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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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Figure 8.20 A common AGC circuit.
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What Is the .NET Framework
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Formula Construction
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To improve productivity in developing information systems, computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools have been created. CASE tools can help improve the productiv ity of information systems professionals working on large projects as well as end users working on small projects. A number of studies have provided evidence that CASE tools facilitate improvements in the early phases of systems development leading to lower cost, higher quality, and faster implementations. Most CASE tools support the database development process. Some CASE tools support database development as a part of information systems development. Other CASE tools target various phases of database development without supporting other aspects of infor mation systems development. CASE tools often are classified as front-end and back-end tools. Front-end CASE tools can help designers diagram, analyze, and document models used in the database develop ment process. Back-end CASE tools create prototypes and generate code that can be used to cross-check a database with other components of an information system. This section discusses the functions of CASE tools in more detail and demonstrates a commercial CASE tool, Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003.
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sphincter, that allow it to adjust its size and control the amount of light entering the eye. When the iris is fully constricted, its tissue mass becomes thicker and the size of the pupil and amount of light entering the eye is increased. When the iris is expanded, the reverse occurs and less light is allowed to enter the eye. In addition to direct adjustments in response to changes of light in the environment, the two muscles of the iris are also linked to the autonomic nervous system and thus are affected by internal physiological responses. Sympathetic responses, also known as flight and fright conditions, stimulate the dilator, causing the iris to constrict and the pupil to dilate. Parasympathetic responses, also known as rest and relaxation conditions, stimulate the sphincter, enlarging the iris and reducing the size of the pupil. Ophthalmologists first noted the distinctive features of the iris and observed the patterns to be different between the left and right eye. They postulated further that all irises are unique with no detectable or known genetic dependencies. Irises are randomly formed prior to birth and under normal health conditions remain stable from early childhood till death. Together these two characteristics, distinctiveness and stability, make irises an excellent choice for biometric identification. Ophthalmologists Leonard Flom and Arin Safir were awarded a patent in 1987 for describing methods and apparatus for iris recognition based on visible iris features.1 Dr. John Daugman of Cambridge University later developed the algorithms, mathematical methods, and techniques to encode iris patterns and compare them in an efficient manner. All commercial applications currently implement Daugman s elegant, patented techniques2 and are currently licensed and marketed through Iridian Technologies, Inc. of Moorestown, New Jersey, and Geneva, Switzerland. Hollywood movies have provided indelible images of eyeballs being modified or eviscerated, and then presented to identification systems for someone to bypass security or make an escape from a villain s compound. While perhaps not the best advertising for biometrics, and certainly not the most common of real-world exploits, these spectacular images do challenge security designers to understand and account for all possible system attacks, however unlikely they may seem. Iris spoofs attacks have been reported by journalists, and while the eye is an instinctively protected organ, it is not immune to injury and disease. Albeit quite rare, iris melanoma is a degenerative disease that affects (and alters) the iris. Melanoma s presence in the iris causes elevated lesions ranging
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This page intentionally left blank
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public int[] FindFactors(int num, out int numfactors) {
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
Figure 11-1
San Francisco. Spike actually did a pretty good job in his first time out. He won a few matches, got dinged up a bit, and even burned out an electronic speed controller. In the end, he lost by getting pinned up against the wall. Even so, we had a great time. I came home with a bot in need of repairs and over a dozen rolls of film to be developed. We vowed to return the next year for more, and spent our time wisely revising the design and looking for sponsorship. Frank at Central Metals Fabricators in Red Bank, New Jersey, agreed to help machine Spike Version 2.0 for free as his way of sponsoring us. Frank thought the whole idea of battling bots was cool, too, and viewed his work on Spike as a portfolio-building item. Andrew got a few parts suppliers to give us items for free or at a heavy discount, so we managed to save some money on construction. For the next Robot Wars competition, Andrew managed to talk his employer into paying his airfare to California, but I was not so lucky and had to pay my own way. I was willing to do whatever it took to get myself back to California for the next competition. Ronni Katz
Brad explained that there are several factors that need to be discussed in his report. Transportation interruptions can affect our delivery commitments. Hurricanes in Florida and Georgia and blizzards in Illinois have to be considered. Some states have a greater skilled labor pool and some states are more management friendly than others. We re a nonunion com172
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TABLE 26.9 Clock Tolerance at
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