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The network shown in Figure 23-3 is used to illustrate how dynamic NAT is configured. In this example, the two PCs will have dynamic NAT performed on them.
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The automated approach to setting the number of columns and widths for columns and gutters is done through Text | Columns, as shown in Figure 14-9. To add extra columns, first set the Number Of Columns, and then set the Width of the columns. The Gutter value is the distance between the selected column and the next one. If Equal Column Width is selected, changing the width of any column or gutter changes the width of all columns or gutters to the same values. If Maintain Current Frame Width is selected, changing the width of any column or gutter will not change the overall width of the
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2nd Commission Rate
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The Development of Blu-ray Disc
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Fig. 5.2 Discharge of Cloud Charge
Introducing the Class
IT organizations have been adopting the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) of IT service management processes as a standard framework for IT processes. Organizations that desire a certification can be evaluated by an accredited external audit firm to the ISO 20000 IT Service Management standard. ISO 20000 supersedes the earlier BS 15000 standard. The ITIL framework consists of 13 processes in five process groups: Service Delivery Processes The six processes in this group are capacity management, service continuity and availability management, service level management, service reporting, information security management, and budgeting and accounting. Capacity management is the practice of ensuring that IT systems have sufficient capacity to service business needs. Service continuity and availability management
dLosslessly encoded with an embedded DTS 2.0 core compressed at 384 kbps. Note that the compressed rate of DTS-HD streams is heavily dependent on the source material. eLosslessly encoded with an embedded DTS 5.1 core compressed at 768 kbps. Note that the compressed rate of DTS-HD streams is heavily dependent on the source material. fLosslessly encoded with an embedded DTS 5.1 core compressed at 1,509 kbps. Note that the compressed
Arc Length and Surface Area
usually are made to more restrictive limits than normal performance expectations (expressed as a fraction of the reference performance objective). These limits are specified in ITU-T Recommendation M.2100 (formerly M.550), Performance Limits for Bringing Into-Service and Maintenance of International PDH Paths, Sections and Transmission Systems. (See Table 5.1.) Because the measurements are made outof-service, a more extended acceptance test of certain factors, such as error performance, can be carried out over a period perhaps as long as one month. Once a system is in use, performance standards must be maintained. When a service degradation occurs, it must be determined whether the fault exists within a particular vendor s network or elsewhere. This information is determined most effectively by in-service testing or performance monitoring. Many test instruments also provide some degree of nonintrusive testing.
XML vs. JSON JSON should be used instead of XML when JavaScript is sending or receiving data. The reason for this is that when you use XML in JavaScript, you have to write scripts or use libraries to handle the DOM objects to extract the data you need. However, in JSON, the object is already an object, so no extra work needs to be done. This reduces the amount of overhead, CPU use, and the amount of code you or your programmers have to write. Example The following is a sample JSON representation of an object describing a person:
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