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The goal of this chapter is to explain the production, operation, and utilization of optical fiber. In so doing we will describe how light travels down an optical fiber discuss the different types of fiber available for , different applications, and examine several parameters that govern the ability to transmit information in the form of light efficiently and effectively through an optical fiber.
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Studies have shown that if the content of the bit stream is not completely random, pattern-dependent sources predominate in the jitter accumulation process. For a string of more than 100 regenerators using LC-type clock recovery circuits, the following approximation has been derived: Jn where: Jn = jitter output after n regenerators = mean square amplitude from a single regenerator B = bandwidth of timing recovery circuit. If, however, the data content of the bit stream is completely random, it has been shown that jitter accumulates in a way that is proportional to the fourth root of the number of regenerators.
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Message This is text to appear in the e-mail notification when the scheduled report is available. As shown in Figure 18-4, the placeholders Title (%SI_NAME%) and Date/Time the report was scheduled (%SI_STARTTIME%) have been inserted into the e-mail. Within the e-mail message, you can insert a hyperlink for the user to click to view the report via InfoView. To do so, select Viewer Hyperlink from the Add Placeholder drop-down that is next to the Message box. When you specify a format such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or Excel, then you can send the report as an attachment. If, however, your output format remains the default of Web Intelligence, then the recipient must log in to InfoView to retrieve the report, or if you have inserted the Viewer hyperlink, the recipient can click the hyperlink to go directly to the scheduled report instance. Figure 18-5 shows the e-mail message generated by the Web Intelligence Job Server, according to the schedule settings shown earlier in Figure 18-4.
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the application outright. The service provider can offer cheaper, more reliable applications than organizations can by themselves. Some other benefits include the following: Familiarity with the World Wide Web Most workers have access to a computer and know how to use it on the World Wide Web. As such, the learning curve for using external applications can be much smaller. Smaller staff IT systems require the overhead of salaries, benefits, insurance, and building space. The ability to farm out applications reduces the need for as much IT staff. Customization Older applications were difficult to customize and required tinkering with the code. SaaS applications are much easier to customize and can give an organization exactly what they want. Better marketing A provider who had developed an application for a very narrow market might have had problems marketing that application. However, with SaaS, the entire world is open to the providers. Web reliability We talked earlier about how the World Wide Web can be seen as a source of failure. And while that is sporadically true, the fact of the matter is that the Web is generally quite reliable. Security Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is widely used and trusted. This allows customers to reach their applications securely without having to employ complex back-end configurations, like virtual private networks (VPNs). More bandwidth Bandwidth has increased greatly in recent months and quality of service improvements are helping data flow. This will allow organizations to trust that they can access their applications with low latencies and good speeds.
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to a folder, and then right-click to reveal a shortcut menu, with options that include adding unmanaged files to the catalog.
Report Generation for CPU Utilization
try { // Find the name of a supplier given a number. Supplier sp = plist2.FindByNumber("555-2564"); Console.WriteLine(sp.Name + ": " + sp.Number); } catch(NotFoundException) { Console.WriteLine("Not Found"); } // The following declaration is invalid because EmailFriend // does NOT inherit PhoneNumber. PhoneList<EmailFriend> plist3 = new PhoneList<EmailFriend>(); // Error! } }
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This program generates the following output:
A string constant (also called a string literal) is a list of characters enclosed between double quotes. For example, here are two string constants:
The sum of two positive numbers is 60. How can we choose them so as to maximize their product
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