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Data Communications Basics 28 Introduction to Network Technologies and Performance
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The interface of software is what we see on the screen. It is the visual impression of the software and affects the possibilities for interaction on the part of the user. A software tool is evaluated both by its interface and by its ability to process data.
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ATM Testing 240 Wide Area Networks
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I m surprised at how late Easter is this year. It s fun to pick apples in October; Tuesday or Wednesday is best because there are fewer people.
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Note that the full limit limx 2 f (x) does not exist (because the left and right limits are unequal). You Try It: Discuss one-sided limits at c = 3 for the function x 3 x if x < 3 f (x) = 24 if x = 3 4x + 1 if x > 3 All the properties of limits that will be developed in this chapter, as well as the rest of the book, apply equally well to one-sided limits as to two-sided (or standard) limits.
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Figure 12.1 shows the percentage of daily electrical load supplied by wind among 71 liveaboard boats surveyed in Florida and the Bahamas. Most of the wind machines were of the large (60-inch blade diameter) variety. The fact that 40% of the average daily load still had to be supplied by running the engine shows that wind is not constant. Decreasing the daily load through conservation (see 10) and increasing battery capacity could increase the wind contribution to 80% or more. An interesting alternative is the combination of wind and solar, which, as shown in Figure 12.1, supplied an average of 96% of the daily load. Figure 10.1 compared the costs of power generated by wind, solar, and alternators of various sizes. The $0.59 kilowatt-hour cost of wind power assumed: Wind machine lifetime 10 years Installed cost $1,500 Annual maintenance $100 Blade diameter 60 inches Conversion ef ciency 30 percent Average wind speed 10 knots Such a wind machine would produce 420 kilowatthours per year in a steady 10-knot wind. One of the conventional alternatives, also shown in Figure 10.1, is a 110-amp engine alternator charging the batteries on a 50 to 90% cycle at a cost of $2.25 per kilowatt-hour. The example wind machine savings would thus be $2.25 $0.59 = $1.66 per kilowatt-hour, or $697 per year. The machine would pay for itself in a little over 2 years. Unfortunately for the majority of boaters, if the wind machine were used only 1 month per year, the savings would fall to $58 per year, and the payback period would increase to over 25 years.
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The time for this worker to achieve a rate of 9 sewing machines per day is obtained by putting in 9 for N and solving for t.
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Business Writing for Results
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Are your clients connected to a switch Is your high-speed Internet connection protected by a firewall Is your X10 Controller installed
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// Call a hidden method. using System; class A { public int i = 0; // Show() in A. public void Show() { Console.WriteLine("i in base class: " + i); } } // Create a derived class. class B : A { new int i; // this i hides the i in A
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at about 25; the logo is already fairly smooth and will not benefit from the averaging PowerTRACE would make in defining paths.
deterrent control A control that is designed to deter people from performing unwanted activities. development The process where software code is created. Diffie-Hellman A popular key exchange algorithm. See also key exchange. digital certificate An electronic document that contains an identity that is signed with the public key of a certificate authority (CA). digital envelope A method that uses two layers of encryption. A symmetric key is used to encrypt a message; then a public or private key is used to encrypt the symmetric key. digital private branch exchange (DPBX) A private branch exchange (PBX) that supports digital technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). See also private branch exchange (PBX), Voice over IP (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). digital signature The result of encrypting the hash of a message with the originator s private encryption key, used to prove the authenticity and integrity of a message. digital subscriber line (DSL) A common carrier standard for transporting data from the Internet to homes and businesses. directory A structure in a file system that is used to store files and, optionally, other directories. See also file system. disaster An unexpected and unplanned event that results in the disruption of business operations. disaster declaration criteria The conditions that must be present to declare a disaster, triggering response and recovery operations. disaster declaration procedure Instructions to determine whether to declare a disaster and trigger response and recovery operations. See also disaster declaration criteria.
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When using a wizard, SDM will lead you through a series of screens that will ask you questions about how you want to configure a particular feature. Based on your answers, SDM will create the necessary commands to implement the feature. At the end of the wizard, the commands are delivered directly to the router and activated in the router s running-config. Cisco recommends you run the wizards in this order initially: 1. Interfaces and Connections (previously these were two separate buttons, called LAN and WAN, in older SDM versions) 2. Firewall and ACL 3. VPN 4. NAT 5. IPS 6. Security Audit The Security Audit wizard actually doesn t perform any configurations; instead, it examines the current configuration on your router and compares it to best configuration practices by Cisco s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and the International Computer Security Association (ICSA). If the wizard sees that you are not following these recommended practices, it can fix these issues for you. In certain cases, you ll have to provide the Security Audit wizard with additional information
percent signs, currency symbols, and so forth. Negative numbers can be displayed with negative signs or in parentheses. The value of zero can be shown using any string entered, such as a dash or N/A. Finally, a tool tip can be added to the KPI so that anyone hovering their mouse over the KPI will see a tool tip pop up with additional information. The next column is Thresholds and it is only available for the Target, not the Actual. Thresholds are the points at which indicators change from one state to another. A three-position indicator will have four values: Best, Threshold 2, Threshold 1, and Worst. Indicators with ten positions will have eleven values, and so forth. It might seem strange for Thresholds to have Best and Worst, but these come into play when creating a composite score that can be rolled up. For example, assume that the KPI is sales. If the target is $1 million, then any sales over that value are probably good, or green in a standard three position, green/yellow/red indicator. However, what is the best possible value for sales Theoretically, there is no maximum. Sales could be $10 million, $100 million, or more. Therefore, at some point, a percentage of the target is usually listed as the maximum, and the default in PerformancePoint Server is normally 120%. This means that if one group hits 120% of their sales target and another group hits 140% of their sales target, both get the same score for that KPI; in other words, they ve both achieved the best the system will consider. If this seems unfair, feel free to increase the value for best, but if it is set to a very high value such as 200%, sales for different groups that are close to each other, such as 110% and 115%, will appear to be almost identical in the grand scheme of the overall score, and in this case both will have a score of well below 100 because they are nowhere near the 200% that is defined as the best possible score. On the flip side, the Worst is often set at 0%. However, it s unlikely for many metrics that a value of 0% will ever be achieved. Therefore, this number is often increased. If a department has a target of $1 million but only sells $500,000, is that much better than another group with the same target that sells $400,000 Therefore, this value is often placed at something like 70% and any group who sells less than 70% of their target gets a score of zero for that particular KPI. Where to set the Best and Worst are clearly business decisions and should be decided by the business leaders, not IT. Additionally, the raw score, if even shown, is far less important as a number than the scores are in comparison to each other. Most scores are used simply for ranking purposes so that the business can determine which divisions are performing better than others. Where to set the Thresholds between Best and Worst area are business decisions. If sales reach 97% of the target, is that good enough to turn the indicator green Or, should the indicator not turn green until sales have passed 100% of the target And of course, at what point should a yellow indicator turn red Figure 5-13 shows what
Name 3TERA Grid Operating System for Web Applications Access Grid Project Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (Amazon EC2) CenterGate Research Group LLC CloudBuddy Your Virtual Desktop Cloud Computing and Emerging IT Platforms: Vision, Hype, and Reality for Delivering Computing as the 5th Utility Cloud Computing and High-Performance Computing Cloud Computing Expo Cloud Computing Journal Cloud Computing Resource Center
5: IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure
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