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Conform To DSC Document Structuring Convention (DSC) is a special file format for PostScript documents. It includes a number of comments that provide information for postprocessors. Postprocessors can shuffle the order of pages, print two or more pages on a side, and perform other tasks often needlessly performed by humans. Bitmaps Selecting Level 2 or 3 PostScript-compatible printers offers you the option of using the Use JPEG Compression option to reduce printing time if you have bitmap images in your document. When this option is selected, the Quality Factor slider is available for setting the quality of the bitmaps being printed. Keep in mind that JPEG is a lossy compression standard, some of the original image information is discarded, quality is compromised, and at high compression settings, a photograph can take on visual noise. Maintain OPI Links This option preserves links to server-based bitmap images, provided you have imported temporary low-resolution versions using the Open Prepress Interface (OPI) option when you created your CorelDRAW document. Using OPI, you can store high-resolution bitmap images in a printer s memory, and work temporarily with an imported low-resolution version. When your document is printed, the lower-resolution version is swapped with the higher-resolution version. By default, this option is selected. Resolve DCS Links Desktop Color Separation (DCS) technology is similar to OPI; you use placeholders in your document that have links to digitally separated images for use in process or multi-ink printing. When this option is enabled, the linked images automatically replace the placeholder images at print time. By default, this option is selected. If this option is not selected, a prompt will appear while the document is being printed, so you can relink the files manually through directory boxes. Screen Frequency This selector is where you set the Screen Frequency for your output, which can also be set in the Separations tab while setting Advanced Setting options. Remember: dots per inch is not the same value as lines per inch. A typical high-resolution lpi value is 133, and you really need to know before printing what your intended output device is capable of rendering. A good rule of thumb for bitmap images is the Times Two rule; if your intended output is 133 lpi, for example, a bitmap in your design should be 266 pixels per inch for optimal rendering. Fonts PostScript printing devices can print both Type 1 and True Type fonts. Type 1 fonts are often preferred because the font data is written in PostScript language. CorelDRAW s options let you control which fonts are used during printing. It s more reliable to download the fonts to the printing device; this speeds printing and produces better-looking text. To enable this feature, select Download Type 1 Fonts. If this option is disabled, fonts are printed as curves, which can take a lot of printing time when you have a lot of text on a page. When you select the Download Type 1 Fonts option, the Convert True Type To Type 1 option becomes available (and selected by default).
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A virtual method in a generic class can be overridden just like any other method. For example, consider this program in which the virtual method GetOb( ) is overridden:
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Original value of ivar: 100 Original value of dvar: 100 ivar after division: 33 dvar after division: 33.3333333333333
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white-box vendors are already logo-qualified for Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V. More information can be found at
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Modular Policy Framework
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Class Dictionary<TK, TV> HashSet<T> LinkedList<T> List<T> Queue<T> SortedDictionary<TK, TV> SortedList<TK, TV> Stack<T> Description Stores key/value pairs. Provides functionality similar to that found in the non-generic Hashtable class. Stores a set of unique values using a hash table. Stores elements in a doubly linked list. A dynamic array. Provides functionality similar to that found in the non-generic ArrayList class. A first-in, first-out list. Provides functionality similar to that found in the non-generic Queue class. A sorted list of key/value pairs. A sorted list of key/value pairs. Provides functionality similar to that found in the non-generic SortedList class. A first-in, last-out list. Provides functionality similar to that found in the non-generic Stack class.
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CHAPTER 1 Basics
defined by the .NET Framework. The following program purposely generates such an exception and then catches it:
Collision pattern
Console.WriteLine("February has {0,10} or {1,5} days.", 28, 29);
Tire Care
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The proper Tick Tock output is the same as before. As long as the method being synchronized is not defined by a public class or called on a public object, then whether you use lock or MethodImplAttribute is your decision. Both produce the same results. Because lock is a keyword built into C#, that is the approach the examples in this book will use.
Dead battery Positive battery cable Battery switch off or defective Bad connection or broken cable between battery switch and positive bus Breaker off, defective breaker, or blown fuse Broken wire from breaker to light switch Switch off or defective Broken wire between light switch and bulb holder Burned-out lamp or poor contact between bulb and holder Negative battery cable Bad connection at negative bus or broken wire from bus to bulb holder
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