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Erlang table, and determine the number of channels required. Instead, we must allocate the total traffic across the various trunks groups and perform an Erlang table lookup (or Erlang calculation) for each trunk group individually. In a real network, we would need to consider the PSTN networks in each city and determine what type of connectivity we need to various PSTN switches. For example, in one city we might choose to simply interface to one or two Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) tandem switches. In other cities, we might choose to include some direct end-office trunks, which can result in cheaper interconnection under certain circumstances. For simplicity, however, let s just assume that we connect to three separate LEC tandems in each city and also assume that the traffic is evenly spread across those tandems. Therefore, in each city we will have three both-way trunk groups to and from separate LEC tandem switches. In addition, we will have a one-way trunk group from our MG(s) to a partner LD carrier. Recall that some of the incoming traffic from the LEC will be destined for a city that our network does not serve. We will need to send that traffic directly to a partner LD carrier (the Other column in Table 9-5). Consequently, we will need a trunk group to that partner network. Since we do not expect the partner network to send traffic to our network, we can assume that the trunk groups to the partner network will be one-way. To determine the size of the trunks to the LEC and our partner network in each city, we combine the information of Tables 9-3 and 9-5. Table 9-5 tells us how much traffic we will receive from the LEC in a given city. Table 9-5 also tells us how much traffic we will send to the LEC in each city and our partner LD carrier in each city. Table 9-6 provides the result of combining Tables 9-3 and 9-5 and tells how much traffic will be carried on each of the trunk groups to and from each gateway location. The quantities in Table 9-6 are calculated from Tables 9-3 and 9-5. For each city, Table 9-3 provides a projected traffic volume towards the network. Since we are assuming a 12-month build-ahead, we assume the traffic load specified in the Launch 1 year column of Table 9-3. Consider City 1. Table 9-3 tells us that we expect to receive 1857.9 Erlangs of traffic from the PSTN. Clearly, the MG(s) in City 1 must handle that traffic. Moreover, we have already assumed that the LEC will have three trunk groups and that the traffic will be spread evenly across those trunks groups. Thus, we receive 619.3 Erlangs on each trunk group from the LEC. From Table 9-5, we can see that 8 percent of the 1857.9 Erlangs received from the LEC must be immediately passed on a trunk group to our LD partner (the LD carrier that carries traffic to destinations that our network does
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7. Error Analysis What are some sources of error in this activity
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Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
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Arity or three-legged stool shows one to many relationship
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If the code for a particular device is not available for this remote, it is possible to teach the remote the correct code from the device s original remote.
26: Frame Relay
The alkaline battery is the most common primary battery in America. It is used to power most products from radios to flashlights. Small robot kits often will use them as the power source. Alkaline batteries cannot handle a high rate discharge, so they don t work well for combat robots.
// Demonstrate a structure. using System; // Define a structure. struct Book { public string Author; public string Title; public int Copyright; public Book(string a, string t, int c) { Author = a; Title = t; Copyright = c; } } // Demonstrate Book structure. class StructDemo { static void Main() { Book book1 = new Book("Herb Schildt", "C# 3.0: The Complete Reference", 2009); // explicit constructor Book book2 = new Book(); // default constructor Book book3; // no constructor Console.WriteLine(book1.Title + " by " + book1.Author + ", (c) " + book1.Copyright); Console.WriteLine();
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