 units wide by 3 units high, also expressed as 1.33.23 This rectangular shape is a fundamental part of the NTSC and PAL television systems it cannot be changed without redefining the standards and reengineering the equipment.24 The problem is that movies are generally wider than television screens. Most movies are 1.85 (about 5.5:3). Extra wide movies in the Panavision or Cinemascope format are around 2.35 (about 7:3). The conundrum is how to fit a wide movie shape into a not-so-wide television shape (see Figure 2.12). Fitting a movie into standard television is like the old puzzle of putting a square peg in a round hole, but in this case it is a rectangular peg and a rectangular hole. Consider a peg that is twice as wide as the hole (see Figure 2.13). There are, essentially, three ways that have been developed to get the peg in the hole 1. Shrink the peg to half its original size or make the hole twice as big (see Figure 2.14). 2. Slice off part of the peg (see Figure 2.15). 3. Squeeze the peg from the sides until it is the same shape as the hole (see Figure 2.16).
Connecting to Sensors Once you ve reached the cabling to the sensors or other components, the connection method is identical to that when splicing wire. Connecting wires together, whether splicing cable or connecting components, follows a similar process because the sensors routinely come with a set of wires already attached.
You have two choices on how to cache information. If you specify the dst parameter, the appliance caches information based only on the destination web server address you should only choose this option if all your internal users have the same access policies. If your internal users have different access policies, specify the src_dst parameter this causes the appliance to cache both the source and destination addresses. The cache size can range from 1KB to 128KB.
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