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Part II:
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Essentially, PBB employs an additional Service Provider 16 bit MAC address19 that corresponds to the ingress Ethernet ports of the Service Provider edge device and basically encapsulates the end user s MAC (this is also referred to as MAC-in-MAC). The outer MAC address is used to forward the Ethernet frames across the Service Provider network, and this much larger physical address space (approx 216) allows for a more scalable network than the traditional one with VLAN IDs where even with the QinQ scheme, stacking a Service Provider VLAN tag over the customer VLAN tag, only 4094 service instances are supported. The MAC-in-MAC significantly improves scalability and also provides some security by separating the customer and Service Provider address space. It also precludes a MAC address explosion and the need for learning substantially more end-user MAC addresses in the Service Provider s core infrastructure (switches and so on). Minimizing the number of MAC addresses that need to be learned also reduces the aging out and relearning of MAC addresses, enhancing end-to-end performance, and in general, making the network more stable as far as forwarding Ethernet frames is concerned. The IEEE 802.1ah efforts to standardize PBB should be consulted for more updated information on PBB. While Carrier Ethernet can be delivered over numerous transport technologies, such as SONET and MPLS (see Part II for a compendium), one option is to deliver it over native Ethernet (see 13 on bridging and switching). However, native Ethernet itself has been limited as a plausible transport technology especially as Carrier Ethernet services were enabled on a wide area basis (beyond the access networks and stretching well into the core and beyond). One key hurdle is the inherent best-effort approach of LAN Ethernet, which is ill-suited in a service that supports time-sensitive applications. With the emergence of a new standardization effort, namely the Provider Bridge Transport (PBT), a more deterministic Ethernet is being attempted. In fact, PBT
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Fiber in the Building
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Anytime you see this pattern, a sentence composed of two complete thoughts connected by one of the BOY S FAN words, consider breaking it into two sentences. Find Comfortable Break Points to Shorten Complicated Sentences Another reason sentences can be dif cult to follow is that they re long and complicated. Whereas compound sentences include two independent clauses connected by a BOY S FAN word, complicated sentences follow a different pattern. Typically, a long, complicated sentence starts with a logical structure: It begins with the subject, followed by the verb that goes with the subject, then the object. (The subject is the doer of the action implied by the verb and the object is the receiver of this action.) After this promising beginning, the writer of a complicated sentence usually adds a series of prepositional phrases. Each prepositional phrase might impart important information. Taken together, however, they add too much information all at once. The net result is that the readers aren t informed they re confused. Complicated sentences can be shortened by separating units of information. Consider, for example, the following forty-word sentence:
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Configuration Management
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Shooting Action Sequences Getting to Know Your PC
In achieving IT goals, there are a number of ways to measure success: The number of custom OLTP reports eliminated Reduction in IT overtime or contract programmers for developing custom reports Elimination of duplicate, competing report systems Number of users trained versus number of users who log in to BusinessObjects on a regular basis Number of queries executed each month Number of standard reports accessed
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Reference Data
Overflow incontinence: leakage associated with significant urinary retention which exceeds the storage capacity of the bladder (usually associated with neurogenic conditions) What type of incontinence do the following symptoms suggest Leakage when coughing/sneezing/ laughing/exercising: stress incontinence Leakage associated with a strong desire to void: urge incontinence Many voids per day: urge or overflow incontinence or possible infection Continual dripping with shifting positions: overflow incontinence or sphincter impairment Nocturia or incontinence associated with intercourse: urge incontinence Painful urination: obstruction, infection, or urge incontinence What are the known risk factors for urinary incontinence What age-related changes contribute to the development of urinary incontinence Childbearing; advanced age; obesity; family history; chronic cough; ascites; pelvic masses 1. The prevalence of detrusor overactivity increases with age 2. Total bladder capacity diminishes 3. Urinary flow rate decreases 4. Postvoiding residual increases 5. The urethral mucosal epithelium becomes atrophic secondary to low estrogen levels No, however the prevalence and severity of incontinence increases with age. Thus, patients should be queried regarding the presence of these symptoms. Infection should be ruled out when there is any sudden change or onset of incontinence symptoms
Figure 3-2 Four photos made with the same high-resolution setting barely show any difference in quality caused by JPEG compression.
Data Table 2
This lesion was found on the foot of a 6-year-old boy and looked clinically similar to the last two cases. 1. Asymmetry of color and structure, irregular globules, and irregular hyperpigmentation diagnose a melanoma. 2. This is a variant of the benign parallel furrow pattern with brown globules and linear hyperpigmentation in the skin furrows. 3. Irregularities of the parallel furrow pattern are routinely encountered and are not high risk. 4. Irregularities of the parallel furrow pattern warrant immediate excision. 5. If in doubt, cut it out!
1. Choose RC to drop half the VCC when the transistor is at its desired gain: VCC 2 RC 2. Choose an RB of 10 kilohms. 3. Find the voltage required at the AGC (AVC) port of the amplifier that causes the base current (IB) to create a collector current for the desired full gain. The transistor s characteristic curves in its data sheet will contain the information on IB versus IC, while the current gain graphs will show the IC versus hFE: AVC (IB 10 kilohms) 0.7 IC
Method public static long ToOACurrency(decimal value) public static sbyte ToSByte(decimal value)
C# supports one other type of literal: the string. A string literal is a set of characters enclosed by double quotes. For example,
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