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If your old photo collection includes slides, or if you have your photos original negatives, then look for a scanner with a 35mm filmstrip adapter. Normally, a scanner works with pictures by bouncing light off the printed photos. That doesn t work with negatives and slides. The light passes through the film or transparency and then bounces back through it. The result is a muddled double-exposure. The adapter shines light through the film from the backside so the scanning head receives a clean, crisp image. If you have slides, this is the only way to scan them. OK, there are specialized slide scanners costing hundreds, or thousands, of dollars, but these are for professional settings, such as magazine publishers who must squeeze out every drop of quality in an image. They re overkill for you and me.
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In the DVD world, rewritable media preceded write-once discs in the open market, just the opposite of the history of CD-R and CD-RW. However, the rationale for using write-once discs instead of rewritable discs is the same for both varieties of Compact Disc, the original CDs and DVDs. Rewritable DVD and CD media is more expensive than write-once blanks, and is not readable on all drives. If discs are being duplicated for general distribution, when the characteristics of target readers are not predictable, using write-once blanks is a safer choice than more limited-use rewritable media.
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give a good impedance match, which can result in standing waves and signal echoes, which result in ghosting of the television picture. Good connectors properly installed will provide good cable plant operation over the years. Some of the cable preparation tools appear in Figure 1-6 in 1. 2.234 Proper system grounding and bonding is extremely important to protect cable systems from the effects of lightning and power system surges. For aerial plants, the practice is to bond at the rst and every 10th pole, as well as the last pole in a cable run. Some pole attachment agreements call for different grounding and bonding practices that must be followed. In most cases, all power supply locations for either aerial or underground plants must have a separate ground rod. Ground wires on utility poles often require the installation of protective pole molding to protect the ground connections. Special bonding clamps are used to bond copper wire, usually number 6 (AWG) soft-drawn copper wire, to the galvanized steel messenger strand supporting the aerial cable system. These clamps are usually plated brass. Some aerial bonding methods are shown in Figure 2-18. Grounding and bonding at the headend and/or hub distribution points is crucial for protecting sensitive electronic equipment from lightning and power surges. Presently available are surge protectors that can be wired into the power entrance panels of hub/headend facilities. Such devices can protect all the equipment inside the building that is connected to the inside power distribution system. Emergency standby power systems of the external engine-powered variety also have to be properly grounded and bonded to the central grounded electrode. The main ground electrode is connected to a system of driven ground rods and the power entrance ground. A hub/headend ground and bonding plan is shown in Figure 2-19.
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// Overload a function template declaration. #include <iostream> using namespace std; // First version of f() template. template <class X> void f(X a) { cout << "Inside f(X a)\n a = " << a << endl; } // Second version of f() template. template <class X, class Y> void f(X a, Y b) { cout << "Inside f(X a, Y b)\n a = " << a << "\n b = " << b << endl; } int main() { f(10); // calls f(X) f(10, 20); // calls f(X, Y) return 0; }
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Let s look at a configuration example that implements RTSP inspection:
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(1.5m/s) = -0.71m/s
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Equal-cost-path load balancing
%c %d %i %e %f %g %o %s %x %p %n %u %[ ] Table 8-3.
Most companies need to use a combination of quota-setting methods to fully allocate the company forecast.
Directory Functions
Even though many CD duplicators are designed to be as simple as a copying machine, they are still precision instruments and the media integrity can be compromised if subjected to mishandling or abuse. The following guidelines should be considered whenever performing disc duplication to ensure the best results. Good quality bulk media is essential to successful recording operations. If you are producing large volumes of recorded discs, you don t want to produce a lot of faulty discs. Make sure that you choose high-quality media that is designed to accommodate the speed of your recorders. Media designed to work successfully in a 4x recorder may not work at all in an 8x or 12x recorder. Disc manufacturers formulate the dye and engineer the media to critical tolerances to ensure successful recording at higher speeds. Ensure that your media is up to the task. High humidity environments can cause discs to stick together on the spindle. If the duplication operation is to run unattended, the operator loading the spindles should ensure that the discs separate freely ( uttering the discs slightly while dropping them onto the spindle can help ensure that they are not sticking together). A relative humidity of approximately 45% is ideal for duplicator operation. Very dry environments can also cause problems static electrical charges can prevent discs from separating freely as they are uploaded from spindles. If the humidity level is signi cantly below 45%, a humidi er placed in the room where the duplicator is being used can help avoid this problem. A clean environment favors duplication operations, since dust or dirt can foul the recording activities. While not requiring cleanroom conditions, CD duplication will be the most successful if the air in the room is free from smoke or dust and the duplicator mechanisms including recorder trays, printer bins, and robotic assemblies are kept as clean as possible. If using compressed air to clean out any of the cavities in a drive or printer, make sure that the product does not contain propellants or other chemicals that might leave a residue on discs or drive mechanisms. Pure compressed air is best for this application. Since simpler CD duplicators might be operated by personnel who are not skilled in computer operation, make sure that ade-
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